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Negotiator (2018) Chinese Drama Review & Recap

Negotiator promotional poster

Negotiator (2018) Chinese Drama Review & Recap

I have just started watching this drama starring the glorious Yang Mi.

Genre:  Business, Romance

Episodes: 41

The story is about business, acquisitions, corporation, amalgamation and conglomorate, where Tong Mei (Yang Mi) is on top of her job as a negotiator.

In her role as a negotiator she met Xie Xiafei who is an heir of a Chinese American Corporation with 600 years history.

Though their relationship started with suspicion and animosity on both sides, there was chemistry between them that turned into mutual attraction until Tong Mei found out that Xiafei’s company had something to do with the death of her parents.

Fast forward several years later, they met again as negotiators of rival firms.


  • Yang Mi as Tong Mei
  • Huang Zitao as Xie Xiaofei
  • Dylan Kuo as Qin Tianyu
  • Mao Linlin as Xia Shanshan
  • Lai Yi as Xie Xiaotian

Episode 1

Tong Mei was in America, who was asked by her lawyer friend to help in negotiation at the last moment.  Of course Tong Mei came through.

Qin Tianyu was shown as rather spoilt and self-destructive man.  During a monthly family get together, he was particularly harsh with his father and uncle.

Then the episode ended in a private hospital with Qin Tianyu crying over his comatose mother.  You get then the reason why he was rather disrespectful to his father, who seemed to have acquired a new wife.

In the same hospital, he met Tong Mei, who was chasing after her recalcitrant younger sister.

Episode 2


Ivy Chen (Taiwanese Actress)

Ivy Chen is one of my favourite Taiwanese actresses.

Ivy Chen by Mawzen Hsu

Ivy Chen (Taiwanese Actress)


  • AKA: Chen Ivy 🙂
  • DoB: 12 November 1982 (35)
  • Occupation:  Model & Actress:
  • Educational Background:  Degree in Information Management at Jinwen University of Science & Technology

Dramas & Films:



Campus Confidential (Taiwanese Movie Review)

Campus Confidential poster

Campus Confidential (Taiwanese Movie Review)


  • Chen Ivy as Liang Xiao Qi
  • Chen Bo Lin as Wu Quan Shun
  • Chiang Paul as Zhang Sheng
  • Guo Shu Yao as Mei Shue

Ivy Chen plays Liang Xiao Qi, who is so beautiful and she knows it and quite proud of it too.  She is the campus beauty, who is much sought after including by the geeks of the school.

Unfortunately she is quite allergic to them that she made a crusade of demeaning to them.

One evening while coming back from the school library, she witnessed the whirlpool from the pond.  and then water suddenly evaporated.  In her fascination, she lost her footing and tumbled down the dried up pond.  A boy passing by tried to help her but he also fell into the pond next to her.

She was so embarrassed and left hurriedly.

The next day it was all over the campus about the girl and the boy who fell into the pond.  Apparently there is legend to this Lake Ju, that if a boy and a girl fell on the pond when it is all dried up will end up as a couple and be happy ever after together.

Unfortunately the boy is all geeky, just what Xiao Qi can’t bear.


Should We Kiss First (KDrama Recap & Review)

Promotional Poster

Should We Kiss First (KDrama Recap & Review)

I have just started watching this drama.  It is supposed to be a comedy drama but at the moment it is more a melodrama.


  • Kam Woo-sung as Son Moo-han
  • Kim Sun-a as An Soon-jin
  • Oh Ji-ho as Eun Kyung-soo
  • Park Si-yeon as Baek Ji-min
  • Kim Sung-soo as Hwang In-woo
  • Ye Ji-won as Lee Mi-ra

The story is about two middle age single people who are afraid to venture into marriage and yet lonely enough to try to be in a relationship.

An Soon-Jin married her childhood sweetheart, Eun Kyung-soo but they ended up divorced.  The reason of the divorce is not yet divulged. But there was a photo of a young child in An Soon-jin’s flat.

Eun Kyung Soo in now married to Baek Ji-min, who comes from an affluent family.

Despite the infidelity issue in this drama, all the characters are likeable even Baek Ji-min.  I supposed it is still early days yet to really judge her.  🙂

The ex-husband too is sweet, very different from Jin Seop, the ex-husband in Happy Sisters.

The two lead characters first crossed path about six years ago while on board a plane. Moo Han was a passenger whilst Soon-jin was a stewardess.  They had a bit of an angry incident as each were unhappy in their current personal situations.  He just lost his wife and child to an American man and it seemed she just lost her child.  She told him that it was fine with her if he did not want to fasten his seatbelt.  She even said that death might be a relief.

