Jeane Napoles – Hospitalised!!!

Yes Folks, Jeane Napoles is Hospitalised!

Poor Jeane Napoles was hospitalised because of stress due to bloggers being mean to her. Our Jeane is not used to being nasty at.  She has onion skin; she hurts easily. She gets stressed easily. She is not like those poor downtrodden street beggars of Manila who are so used to their lot, they don’t feel anymore even when treated like animals. Jeane is different, she is a little princess, wrapped in cotton wool growing up, who is a blessing to us Filipinos. Aww Jeane, get well soon!!!  😉

With all your troubles and maladies, I hope you remember to pack your ermine coat, it could be so cold in the hospital. I hope you had your lovely Chanel wrap, and those matching Manolo Blahnik kitten heels, they so elongate your already perfect pins. 😉  Don’t forget to bring your Jo Malone scents; the combination of orange blossom and amber & lavender is so refreshing. To keep in contact with your family, friends and fans, ensure to bring your LV iPhone 5. I am sure you have bodyguards galore, so it is alright to bring your blings. 5 carats solitaire diamond earring each at your ear lobes may be a tad too heavy for you at the moment given that you are incapacitated so I would think 4 carats or a total of 8 carats would be more suitable.  The doctors and nurses sure will appreciate your star shine!

I really do feel for you Jeane.  Stuck in the hospital, counting and checking every second, every minute and every hour in your Philippe Patek (I know Rolex is so common 😉 )  You could always do your bucket list for all the major cities of the world you have to visit and revisit.  Paris, Milan, London, Madrid, Brussels , Cebu

I hope you have more little goodies tucked away in your Hermes bag to chilax! I hope you have Victoria Beckham’s new pair of shades, the aviator style will suit,  hospital lights can be punishing to the eyes.  Ooops you did remember to pack your Dior scarf, didn’t you?!!!

I hope they are feeding you well.  I hope they have a stock of beluga caviar and foie gras to tempt your waning appetite.  Stress can be so tiresome!  Eat up or you will turn into just skin and bones.   One thing though to remember from the numero uno fashionable royalty, Wallis Simpson.

“You can’t be too rich or too thin.”

I bet you know that already.

Take care!

Napoles sues journalists, blogger for P40M

August 27, 2013 


Daughter hospitalized because of reports, Napoles says

Janet Lim Napoles' daughter, Jeane Lim-Napoles.

Janet Lim Napoles’ daughter, Jeane Lim-Napoles.

MANILA – Fugitive Janet Lim Napoles has filed 4 libel cases against journalists, a blogger, and a fashion designer for reports on the multibillion-peso pork barrel scam, a media watchdog said Tuesday.

Napoles, who is now wanted by authorities for alleged serious illegal detention, wants a total of P40 million in damages and attorneys’ fees if the respondents are found guilty, or P10 million from each complaint.

The businesswoman initially filed libel complaints in the Office of the City Prosecutor in Taguig on August 6, according to the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR).

One case was filed against one against Rappler online news reporter Natashya Gutierrez and another against lawyer-blogger Berteni Causing.

Napoles also filed 2 other libel complaints on August 7 against fashion designer Eduardo Baddeo, as well as Philippine Daily Inquirer publisher Raul Pangalangan; editors Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc and Jose Ma. D. Nolasco; and reporter Gil C. Cabacungan.

Baddeo gave interviews tagging Napoles in the alleged large-scale misuse of government funds, while Gutierrez and Causing wrote about the “lavish lifestyle” of Napoles’ 23-year-old daughter Jeane, the CMFR said.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, meanwhile, published stories on Napoles’ alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam.

Libel is a criminal offense in the Philippines, which can result in imprisonment for up to 6 years, a fine, or both.

Napoles claimed in her libel complaint against Gutierrez and Causing that her daughter had to be hospitalized because of the reports on her lifestyle.


  1. I laughed so hard reading your above comment to the news article. You are a master of sarcasm. I love it. Poor Jeane indeed.

