Devina DeDiva Picked on the wrong Race!!!




PUTO – Sweet, Delicious and addictive ūüôā ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†PUTA- Sour Bitter, Slutty & addicted ūüėČ

DevinaDeDiva will rue the day she picked on the Filipinos.

Lady, you picked on the wrong race!!! We are not going to laugh off your cruel, hurtful and blatant lie, not from some fat troll that you are or from anyone else.

Lady, we are pikon; we do not take criticisms easily; especially when they are unfounded and unconstructive. You can say anything including how corrupt our Government, we would agree with you! But say incongruous things against our reputation as ordinary people and you are going to be roasted alive (not literally).

How dare you call us smelly¬†maids (look in the mirror, lady,¬† you are the one that looks rather grotty!), and for that matter what is wrong with being a ¬†maid?¬† ¬†These trustworthy ¬†maids care and nurture generations of good people around the world. Those Filipina maids in Hong Kong and the world over are mostly university graduates. ¬†Our beautiful educated women become domestic helpers because opportunities are sadly lacking in our country. Do you understand that? Or you are suffering from some ailment or disease that prohibit you from feeling and showing compassion?!!! That must be it! Because you are not normal in today’s environ!

We are popular amongst employers because we are multi-lingual. We speak at least a couple of languages and a few dialects as well.

We are nurses in most of European hospitals.

We are the medical doctors of America.  A female Filipina  was the  physician(also a senior military officer) to a recent US President.

We are engineers, computer technicians, programmers  and technicians in the music industry, not only of the Philippines but throughout the world.

We are the preferred teachers and governesses of  Arab nations.

We can text, talk, sing and drive at the same time (quite dangerous really, but it is the truth I am afraid)

We build the Middle East.

Now we are the world’s call centre!

Because of your obvious incomprehension, misinformation, ignorance and stupid lack of knowledge about us Filipinos, it only shows that you have never been out of your cave. You have not travelled outside of where you are domiciled, have you?!!!

I am really sad for you. You are missing a lot, girl.

You are behind the times,   racism is now out of fashion. If you were living in the UK, you would have ended in jail; racism is against the law, it is a crime!!!   As you prosaically countered that it is your Freedom of Speech to be racist, you are absolutely batty and ignorant.  You do not know what entails Freedom of Speech!

Racism is going where the dodos have gone. (sorry, you are probably lacking in education and never heard of dodos, they were flightless birds which are now extinct!)

You could be pretty if you make an effort. What about this? Why not hire a nice loving Filipina to sort you out? Give you a break from your household chores.

You look to me as someone chained to the kitchen sink doing the dishes all day long. ¬†You really look rough! Look at your eyes, you have dark circles,¬†‘manky‘ as we say, you could do with some sleep. A good shower and facial to remove all¬†those gunk on you. Perhaps you are overworked and looking after your kids, right? ¬†I saw that you are still carrying some weight in your middle. You have not lost your post pregnancy weight have you? Or are you pregnant again? ¬† And your clothes, oh my gawd! You could really do with a complete make-over. ¬† Start with a good support bra! ¬†Lengthen your dresses to hide your unsightly cellulites! ¬†But change of appearance would not be effective with someone like you. You are a shrew and an abomination to the human race!

You are a¬†caricature trying to be something you patently ¬†aren’t!

Just for your info as I am a really nice woman, I shall point you to a direction where you can get a lot of help. There is a Filipina who knows a thing or two about clothes and accessories. Why not look for her. Her name is Jeane Napoles. She’ll sort you out. She’ll take you the best places. The only trouble is that can you afford it?

BTW Devina DeDiva, we want an unreserved apology from you otherwise, we will contact Facebook to request that you and your account are permanently suspended from Facebook.

You are so vile!






actually, we should show compassion to Devina¬†Dadiva…I mean really, we should be more understanding…she needs help….look at her haggard face and look at Megan’s freshface… look at the cellulite on her arms and look at Meagan’s slen…der arms…look at her sagging boobs and look at Megan’s firm breasts…check out Devina’s¬†wide waistline filled with fat and observe Megan’s tiny waistline…MOST OF ALL, READ HER POST AND SEE HER UGLY ATTITUDE AND LISTEN TO THE ANSWER OF MEGAN IN THE MISS WORLD PAGEANT AND THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY WE SHOULD EMPATHIZE WITH THE UGLY DEVIL-A OOOOPS…DEVINA DEDIVA….. See more
From SaNdy AleRa


Devina DeDiva Racist Comments about Miss World, Calls Miss Philippines a Poor Smelly Maid

By on October 1, 2013


Devina DeDiva Racist Comments about Miss World, Calls Miss Philippines a Poor Smelly Maid

I really don’t have a lot to say as I firmly believe that her own comments already reflect the type of person and upbringing (or lack there of) she had. All I want to add is that I am firmly against racism and do not believe that you should look down on anyone especially just because of their ethnicity.

