Taxi Vs Jeepney Vs Sidecar (Philippines)

Taxi Vs Jeepney Vs Sidecar (Philippines)

We have been going everywhere using taxi services, Uber mainly and once, Grab. A couple of times, we rode a jeepney but got a bit of a fright!

For economic sense, riding jeepney is the best choice but sometimes it can be daunting.  Especially when riding with rather suspect looking individuals/passengers.

Marilou, Dayday, Peter and I rode a jeepney travelling from Munoz to Tayuman.  There were a couple of men, one was coughing incessantly in a very threathening way, the other went to sit behind the driver as soon as some passengers got out.

The atmosphere turned rather dark and I was frightened for Peter, being a foreigner, with obviously expensive camera nonchalantly taking photos after photos on the moving jeepney.  He was ignoring my eye contact/signal as he was busy with his activity, which made me more nervous.  I was thinking which would I use as a weapon, my shoes or handbag or both as I have two hands?!!! 🙂

As soon as we got to Tayuman, the man sitting behind the driver suddenly barked “walang bababa” (no one’s going down). Thankfully Peter do not understand Tagalog and quite quick to  get out of the hot jeepney.  We thank our lucky star that we were lucky!  However, Peter got a bit frightened  and now refuses to ride a jeepney, which he once loved.

I don’t want to be negative about jeepneys; they are very cheap but we did really get a real scare.

Taxis are in umbrage with regards to Uber and Grab.  They think that Uber and Grab are taking away their business by offering cheaper fares.  Often taxis would negotiate a price rather than use the metre.  And the friendlier the driver, the more he expect extra tips.  I noticed also that they do not have SatNav and expected the passenger to know where they are going and ask for direction.  This unbalances me sometimes as I am rather weak in giving direction. 🙂

Uber are really reliable.  They are permanently connected to their control and navigation.  Of course they have situations as well.  We order an Uber once, who still has passengers.  We saw the plate number of our allotted  car and I thought it was going away, I don’t want to be charged for someone else using our uber account.  We ran after the car shouting for it to stop.  It did and the driver profusely apologised.  He said that he was just dropping off the passenger and was coming back to us.  Well we did not know that as my Uber account said our driver had arrived, but went without us.

Grab is a Southeast Asian Uber-like taxi service.  Reliable also just like Uber.

Sidecars are growing closed to my heart.  They are the most convenient as you can hail them anywhere, which means they can be a source of traffic to the road.  The drivers are energetic and friendly and lovely to Peter.  They can’t do enough for him, trying their rather fluent English with Peter, the Englishman.

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