    I supposed it is stressful to lose face with your celebrity friends. Suddendly she becomes not the pampered princess of some exotic country but a silly bitch living on plunders from a third world. Any decent celeb won’t be seen mingling with her.


    1. Thanks for the comment.

      You are so right, I am being sarcastic with a hint of being sardonic as well.

      I supposed Jeane would be so stressed from hobnobbing with celebrities then being a pariah the next.

      She’s probobly bought her dress and accessories for last Sunday’s VMA already but suddenly invitation dried up.

      Poor Jeane, what a shame!

  2. Im inlove with Jean Morton already!

    To Jeane—>
    “Grabe report on lifestyle lang hospital agad? Try mo gutom te at ng di ka ma ICU, palibhasa its not your money you spend sa Ritz este sa hospital kaya pa admit ka anytime you want. Di mo maintindihan filipino? pay someone na magtranslate para sayo dami ka naman moolah dyan”

    But i bet, you understand this if I say to you:


  3. Love it .. ‘ u are a tru master of sarcasm.. LoL .. Does anybody know where she is? I wanna pay her a visit .. Kawawa naman mga batang salat sa Hirap at Gutom sa Atin while she lived the lavish life of rich and famous.. I hope she was still ok and can sleep at night for this Wake up cold splash in her face.. I just hope it opens the eyes of every Filipino towards our politicians.. I just wish and pray tulungan natin mga kababayan natin Laban sa ka apihan at kahirapan.. There is still a chance for a change Jeane and to all the Napoles Family.. God Bless ur Great BloG .. Ur so cool but fearless Jean Morton’

  4. Call it Schadenfreude, but I actually feel happy to what Jeane Napoles is (or was?) going through. In a way, she deserves it. And I love the article, the sarcasm’s really funny. There a re a lot of grammar mistakes, but it is nevertheless very entertaining to read. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. Cheers. Sorry about the grammar! LOL

      Anyway I don’t think you are suffering from schadenfreude. I don’t really feel you being happy at Jeane’s misfortune, if you can call it that. What you are feeling, and the majority of Filipinos right now, is total and utter disgust and contempt.

  5. Hahahahaha!!! truly a sarcasm at its finest. If she won’t feel the sarcasm, then she truly is makapal ang mukha just like her mother and their senator & congressmen friends.
    very nice read. enjoyed it much 🙂

    1. Thank you May.

      We are trying to keep alive the Pork Barrel scandal in order that the issue won’t die down a natural death and be swept under the carpet.

      I think this issue is the “bomb” that would finally wake us, Filipinos, up from our lackadaisal attitude towards good government. We do not complain well enough! But we must!

  6. Hahaha! Love the article… when her lifestyle was first reported, she said that “it’s not their fault that they are rich coz they have legit family biz”.. maybe? but after the issue broaden and a lot of evidence showed up that her mom robbed the filipino people.. let’s see if she can still say those words with her head up high… a lot of people testified they aren’t rich until her mom got involved with the politicians.. she may have lived like a princess, but will forever be criticized by the people….

    1. Aww the poor little princess had a rude awakening! I wonder whether she feels any guilt. Would she still love her YSLs as much as before knowing that it was paid for via criminal activities?!!!

      Of course, she would. YSL is YSL at the end of the day. LOL But I hope she suffered from a twinge of guilt.

  7. Any more latest news about Jeane Napoles ? I know she’s hiding somewhere in L.A. I wonder what she’s doing now and what she’s up to .

    1. I am afraid we do not have any news on Jeane Napoles except by power of deduction, she is not currently in the Philippines, otherwise “baby gurl” would have joined her siblings to visit her mama mia in Sto Domingo prison.

      I would say she is still in the States lying low.

  8. They deserve what is happening to them right now!
    they dont have heart living so in a soso lavish style here and in the philippines while the money they are using is the money from filipino citizens who some of them hardly eat a complete meal a day!
    Shame on her and her family… oh well she cant hide here all filipinos here known her thick face already….