In the screenshots below, a ‚ÄúDevina¬†DeDiva‚ÄĚ goes on a racist rampage about how she could not believe that Miss Philippines contender, Megan Young, won the Miss World 2013 pageant as Devina¬†DeDiva thinks that all Filipinos are dirty, poor, smelly maids who should not be looked up to. Devina DeDiva also goes as far as arguing with others about how her opinions are facts and how everyone else who thinks differently is wrong.

In Devina DeDiva‚Äôs own words: ‚ÄúMiss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them Ha Ha Ha‚ÄĚ

Dear Devina DeDiva, I would like to introduce you to the internet now. Have a nice life.


  1. A funny juxtaposition, and very apt! Such racist ignorance from a dumpy looking female who has aspirations for fame

      1. I think the girl needs a psychiatrist Probably, she had a traumatic experience with a Filipina or a Filipino. We just don’t know why she has so much hatred with a Filipina.We can start by praying for her. I pity the girl. Most Filipinos are berating her already. The way she looks, she is worst than a Filipina maid. But, I still believe, there is still something good in her.

  2. she is a pig! how dare her! I’m not a philantrophist but when my fellow filipino are being degraded due to their jobs! we’ll that’s another story girl! I’ll bash you until you realized that you shouldn’t have done such stupidity!

  3. Hey guys, is this undivine devilish Devina is in UK..can anybody locate her and post her address and deliver the messages right to her door. folks get real..all these superlatives might never reach her at all.. find details like home address, work address and post it for all to take actions. she took it personal..then lets lift it a little bit higher…

    1. l Name: Devina Sharma (a.k.a Devina Deviva).
      Age: 26
      Nationality: Singaporean
      College: Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
      Company: Intertek Testing (ITS) (in Singapore)

  4. This woman is not from the UK as far as we know. We think she lives in Singapore.

    Anyway, I think our message via online will reach her. She would not be able to help herself but search what is being said about her.

    She is the type that is so self-obssessed, she would be online again, perhaps using a different persona or ID.

    Hopefully her friends in FB have also gotten to know the extent of her stupidity and ignorance and would therefore stop treating her as their queen bee and hanging on her every word and those racists amongst them will think twice next time.

    I think we have done our bit!

    Thank you everyone for reading! Hehehe I was really annoyed! LOL

    1. She posted on her FB wall that she already made plans of moving to the UK to work by December of this year. I have twitted/informed the UK Home Office about her scheme.

  5. working as a ‚ÄúLab Analyst‚ÄĚ at Intertek Testing, a Singapore-based company that provides laboratory testing, outsourcing, consulting, cargo inspection and certification services for global clients.

    1. Thanks Cherry. We know Devina a little more. It is really shocking to know that someone of her supposed educational background is so ignorant!

      If she had been employed in the UK, many firms would have fired her!



  6. Please, enough with the Devina bashing! She is an individual who is obviously majorly flawed. I think it is a bit counterproductive to cite all of the different accomplishments of other Filipinos because, really, who cares? Is some physician or programmer superior to a “mere” maid? I think we are indirectly falling into the same trap by going thru some list of Filipino “accomplishments” in the world. So what if the majority of Fils. are maids? At least they’re working. And I find the juxtaposition (bikini) silly. Most of the beauty pageant ladies from the Phil. are not even good representatives of the majority of Filipinas. I’m always hearing “I’m a proud Filipina/Filipino”, so lets just be proud of the ordinary filipino, the maids, the one’s that don’t look like the beauty queen, and who are not world-reknown boxers or inventors of yo-yos, etc. etc. Our worth is inherent and natural, no need to puff ourselves up artificially with all of these superficial stuff and declarations of all the so-called accomplishments of various Filipinos. We are taking sooo seriously the comments of one depressed individual. I mean, come on! Filipinas stink????? No way! We are so freaking over involved with bathing and smelling good! Why even give the rest of her criticisms the time of day? Seriously, we’re better than that.

    1. Thanks Karen for your comment.
      However, I disagree, and not really sure where you are coming from. You sound like an apologist for Devina. Also, not sure what you meant by stop the bashing of Devina. We only did one post to show our outrage at her racist ignorant comments. The thing is, I now live in the UK where racism is against the law. Had Devina been residing and employed here, she would have lost her job as well as a possible prosecution.
      If you reread our blog, I did not even mention Megan Young once myself. Also I highlighted the ordinary Filipinos and their accomplishment that they worked hard and are mostly highly educated.

      I reproduce the comments from other blogs.

      I think you may have missed the point of her tirade. If you read her facebook comments, she said that Filipinos are smelly because all they are fit to do is clean toilets, etc. Therefore it is reasonable that many Filipinos are upset and are venting their feelings online.

      Most Filipinos are unassuming and just get on with it.

      As to juxtaposition, it was meant for the first photographs of puto and puta. Puto/Puta pun! Many howled with laughter, making a very serious issue more bearable.
      Again thank you and visit as again.

