News Update: Barangay Bairan in Tacloban, Leyte

We have been so worried of my sister-in-law’s family in Barangay Bairan in Tacloban, Leyte.

We have now finally heard from someone who knew the family and confirmed that they lived through the Yolanda but they are far, far from being safe; they are now in danger of starvation.

Apparently Barangay Bairan has been taken over by New People’s Army (NPA), a terroristic communist party which have been confiscating  relief goods meant for the people of Bairan.  Anyone who tries to say anything is threatened with a gun.  True or Not, it is a pretty grim scenario.


To the Philippine Army, US Government, UK Government, UN, UNICEF, Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam, Belgian Government, Israeli Government, German Government, Japanese Government, Chinese Government, and everyone else (I am not disrespecting you from not mentioning all your names)  please help the people- men, women and children of Barangay Bairan who are literally starving and frightened to DEATH!


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