As soon as the plane touched down, they both found themselves going to the zoo (not together).  She was absolutely heartbroken.

At present day, Moo Han at 50 is still a genius ads man but a bit jaded.

Soon-Jin, who is now 45, is debt ridden with only a month to her 20 years of service as a flight stewardess.

Unbeknown to each one of them, they have lived on the same building on top of each other.  Soon-Jin is #401 whilst Moo Han is at #501.  They have issues against each other as anonymous neighbours.

Again, they have mutual friends who set them up together, in view of marriage.  They did not hit it off but Moo Han recognised her as the stewardess of six years ago.

And now follows both hilarious and poignant adventures.

Hopefully this drama will tackle how love and marriage as well as having relationships with older couple.



Kiss That Kills (Japanese Drama Review & Recap)

Todome no Kisu poster


A new Kento Yamazaki drama.

This boy is certainly a busy boy and growing into a very fine actor with a varied theme of work.Kiss

That Kills (Japanese Drama Review & Recap)


  • Kento Yamazaki as Otaro Dojima
  • Mugi Kadowaki as kissing woman
  • Mackenyu as Takauji Namiki
  • Yuko Araki as Mikoto Namiki
  • Hayato Sano as Hiroyuki Hasebe
  • Jun Shison as Kazuma Osanai
  • Masaki Suda as Kazunori Harumi
  • Hio Miyazawa as Michinari Hotei
  • Akane Hotta as Nao Mori
  •  Erika Karata as Marin Aota
  • Ai Yamamoto as Nanako Koyanagi
  • Yoshinori Okada as Koichi Nezu
  • Ken Mitsuishi as Akira Dojima
  • Kaoru Okunuki as Mitsuyo Dojima
  • Tomohisa Yuge as Tsuji
  • Meikyo Yamada as Takeru Namiki
  • Hitomi Takahashi as Kyoko Namiki
  • Mantaro Koichi as Gunji Arai

Todome no Kiso, roughly translated in English as Kiss of Death or Kiss that Kills is a drama, which is more mature in nature for Kento.  He plays the role of a Otaro Dojima, who works as a host in a club, which provide companionship (including sex) to women, who are prepared to pay for it.

He is fairly satisfied with his lot until he met a mysterious woman with red lips over a very pale face.  This woman is the kiss of death.

Every time she kisses Dojima who is also known as Eight, he dies and then promptly come alive again and travel back a few days in time. Apparently this is called a time slip where only the consciousness travels back in time in the form of a deja vu!

Episode 2

The sinister kissing girl is actually there to save Eight who is being targeted by a love obsessed cross-dresser Kazuma.


Unnatural (Japanese Drama Review)

Unnatural poster

Unnatural (Japanese Drama Review)

Fantastic, a new drama by my favourite Japanese actress, Satomi Ishihara.


  • Ishihara Satomi as Misumi Mikoto
  • Iura Arata as Nakado Kei
  • Kubota Masataka as Kube Rokuro
  • Ichikawa Mikako as Shoji Yuko
  • Iio Kazuki as Sakamoto Makoto
  • Matsushige Yutaka as Kamikura Yasuo
  • Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Suetsugu Kosuke

Satomi Ishihara plays Mikoto Misumi, a forensic pathologist.  She works in UDI (Unnatural Death Investigation) lab together with her team investigating suspicious death.

Misumi Mikoto has a very interesting back story.

She is a bit damaged because she’s the only one who lived through a family suicide.  A young girl, all alone in the world, she got adopted by friends of her parents.

Mikoto is so focused on her job that her lovelife suffered.  She was on the verge of becoming engaged to a lovely young man but she put her work before him, including during the ‘meet the parents’ dinner.  Her would be fiance was so embarrassed that he broke up with her completely.

Nakado Kei is a brilliant but rather taciturn pathologist.  No social skill whatsoever.  His back story was that he was tasked to do a forensic on a young woman.  When he opened the body bag, he found out that it was his girlfriend,  He did the pathology but was put under suspicion later on.

Kube Rokuro is a young and still rather naive and in need of money.  A tabloid agency had him working for them.  He had been divulging sensitive information for money.

Shoji Yuko is the most gregarious amongst the lot.  She likes going dating and drinking.

I find this drama better than its Hollywood’s counterpart.  It is more natural because they don’t finish each other’s sentences. (I was always wondering in US’s CSI – what is the point of having a sort of debriefing just after each episode is about to finish when each character seems to know each other’s thought word for word – very unnatural 🙂  )


Nana Komatsu – Japanese Actress

Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu – Japanese Actress

This young actress is very versatile.  She has a sweetness and a coldness about her which is rather wacthable.