      1. I agree with you Jean.. Karen, be contented in reading if there’s nothing good that you can say. We don’t find it interesting. You might be a Filipina, but I guess not by heart.

    2. Hi Karen,
      This issue is not just about the stinks or being maids which obviously are cheap words from a worthless “person” if she is to be considered one. The issue is why in the world that everytime a Filipino excel or achieve something great, other nations cannot accept? The likes of Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez now Miss World Meagan Young to name a few, they kept on insisting that we must stay put for just being maids.
      On my part my family are Fil Canadians educated in the Philippines and luckily blessed with great white collared jobs here but never that it came to our minds to descriminate or take advantage of others. Unlike this Devina who is just an immigrant like us and after landing her foot in Singapore felt as if she bought the rest of the world and can say anything she wanted. She had the guts to start these things then she must have the courage to swallow our reactions. She arrogantly descriminated not only the Ms World but the rest of the Filipinos.

  7. I liked very much what you have written Ms. Karen. You have written all the strong points why we are in a sense condemning this Devina Dediva. But she’s only human and we are also only humans. And this has got to stop – we cannot correct an evil deed with another evil deed. Let’s give everything else to our ALMIGHTY GOD. HE knows what to do with her. All we can do is forgive her – we have said everything she should know about Filipinos. Let’s give an end to this. It has become so viral, I think it will take a long time before it stops. I was also hurt- I am a Filipina myself. Have a good day Ms. Karen.


    1. Hi Lettie
      Thanks for your comment. Though I feel that you are a very kind and pious woman, I am afraid I cannot agree with your formula of just leaving everything to God.
      One thing, it is not God’s problem; it is our issue, Filipinos’ issue! As a human being, I believe that one of the worst crimes we can do in this world is to stand by when we could have done something to prevent or stop a heinous act that is happening.
      If people and countries around the world left everything to God to deal with Hitler as He see fit, I believe that Hitler would have made a race extinct. He would have had more than the 6,000,000 Jews killed, no Jew left standing. As we Filipinos are not white, we would have followed suit or became slaves as we cannot be part of Hitler’s Aryan race of blond/e blue eyed people with white skin.
      Racial discrimination is such a big issue that the UK made it punishable by law.
      I think the Bible also shows that a crime or a wrongdoing must not let to go on. It must not fester; otherwise it will grow until it is impossible to ward off. Didn’t our Lord Jesus Christ himself toss, fling, propel, throw, and smash the tables and wares of the moneychangers outside the temple? Jesus saw that it was so wrong and could only become malignant and that the temple to become a den of thieves. He had to do it; likewise we need to be as proactive.
      Someone so ignorant is ranting and raving about us being smelly maids. Well I for one will not have to put up with that. Many people across the world would have seen it and some would probably not give a damn or they would say, ‚Äúthat figures‚ÄĚ and treat us like second-class citizens.
      We have now the power to combat such atrocious injustice against us. It is up to us to correct where there is a wrong occurring. Otherwise we are going to be the losers in the long run and I am not one for that. No way. In my own small way, I think I made the Philippines proud and I am not letting one fat troll to debase my little accomplishment.
      We are also being rather politically correct about the maids. Yes they are doing a good job and bringing in monies for their families as well as for the country. But it is wrong that these talented, skillful people are parted from their families doing menial jobs, cleaning smelly toilets when they could be doing something more productive.
      I am not happy that people like her think that Philippines is a world producer of domestic helpers. We are more than that! Anyway, I am sure most of those maids would rather be doing something else. Being a maid is terrible. I have not heard a maid says that she found her calling cleaning toilets and urinals or being a servant! (Except that woman who got left $64M by her dead employer ) So there!
      Inyong Lingkod

      1. I am admiring your courage to respond with all the comments of some Filipinos who think that they are being so kind if they let that Devina get away with those rude comments she should have not said. Ms Jean, you deserve to be treated as a hero of this endeavor, to eradicate racism which was manifested by this erring woman. She should be eradicated totally from the face of the planet.

        1. Thank you Giovanni for your kind words. I am afraid I do not agree that there is a need to eradicate Devina from the face of the earth. ūüėČ

          As Christians, we know that the most precious thing in life is life itself. Something that we do not have ownership of. We cannot take away anyone’s life, as well as our own, no matter how much provocation there is.

          What we are doing right now is just the step we need to take, I think. Make so much noise, make mountains out of molehills. I think we have been heard! Devina and her likes will learn their lessons, the hard way! Good riddance to her.

          We cannot be downtrodden. I bet she got the fright of her life. GOOD. Let her stew a little bit more to make her think and evaluate her stupidity.

    2. Forgiveness is only for those who deserves and asks for it. I don’t think she deserves forgiveness because she already said that she will not change what she said.

        1. hi jean,

          divina should have learned her lessons well, but i don’t think she deserves little peace at all. she should be accounted the rest of her life for saying bad things about our are correct eradicate racist of her kind..

          she doesn’t deserve one little respect from anyone..

