Superstitions: Wedding & Marriage

Happy is the bride the sun shines on.
– English Proverb

Most of our customs and traditions are based on superstitions. Even in this  modern age, these everyday customs and traditions have continued to flourish.

There are some superstitions that are so wacky that they have been filed under the archaic cabinets of x-Files, never to be seen again unless you really want to.

Superstitions: Wedding & Marriage

Carrying the bride There is a superstition that says, the first one to enter the marital house will be the master of it. Therefore, a solution was found; they had to enter together. Thus, the groom carries his bride over the threshold.

Nun & Monks Apparently the last person you wanted to see on your wedding day is either a nun or a monk. Meeting one of them will mean you are in for a barren union.

There is a Polish tradition that is lucky to get married on any of the months with ‘R’ on it.

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue.

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