The Legend of Coconut (Alamat Ng Niyog)

Once upon a time, there lived in one of the barrios of Bago, Negros Occidental a very rich couple and their young daughter.

Their daughter was so beautiful.  She had such a sweet face and most of the time she was so even-tempered.  She often wandered around smiling, singing, skipping and dancing. The couple spoilt her; what she wanted, she got – most of the time!!!

But now and again she would throw a tantrum when she doesn’t get what she asked for.

The couple had a huge land attached to their equally huge farm-house.  A large part of the land was turned into an orchard where all sorts of fruit bearing trees grew, beautifully scented flowering trees were also in abundance as well as majestic shady trees.

One day the couple were out in the orchard tending to their fruit trees when the girl came running to her father demanding that she be given a coconut.

The father gave her some ripened Spanish plums which were particularly sweet at that time of year.  The girl refused the fruits saying they were not coconuts.  She screamed her annoyance.

Her father looked at her indulgently, thinking that his wife must have planted this ‘coconut’.  He told her to go to her mother and ask her for the coconut.

The girl ran to her mother who was busy at the guava grove.  “Mom, I want coconut!”

Her mother picked the biggest, ripest, juiciest guava for her most beloved daughter.

“This is not coconut!” And the girl hurled the guava as far as she could throw, much to her mother’s annoyance.

But still she placated her daughter and gave her some other fruits.  She said she had never heard of coconuts.  She did not know what they were!

“This is not coconut, I want coconut, I want coconut, I want coconut”

Her daughter was turning purple with rage.  She was stomping her feet, she was waving her arms, she was shouting at the top of her lungs and in between cried and cried.

Her father came to see what was the commotion was all about.  He was so alarmed to see their little angel so aggrieved and so frustrated.

His wife had had enough and shouted to her daughter “God Almighty! All right, you better get the fruit yourself.”

All of a sudden there was thunder, there was lighting.

Then the earth started quaking and shaking.

It turned black as the night.

And then their daughter vanished from where she stood.

Her mother wept and wept.  They looked everywhere for her; she couldn’t be found.

They looked and looked and looked some more until they were both too tired and can do no more.

At the crack of dawn they went back to their orchard to look for their daughter again.

What they saw was a plant growing in the very spot, where their daughter disappeared from.

To alleviate their sorrow, they tended to the plant.

Years passed and the plant grew and grew until it was more than twenty feet tall and started to bear fruit.


The fruit has white meat which was sweet and the water  like tears.  The two holes like eyes and the third one the mouth.

This fruit they called coconut, the fruit the girl wanted.

And that was how the coconut came about.


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