      1. I agree with you Butch. I don’t think she deserves the forgiveness. I read her twitter account and she said sorry so many times as if someone is writing it for her. (I wonder how many times she pinches herself everytime she is writing sorry). Being truely forgiven is earned and not just because she said sorry that all is good and forgotten. Based on the way she talks and responds, you could just say that she is one spoiled brat that could say and do whatever she wants and she don’t care if she hurts anybody. But now that she is the one hurting with all her acts, she will have to do anything. But i don’t think she even meant it. She is just doing it cause her life is put in missery because of her act. Yeah sure, if her grandma is really been taken care of by a Filipina, she should have been influenced or have known that Filipinos are caring and kind people. But she is a spoiled brat who thought that she is above anybody else.

  8. Devina Dediva thanks for your comments. You look like smelly Rotten P*** than us.
    you even look so POKPOK, PUTA and CHEAP, with your cellulite you looks like a constipated bitch ass****.
    you even looks like a rotten cadaver, you are such a pretty rotten v*****!

  9. Look at yourself in the mirror Devina DeDiva, you look like a W***E! I think your parents are also maid in Singapore. Remember all men think that all ladies both in Singapore and Malaysia are maid.

  10. She’s an Indian and now a Singaporean citizen? Damn! I know lots of Indians (male or Female) are stinky, especially if they’re sweating! Trust me their underarm odor is unstoppable and it will stack in your nose! I bet she also uses air freshener as her deodorant the same with other Indians does.

    1. Here we go with another racist…..BTW Angel why do you even try to smell underarms of people???????
      I hope you also get all the comments and curses just like Devina.
      You and her are same … difference…..

      1. Yes we should not lower ourselves to the gutter level of people like MS Devine Sharma. Filipinos are prouder and tolerant of other cultures. We do not need to include and allude other races in her ignorance.

      2. I have many Indian friends at work. They are very well mannered, educated, easy to get along with, and intelligent people. Yes, they’re clean & smell good. ANGEL, if you are a Human Being, I’m 100% that you too smell. My Filipino parents would always say, “you can not smell youself all day long because you become immune with your own sweat so it is very important to take a shower or simply wash up on a daily basis”. It’s wrong to pinpoint any nation & say ” Hey, you stink” just because you find someone of his/her kind who does. Hate Devina with all your might but please, not her country of origin.
        I’m defending you Sir from this ANGEL who seems to be not an angel afterall but another version of DEVINA , the racist.
        Thank you Jean for this article, you’re spot on with your message.

      3. Now you can feel the pain when this worthless devina devil descriminated not only Meagan Young but rest of the Filipino people. Even have the guts to demand every Filipinos to stop reacting.

    2. Ms. Angel
      Its understandable not to degrade anyone with nationality or the job. Any job is respectable.. If you want to talk with someone.. point your words to that person.. not the nationality. If any filipino doing nonsense.. it cannot blame on all filipinos..
      And.. why are you smelling the underarms of indians.. anyone ask you or force to smell the underarms..
      And i know many filipinos.. and about them.. Better not to talk much about yourself.. Everyone know about them.. what they are…
      And…remember.. you may be working under an indian and indian management…
      Many of the flipinos feeding their family back doing their job under indian management..
      If you dont like indians.. can you ask your people to leave their job
      Use words with care…Dont tell indians are stingy.. better than you.. 100 times..ok.. remember that..

      1. You got hurt Prince – thats what we Filipinos felt with the tactless comments from that devina. You cannot blame us for reacting either because she hurt the rest of our countrymen too. By the way this devina devil was under the management of Filipinos who fired her after her unruly and derrogatory remarks against us. Which she deserved and still hoping the Singaporean government will charge her of racism which is a grave crime in that country.

    3. yet again, another racist.. you’re no different than that DeDiva girl.. people like you ought to be given a lesson.. hope karma finds you.. whether you are my kababayan or not..

    4. Yeah! its true, I know these people also…. not far from reality, this woman smells too as I see her. Her mouth smells more than her words.

  11. Devina Sharma you are a very stupid,ignorant ,fat,filthy and a shame to the Indian government. You do not know that Filipinos excel and became champions in most competitions all over the world. We maybe maids but most of us are professionals like doctors , nurses, engineers and teachers ,etc. and most of all Filipinos have GOOD MANNERS not like you. The Philippines have 1 Ms. Universe,1 Ms.International and now Ms. World and many winners and runners up in many beauty contest in the world. What about you? What have you accomplished? If I were your boss in Singapore.I fire you and deport you back to where you belong. I have many Indian colleagues and they have manners but the only thing I DO NOT LIKE is most of you Stink and DO NOT TAKE A BATH everyday not like us Pinoys. You need attention now you got it but in a Very Wrong Way. Show to the world how good you Indians are before criticizing other people.I hope you fully understand my simple words ” STUPID “

    1. she’s from Singapore, and she’s a Singaporean Citizen, It is unlikely an Indian from India knows Filipino maids….