  9. Even for a blog, the Napoles family wants to milk and earn PHP 40M. Money is the only thing that is important to them. How can these people sleep at night and enjoy lavish lifetsyle knowing that there is a lot of people in the Philippine starving. Even if they are using their money as they claim, can they instead give the money to the less privileged? If proven guilty, a short moment of high society lifestyle can lead to lifetime of rotting in jail and in shame. In their conscience (if they still have), they know where the money came from.

    BTW I like your sarcasm. It lightens the burden brought about by the scam. Maybe I can charge them with my hospital bills because of the stress caused about by the scam.

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  11. Oh please…. She’s just stress cuz they probably froze herATM n credit cards….we don’t need people like this in our US soil ….where no one gives a hoot about you heck I didn’t even know who u r until this so called richness but turn out because you stole from ur own country to pay all that..,. N u r stress cuz u got caught..? wtf? Actually u n all these politicians n yes including your president ARE all CORRUPT !!! That’s why there is never improvements in our country cuz people like u all steal GeForce ur luxury

    1. Thanks for the comments, Vi. Hopefully Jeane Napoles for all her worth has become an instrument for waking us Filipinos from our crappy way of electing the officials of our Government. Jeane’s excesses also inspire us to demand the much needed Freedom of Information act. It should be implement sooner rather than later.

  12. A lot of filipino people are starving to death and this freak napoles family are just stealing and spending it lavishly.!!..I hope that there will be justice in this case..there souls are being reaped apart in hell!,, just bring all the LV, chanel, jimmy choo and etc in hell incase jeane needs it!..such a shame!

    1. I totally agree, Secret. But from Philippine news articles, it seems Napoles is not going to be fully investigated.
      The Government is after a few choice men, from the opposition. This is not what we want, we want everyone tanished with the pork barrel scandal to be fully investigated and if found culpable, they should be suitably punished and the monies they plundered should be taken back. End of!

  13. I love the article! Sarcasm at its best, LOL. Very smart!
    This twat deserves the treatment of being bullied on social media.

    I used to work in PH, and I always complain about the taxes at the end of every payday. One of the reason why I left the country because I don’t see where the taxes are going. Sure, they have made quite good services in some agencies, but then again, if you hear these kind of news, 10B of money is NO fawking JOKE! and I guess that include my taxes back then.

    It remind of our janitor at work, he was really old, and still works because he has to support his kids, specially his first born, he was a smart kid, we always give him food, so he wouldn’t need to buy. Gosh, poor people like Manong Popoy, who paid his taxes but couldn’t get his son to go to a very good school would’ve benefited from 10B.

    10B went to Mr. Vuitton, Mr. Leger, Ms.Chanel, Mr. Patek (btw, Patek is a poor choice of Swiss watch, yes I’m from the country that makes all these luxurious watches. 😉 )and all those fancy cars that they have (or had?). 10B, that might have given the soldiers new uniforms and other incentives went to the airlines where the Napoles spent their holidays. 10B, that might given all those smart kids some scholarships. Oh gosh, I can write a novel, but I guess, all I can say is that, justice must be served, and don’t let this issue die down the drain, remember people of PH, these are all your money!!!

    Hold on, I was thinking, the Napoles might have saved all their money here in Switzerland! Remember the Marcoses?, it might be possible yeah? Rich people (whether legally rich or not) always save their money here, because it is always untraceable…

    Oh well papel, anyways, let’s just hope that justice will prevail…

  14. Her Mother is a cold blooded sucker. Millions of Filipinos suffering because of her. Jeane Lavishly spend the money. she is a thick face social climber.

  15. Jeane, you are such a parasite bitch ! Take a good look at the sad plight of most Filipinos. Lots of Filipinos work overseas to provide even just the basic needs of human being and here you are having a lavish lifestyle, of course at the expense of us Filipino taxpayers. You must have, really, an onion skin !

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