Superstition: Itching & Scratching

Superstition: Itching & Scratching

I do get a lot of allergies, I scratch a lot.  But do you know that there are some superstitions attached to wherever and whatever itches?

My only advice, of course, is that when something itches, do not scratch too hard as it is not good for your skin, scratching can be very soothing but done with prolong time can leave scratches and scars.

Anyway, some of the superstitions are universal, I think.  I am always glad and hopeful when my hand itches, because I have heard before that you will come into money! 🙂  (still waiting for the money!)

Here is a random list:

Itchy hand –  you will receive money/cash soon but not so easy as that.  Apparently it has to be the right palm that is itchy; left palm means money is going out.  So ensure to moisturise that left hand/palm, if you don’t feel like spending … too much ;

Itchy ear – someone remembered you and talking about you.

Itchy foot – you are going to travel into new horizon, to boldly go where you have not been before.

Itchy eye – aside from a possible onset of conjunctivitis, itchy eye means there will be some laughter or tears coming your way, hopefully you will be so happy you start to tear up.

Itchy Knee – you will visit a church that you have never been before and kneel down in prayer!  What an adventure!

Itchy Elbow – this one is not nice if you are already married or in a happy and stable relationship; itchy elbow means you will wake up with a strange bedfellow!

Itchy Nose –  I get this a lot lately.  Apparently this means you will be kissed – a lot, run into a gatepost, or shake hands with a fool. 🙂

Itchy Stomach – you are hungry and will eat pudding.  Yum!!!

Itchy Back –  how strange  is this? … butter will be cheap when grass grows there… Not only that you will turn into a pasture for bovines, an itchy back could also mean a disappointment is coming your way.

Just remember, we live in a modern society, superstitions are old world or are they?


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