  12. Wow!!! I am extremely surprised that she actually has 649 followers!!! FOR WHAT???!!! Obviously, nothing special about her AT ALL. No exotic look, nothing appealing, nothing extraordinary, not one bit! Not even Angelina Joli’s voluptuous lips…. She don’t even have that! Lol. But again, WOW!

    Let’s talk about race and religion……… Hmmmmm……. Where should I start?
    Way too long of a list. A total waste of time. I should STOP here… O:-)

  13. I actually feel sorry for Devina… I mean, look at her… She looks like a fetus that had survived an abortion!

  14. This ugly was employed in INTERTEK, SINGAPORE ( send emails to this company and described the racist behavior of this Indian Looking pig! I want to slap her and throw a shit and urine in her face.
    Filipinos won’t stop even if you apologize.. This kind of person do not deserved to live in this world..

  15. Maids are not to look upon, seems she’s so mad that she had said that. but really she picked the wrong race, she will now be bullied numerously and endlessly,and now more of the Filipinos were mad of her. how does she can handle the situation that there are lots of Filipinos in Singapore? I read somewhere she’s not really working at Intertek, but a teacher, and was fired out because her superiors were Filipinos dunno if it’s true.
    Ms. Karen, the bashing for Devina from Filipinos are normal, maybe this pages are made for her to be educated, and learn not to step upon other race, she should not see herself above all, and should respect others for humanity, I guess.

  16. >>There is nothing wrong with scrubbing toilets for a living. I know a lot of people who mop floors and clean toilets to feed their families and I respect them. It’s an honest way to earn money. This girl must have gone through a lot to make her say such things and act that way. I saw her photos, and I could understand why she is angry – If I look the way she looks – I would be angry too. Obviously she is misinformed since she has no idea how educated Filipinos are … they are everywhere – they are beautiful inside and out. It’s unfortunate her family did not teach her how to respect others. One day, her rotten attitude will catch up on her.>>

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with scrubbing toilets, it has to be done and someone has got to do it.

      It is an honest enough job but someone told me it was soul destroying!

    2. Yes you are right here in Surrey Canada specially most janitors, housekeepers and maids are of Indian decent but no Filipinos have the guts to descriminate them for we know how hard it is for all immigrants to earn a living abroad and stablish ourselves here. We have to remind them Sushmita Sen their first Miss Universe won her title in our country.

  17. Singapore have a very strict law about Racism and I know the long arm of the Singapore law, (being a population of difference race-Malay, Chinese, Indian and Caucasian), will catch up with her. We will see to believe it.

  18. Update:

    A post from a friend in Facebook:

    Devina Dediva was fired from work a few days after her foul comments against Filipinos, in general, gone viral in all social networking sites. The superiors of this big-eyed assistant teacher in Singapore find her unfit to still be a person who nurtures young minds. As a result, she was then dismissed from any school responsbility by her Filipino bosses. What a coincidence! Mess up with the maids and that is what you get, baby! HAHAHA

    Information regarding this woman are uncertain, though. And hence, the details like she is an assistant teacher, as well as she is in Singapore, and that she has been ousted of work, may also be unsure. Although, I read this good news somewhere and I hope it is legit.

  19. as one of those million Filipinos who read the post of this certain Devina DeDiva (who thinks she is a DIVA…) I would rather pray to the Holy Mother of the Most Holy Rosary for her soul, which rotten and burned in hot, and blazing fires of hell.


  20. I’m not sure how to start.its my first time to take part of something like this. Knew about this girl through the news. Was outraged of course, not only because I’m a Filipina myself but because it’s such a bad thing to say to anyONE and let alone to a whole nation or race. But one thing I noticed that we forgot to mention anywhere in this page….. Are those people despite being friends with the girl with the big mouth defended us and the fact that what she said was not nice. I would like to spend my time rather thanking them and that I really don’t care what country devinas from or her nationality,because i dont think it has anything to do with how she reacted or why she acts and feels that way. A persons race has nothing to do with how you treat people, its a choice? As a person i do care about what she said and I share the sentiments of all those who post their comments. But as a Filipino I would like to thank those that somehow and courageously went against their own friend to correct something wrong. It takes a lot of courage to do that. And we….at least me for sure would like to say thank you and we appreciate it. One more thing….Indians are great people, I was privileged to have had the chance and work with them. Again thank you for those who posted good things about us Filipinos. And to devina……sucks to be right now!!!!!!!

    1. You are quite right Eleven. We must give credit to those who tried to dissuade Devina from her blatant racism. Thank you all!! Some did try their hardest, but Devina was having none of it. She was totally and utterly sure of her opinion. There were about 20 other liker clickers on her opinions; others who share her wanton racism.

  21. Ryan: baket mukhang ang panget ni Devine
    Raul: anu parang Devine, Delicous, Sugar Crash?
    Ryan: Hinde panget Talaga eh
    Raul: Hayaan mo na Pare
    Ryan: Hinde ang panget talaga eh.
    Raul: Talaga?
    Ryan: di dapat siya ganun
    Raul: Ay! uu nga.
    Ryan: dba Panget
    Ryan: sa bandang huli panget pa din.

