Father Is Strange – KDrama Review

Father Is Strange – KDrama Review

I have to confess I am totally addicted to Korean dramas now. But then again there are so many good dramas that keep your mind riveted. Like for instance, this drama called Father Is Strange.

This is a family drama which is shown during the weekend – Saturday and Sunday.

It comprises of 50 episodes; as of writing, episode 18 had been shown.

So far, it has been a rollicking fun; all the actors had done their respective roles justice.

The story is about a close-knit family with a son and three daughters. Out of the blue a man, who used to be a KPop idol and now turned actor, came to see the patriarch of the family, who runs a restaurant. He blurted out that he was his son.  Imagine the mayhem this would bring to the family!

The first two episodes introduced the characters.  The mother and father are a loving, hard-working couple, very down to earth.

The eldest son is a bit of a no-hoper.  Though a gentle giant, he had spent years studying and revising for his civil servant exam, which he regularly fails.  However he is reliable and loving son and brother, if rather dopey.

The eldest daughter is Hye-Young, a very beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated lawyer, who gets what she wants. Or does she wants including secretly living with her boyfriend, an act which is still frowned upon by Korean society.

The middle daughter and presumably the real star of the drama is Mi Young.  She suffers from self-doubt and lack of confidence, having been a victim of bullying when she was in middle school.  She was obese and was bullied for it.  Despite having lost the excess weight, she is still rather shy and retiring but has moments of bravado.

The youngest daughter is Ra Young, she is an extrovert shopaholic, despite not earning much.  She falls in and out of love.

The drama deals with relationship within the family, extended family, boyfriends, girlfriends, retirement, work, etc.

What I like about this drama is that, so far, there are no annoying characters that would turn you off.   There are some nastiness but it is required to fully develop the characters, as opposed to just trying to add drama to a drama series.


Scenes by actor Ahn made me rather tearful.  You can feel his loneliness in a house full of indifferent people.

Update: Episode 47-48

Actor Ahn and Mi Young have kissed passionately.  I must say Actor Ahn is absolutely gorgeous in episode 48.  His hair looks so clean and he appears that he had a really good shower.  I can smell his lovely shampoo and body wash from watching him on the television. 🙂

Good news, the father had a two year suspended sentence so he will not be going to prison for fraud and impersonating a dead person (actor Ahn’s father).

There are still two more episode slated for next week and it will be all over.  It has been an exciting ride over the crests and troughs of  tidal waves of emotion.  But also a lot of comedic scenes which will send you laughing out loud or at least grinning.  I am missing it already.

Apparently the actor who plays Ahn Joong Hee (Lee Joon) is about to enter into the compulsory military service in October.  So this might be the last drama he is for two years. Too long

Woah, I thought this drama has 50 episodes but thank God, it would be prolonged to 52 instead and will end this weekend.


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