  • Dob: 16 February 1996 (22)
  • Career: Model & Actress

Films and Dramas:


Kazuya Kamenashi – Japanese Actor

Kamenashi Kazuya

Kazuya Kamenashi – Japanese Actor

Very Versatile actor and singer


DoB: 23 February 1986 (31)

Dramas & Films:

  • No wo Produce
  • P JK (Policeman & Me) 2017
  • Sapuri
  • Second Love
  • Tokyo Bandwagon

Mare (Japanese Long Running Drama Review)

Mare poster

Mare (Japanese Long Running Drama Review)

I am currently watching this drama which is 156 episodes long.  🙁  I know, right?  But it has Yamazaki Kento and Tsuchiya Tao on it.

Each episode lasts for 15 short minutes and the first 3-4 minutes is intro of Tsuchiya as Mare, half-running and half-floating in a white summer dress.  She looks young and carefree.


  • Tao Tsuchiya as Mare Tsumura
  • Kento Yamazaki as Keita Kontani, Hiroyuki’s son and Mare’s classmate and Mare’s Husband
  • Yō Ōizumi as Tōru Tsumura, Mare’s father
  • Takako Tokiwa as Aiko Tsumura, Mare’s mother
  • Shōno Hayama as Ittetsu Tsumura, Mare’s brother
  • Min Tanaka as Kanji Okesaku
  • Yuko Tanaka as Fumi Okesaku, his wife
  • Atsuo Nakamura as Yatarō Kontani, a lacquerware craftsman
  • Itsuji Itao as Hiroyuki Kontani, Yataro’s son and a public servant
  • Eisuke Sasai as Kōichi Kuramoto, a hairdresser
  • Sawa Suzuki as Hana Kuramoto, his wife
  • Fumika Shimizu as Ichiko Kuramoto, their daughter and Mare’s classmate
  • Guts Ishimatsu as Shin’ichirō Kado, a fisherman
  • Yūta Takahata as Yōichiro Kado, his son and Mare’s classmate
  • Muga Tsukaji as Makoto Teraoka, a postman
  • Eri Fuse as Kumi Teraoka, his wife
  • Mugi Kadowaki as Minori Teraoka, their daughter and Mare’s classmate
  • Daichi Watanabe as Takashi Futaki, Mare’s classmate
  • Fumiyo Kohinata as Daigo Ikehata, an expert patissier
  • Ryō as Rinko Ikehata, a Chinese restaurateur
  • Yuya Yagira as Daisuke Ikehata, their son
  • Yurika Nakamura as Minami Ikehata, their daughter

This drama is like a more modern version of Little House in the Prairie meets the Gilmore Girls.

Mare’s family was forced to move to the countryside away from Tokyo, where they accumulated a mountain of debts.  This was mainly because the father kept investing in quick get rich schemes, which ultimately failed.

The drama started rather slowly, taking time to introduce the people in the village of Noto, a place where everyone is welcomed with open heart.  People/neighbours would distribute their daily harvest, catch, etc to each other for free.  You won’t be left starving!

Mare’s family ended up in Noto renting a room in an inn run by an elderly couple Kanji, a salt-farmer, and Fumi, a brilliant cook.  Mare was with her dreamer father, strange and weak mother and younger brother.  They ended up staying in the inn permanently, in return they have to help out around the inn and in the salt mine.

Mare’s view of life was coloured by her weak loser father’s, who made their life a hand to mouth existence.

They were only staying for a few months in Noto when her father went back to Tokyo to look for a job.  There he stayed for six years without coming back.

Though Mare’s mother was upset, she was actually happy that her loser husband was chasing his dreams, irregardlessn of what was happening in their home front, where she abused Mare for child labour! 🙂

From a young age, Mare learned to shoulder the burden of her family.  She worked really hard.  She does not believe in having dreams, all she wanted was to become a salary woman in the local government were pay will be consistent.

But despite herself, she can’t help but aspire to be a good cook, a cake chef a patissier.

From Noto she travelled to Yokohama and train under a world renowned patissier, Daigo Ikehata.

For four years she learned the craft and excelled.  Daigo was impressed that he encouraged her to further her training in Paris.

Unfortunately love intervened.   She married Keita, who was an apprentice in laquer, though he was to inherit the historic with long tradition, wood laquer ware of Noto.  The marriage came with so much responsibility that her goal of becoming the world’s best patissier was put in the back burner.  It only got more complicated when she fell pregnant and gave birth to twins.

She did return to the cake business in the end and would continue to work and better her craft.


Finally finished watching this long drama.  It took me two days.  I love it.  there are parts that are really outstanding and some are not so good.

I have to admit the older cast out-acted the younger generation.




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