  22. To devinas friends that courageously went against her on facebook….as a Filipina i would like to thank you for doing what you did.

    To devina……sucks to be you right now!!!!

    Moral lesson for me at least: that there are people like devina but there are a lot more not like her. Again to those who took the time and effort to educate devina despite the fact the she might lash back at them thank you very much. The world will be a better place if there is more like you.

    Again, to devina…….sucks to be you!!!!!!

  23. There must be something bad that happened to her which involved a filipina maid that is why she’s so bitter, I’m thinking that maybe…. just maybe her boyfriend or husband left her for a pretty, well- mannered and sweet filipina “maid”, if this was the case, I can’t blame the guy, she’s probably a neurotic,crazy bitch and as we all know, ignorant, narrow minded,ugly slut.

      1. I thought of that too,that maybe her bf dumped her for a dilipina maid,poor Devina Devil,your name matches your personality

    1. I have thought of that possibility as well.

      I was born and raised in Hong Kong and went to school and grew up with people of different nationalities – Chinese; British; Americans; Sri-lankans; Filipinos; Singaporeans; Indians….yes, Indians and lots of them too – and there was not a hint of racism between us. We all learnt to accept and appreciate each other and our respective cultural backgrounds. I remember hanging out at my Indian buddies’ humble homes and their families (especially the mothers) were very hospitable and accomodating. They would always make sure I brought home some pasalubong for my mum (usually Indian food). And from my knowledge, the Indians (if needed) would always only hire helpers of their own race. So far, I do not know any Indians that hire Filipinas as helpers here in Hong Kong. Likewise, I have many Singaporean friends too and the same, they are all very welcoming and do not show any hint of racism. Singaporeans come from a cosmopolitan city made up of different nationalities, I do not believe they would even think racism existed.

      So, it’s not about this Devilina’s nationality. It’s all about herself as a senseless and utterly despicable human being. She must have had a terrible experience for being so mad at Filipinos like this and decided to get back at them…sadly though, in a very shameless and senseless way. And now she’s being publicly ridiculed. She must be regretting this so much by now and can’t even get out of the shell she’s hiding in now. Poor Devilina. May she Rest In Peace! ūüėõ

  24. The way I look at her is she is schizophrenic or a mentally sick person and needs to undergo psychiatric treatment. The best to do is ignore her comments and instead feed her with positive outlook in life that could contribute to her awakening.

  25. Stop feeding the troll and don’t step down on her level. And, do you have anything against mother with kids? Do moms look like her? Be careful with how you react. Moms like us are sensitive so please stop comparing her appearance to us.

  26. She is full of insecurities and no cure for that, it’s a disease! She just made herself look more ignorant and uneducated with her dirty mouth. It does not matter if you came from a reputable university, if you do not know how to apply it then it was a waste of money. Better have sponsored one of your so-called maids to university and I bet they will have better contribution in this world than you..which they already do even as maids. What is your issue anyway with Filipino maids? Oh I know why you hate them, maybe you had one and you realized she can do better than you, she is well-mannered than you, when you have guests she gets more attention than you and she is actually way smarter than you!
    If you have mirrors at home pls add more on every corner because you need to be reminded that even you are now a Singaporean citizen, you can’t escape that you also came from a third world country like us, bitch! I have Indian friends and they are definitely not like you!

  27. I have a lot of Indian friends here in Dubai, but they are nice not like Devina,. U should be ashamed to call you’re self a Human Being…

  28. I don’t think Devina will even ever look good after she had shown how Ugly she was inside and out.Maybe she doesn’t even know that she doesn’t look good and therefore don’t have the right to comment against the beautiful Megan Young and the people of the Philippines. Its very ironic that she insulted the Filipino Domestic helper when in fact- she even look worst than any other domestic helper. Devina,- just for your Info. most of the Filipino Domestic helper are actually a Bachelors degree holder from the colleges and universities of the Philippines, the only reason why they ended up getting those jobs is because of lack of employment opportunity in the philippines (Hence, lucky family are those who employed them as Domestic helper, as they have highly educated people honing their children and helping them in their daily life and activities) You should actually try to do some research first before trying to put a statement which will crucify you in the end.. tsk, Tsk,tsk…

  29. Devina girl, you may say that the world is diplomatic in freedom of speech, this should be a lesson to you..Whatever your mind thinks sometimes you don’t need to make worldwide announcement specially when you intend to target group of people and in a way negative. I think your strategy to become famous is unfortunately not acceptable and unfavored by many. It was not something anyone in this universe can agree..

  30. i was also hurt when devina had extremely discriminated the Filipinos. However, there is nothing we can do about her.No matter how we say something, comment or react towards her actions, it was her choice to speak tactlessly and will also be her choice to change her attitude and ask for an apology. I do hope that she would somehow realize that what she did was really wrong. But guys, it is also not good that we curse her or develop hate with her because wala na tayong pinagkaiba sa kanya.May mas importante pang mga bagay na dapat nating problemahin other than her. She is not worth the time. Let us just pray for peace and healing for Megan and all Filipinos.

    1. Thanks for the comments Ashley. I agree that we should not harrass such people too much. However many Filipinos were rightly aggrieved and that they had to comment back which I totally agree with.

      Trawling the internet you can see other blogs, and indeed as we blogged, that Devina has been censured. I strongly believed that doing nothing is the worst apathy there is.

      Just look at our Government. We have let them run riot for decades that we have breed vultures and hyenas in the corridors of power we call the Philippine Government. Now it is a gargantual task and could take a lifetime to correct this grievous mistake. One good thing, through the internet people can have they say and not be silenced.

  31. Very well said Mr Reynaldo even here in Canada their arrogance are unbearable. Let us remind them that loads of janitors, housekeepers/ maids and farmers here in Canada are of Indian decent but no one specially Filipinos dare to descriminate them for we know how hard it is to migrate and stablish ourselves to other country. Unlike this Devina Devil Sharma whom Singapore was so unfortunate to accept in their country.

    TO THE SINGAPOREAN GOVERNMENT IN BEHALF OF MISS MEAGAN YOUNG, MISS WORLD 2013, We the rest of the Filipino all over the world are pleading you to charge this conceited lady of RACISM. There we will know that your government is just and reliable. Hope it will be soon. Thank you.

    1. Good news! Complaint was already submitted to the Singaporean Police regarding this racist case of Devina Sharma

      Megan Young’s Internet basher Devina DeDiva might be in for more trouble after a Filipino residing in Singapore reportedly filed a police case against her for the racially insensitive comments she posted on her Facebook account.

      DeDiva, who mocked the crowning of Young as the newest Miss World and then slighted the Filipino race by calling them underprivileged, filthy and uneducated maids, is facing charges that could put her in jail for a maximum of three years with a fine up to $5,000 (Singaporean Dollar).

      “Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke? I didn’t know those maids have anything else in them. Hahaha,” DeDiva posted on her Twitter account.

      Singapore is imposing a strict law prohibiting its citizens from mocking another race through acts, words and publications, which includes posts and comments on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

      “Under the Sedition Act, anyone found guilty of promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or class of the population of Singapore can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to three years, or both.”

      According to several posts by Filipino netizens on Twitter, Singapore-based Anthony Benedicto filed the police case against DeDiva, who was initially reported an Indian national working in the country. She was also thought a student of Manchester University, but the Indiana based institution cleared that it has no student named Devina DeDiva.

      “Manchester University (Indiana, USA) has been mistakenly associated with an individual Devina DeDiva today after she made racist comments regarding the recently crowned Miss World from the Philippines. To clear up any confusion, the University has confirmed that Devina DeDiva has never been a student at Manchester University.

      Benedicto confirmed to the International Business Times (Australia Edition) on Friday that he indeed filed criminal charges against DeDiva and police has already started its investigation.

      “The police is still investigating on this matter and are verifying her acts. I believe she might be charged under the Sedition Act. Again, that is pending investigations and confirmation from the Police,” Benedicto said.

      “One thing that i learned, there are many ways of handling a hate and racist comment from a racist person. One of them is to throw another racist comment to that person or his race, which will make you no less different than him/her. Another is to report the racist comments to your authorities and let them judge whether the person had committed an offence and pray that God will change the heart of this racist person and he/she learns from his/her mistakes. I prefer the latter which is effective, and less stressful. Avoid griping, make your point known, then move on,” he stated in his latest post.

      The latest development on DeDiva came in hours following reports of her dismissal from her job as an assistant teacher of a school being run by Filipino supervisors in Singapore.

  32. Fe….are you for real????? You are also like Angel and Devina… not put anything on Indians…..this Devina is just a filthy B&*&…and you are same….. If every Indian starts bashing you or your nationality trust you me you will have nothing to hold yourself up(Give me one field or sector where you are ahead of India). I guess again like many you will say you are number one in BPOs….Lemme clear the notion of people now that Philippines is BPO hub but BPO industry in Philippines is not even $15 Billion ($13 Billion Only-See more at – .

    Whereas Indian IT-BPO industry even after uncertainties in the global business environment, industry is set to reach a significant milestone ‚Äď aggregate revenue for FY2012 is expected to cross USD 100 billion. Aggregate IT software and services revenue (excluding hardware) is estimated at USD 88 billion. – See more at:

    So there is no comparison. I hope now everyone out there knows that You are still no where near India in terms of IT-BPO sector. The only thing i keep on reading was that Philippines is number 1 in BPO and it was all because people like you in Philippines believes in CHISMIS(gossips) more than the facts and doing proper research.

    Now shut your mouth, put you typing hands in hot oil and stop comparing India with your country.

    Do you want to hear more????? I also read here from one Pinoy/Pinay saying they invented bath in middle east…. I mean leave someone alone with your BATH statement…..its just too much….. I did some good research on blogs and comments typed by people like you and people like you always end up with smell of people…… Its like a trade mark for Filipinos like you . You have nothing to say and you end up saying that the race/human being/animal/place/country etc smells….. For you Koreans smell, Indians smell, Sri Lankan smells , Chinese smells actually people from all country smells(visit different blogs and you can verfy my statement by reading their comments) . For people like you only white people do not smell( to prove my point visit any PUB or BAR in Philippines)….. Better change your attitude or one day you will be the stinkiest person…..

    Again i will say its only PEOPLE LIKE YOU….. It is not about Philippines, India or Middle east….. Every country has drawbacks and worse part is that every place we have people like you and Devina….. Today you have the opportunity to say things to Devina, but you yourself is just a waste of life…..

    1. Hi Human

      Thanks for your comment, noted.

      The majority of Filipinos have high regards for Indians and other races. Unfortunately you get individuals like Devina who stereotype cultures. Their ignorance should not be applied to the majority of others.

      There is no need to descend to the level of such and make comments.

      BTW, as I understand the comment regarding bathing was from someone in the Middle East.

    2. Hi “human”
      See how you talked. Just a simple question, where all these things started from – to a damn shit person who claimed she came from your race and attacked the rest of the Filipinos due to enviousness. When Filipinos reacted for you its just a waste of life how about your reaction. You even prolonged things by comparing India to Philippines now. Never that we are boastful and claimed things that we are not. We unfortunately know how politically ill our country is, however, not in any wildest imagination of any Filipino we will allow arrogants and racist to descrimanate in any way.
      What seemed to be wrong to those boastful race cannot accept that Filipinos excel more than them because for them we belong to a poor country. Yes we may be but we are a poor country with loads of talented, beautiful and well valued people appreciated around the world. Never a pretender or claimnant of what we are not. So India is that progressive how come you are still considered 3rd world and not even a developing one? Anyway, it does not interest us but never question our reactions because if not from a worthless, arrogant, attention seeker Devina who started who would care about you.

    3. One more thing “Human”

      If those achievements you claimed are true it must be humbled instead of boasting. It will be great if compliments came from other nations rather than boasting for it to be noticed. Thank you.

      1. romain,salute to your comments with regards to human.

        and to you human..we filipinos do not boast of things we accomplished, we do say we are great..i have experiences of your races but i do not want to dwell on it..we do not compare your country to ours. But we do not go to your country to make a living not unlike your kind plucking here to do a living…

        thats it

    4. For you HUMAN, Please don’t stoop down on somebody’s level who may have said that your own race smells. They’re just stupid. And try not to exaggerate by saying: “Give me one field or sector where the Philippines is ahead of India.” This is just as stupid and laughable to say and only people who gets emotionally(not intellectually)affected by a racist comment would respond the way you literally responded. I admit that so many Filipinos do the same. Why be like them? India is supposed to be ahead of the Philippines, don’t you think? It has over a billion people with many intellectuals and it’s an ancient country but why is there hundreds of millions of Indians that are still poor? Philippines don’t even have a hundred million, but it has achievements, although not too signiicant as many anti-Filipino people would readily not believe. So please let us not degrade a race, rather just speak with substance and intelligence like what I see you most likely have in your personality.

  33. Look devina. I dont know whats got into your dirty mind. But all i can
    say is that, you are full of insecurities,and just made yourself look more ignorant and uneducated with your dirty mouth/mind.

  34. Personally, it’s insulting and unforgivable. The Filipino race is not something she could easily insult. How about we try this, bring all the Filipinos back to their country and let’s see what’ll happen. Some Filipinos may not be professionals but I tell you, never ever insult the race. They may be different individually and they may be divided but once you take them on, all hell would break loose! You certainly did mess with the wrong Race!!

  35. Devina Deputa is nothing but a fat ugly whore!!
    Telling filipinos to be less privileged everywhere but then her former boss are filipinos? Her brain is lesser than peanut!!
    That’s all thank you.
    God bless Philippines

    1. Hahaha Ibulong mo lang muna ngayon.

      I understand though. Some men like women with a bit more flesh, a more voluptuous body and thank God for that, we cannot all be thin like Megan no matter how we try.

  36. Devina Dediva or whatever the hell your real name is. You skank.

    Filipina maids maybe smelly after cleaning the bathroom only because they have to flush you down the toilet.

  37. On that part I agree with you. Her friends who in one way or another tried to make her realize her idiotness. They deserve our appreciation. They acted with high morals and values in a well educated manners. They never tolerated the evil fancies of this Devina Devil Sharma. Hats off to them.

  38. I forgot to add in my first post… I have to disagree with the author when she says, “Lady, you picked on the wrong race!!!”

    Devina Sharma is no “lady.” Let’s use the word appropriately for someone else.

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