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Snuff Box Head @ V&A

Mask, by PH Morton

Snuff Box Head @ V&A

This is another treasure from the V&A exhibits.

You would not have guessed it that it is a snuff box, a container for ground tobacco.

The lovely intricate design makes it a collectible.  This particular item was made in Chelsea by an unknown artist between 1760-1765.



Masks, photo by PH Morton


#1 Noh Mask

#2 Zo-Onna Mask

#3 Hannya Mask, represents a female demon

#4 Hanakobu Akujo

#5 Uba

These masks can be currently and readily admired at the V&A Museum, East Asian gallery.

Masks are used for protection, disguise, performance and entertainment.

The above masks were Japanese and were sculpted from wood.  They were based from the 14th century classical Japanese theatre called Noh which was much loved and patronised by the Shogun, supreme military leader.

Silver Speaks @ V&A

Animus, by Kevin Grey,
Photo PH Morton

Silver Speaks @ V&A

The above beautiful shining solid sliver abstract fine silver work which is an exhibit, rather caught my eye. The silver smith craftsman made five and from what I learned cost £72,000.00 each. If I were a multi millionaire+. I think I would indulge myself 🙂

The Maker’s diagonally stamped Hallmark can just be seen near the top.

This is just one of many wonderful silver work exhibits many dating back hundreds of years, in the ‘Silver Speaks’ exhibition, held in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The V&A is well worth a visit if you can when in London.


Yellow Pages – Telephone Book

Peter was doing his daily recycling when he got hold of the yellow pages which was delivered on our letter box a few days ago.  He was flabbergasted and found it antiquated to still use yellow pages books when it is easier to just go online to search for anything under the sun.

He has a point, I have not used the yellow pages since the early 90s and yet we get them year after year, though slightly bulkier that the 2 inches thick yellow pages of a few years ago.

I remember when we went to visit Ripley’s there were several outstanding arts made from different everyday things.  One of which was the telephone book.  I think the portrait of Sting was rather good.

What do you think?

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Yellow Pages – Telephone Book

Iconic Dresses & Costume

There have been plenty of instances in movies and life in Hollywood when the dresses and costumes of the stars are as famous as they are.

Below are just a few of these iconic dresses that have stood the test of time and changes in taste.

Mind you not all the clothes are really that good-looking but they represent something that can’t be easily forgotten but has become indelible in our memories.  From the Versace safety pin dress worn by Liz Hurley, to Bjork’s weird dead swan dress to Elvis the pelvis’s white jumpsuit.

If you have anything to add to our choices, please feel free to advise us and we will be glad to add them here. Also we would appreciate your comments.

Iconic Dresses & Costume

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Scent of Roses

Won’t you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.
– Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816)

Scent of Roses

You might have guessed that I am partial to flowers and to the roses especially.

I love roses because of so many things that are going for them. I love their texture: velvety petals, I love their scents – so clean and fragrant, I love that they are easy to grow. No matter how many aphids ungraciously attack the buds and blooms of roses, the flower usually would ultimately open its aphids’ degraded, less than perfect offering ready to face the sun no matter what! There is a certain braveness about them that I find admirable. It is that “take me as you find me’ attitude.  Yeah roses have got attitude and plenty of it.

What I am saying can probably be best describe on the photos below, some roses are perfect and some are victims to the weather and insect and yet they have inherent beauty and scent, which unfortunately cannot be translated into the internet, just yet. Probably one day just like the scratch and snip letters I used to receive from friends.

Did you know?

According to a German research, it was discovered that there is a correlation between smells and dreams.  The scent of roses and other fragrance such as lavender means a sleeper will have a good dream.  While the negative happens when a sleeper is exposed to unpleasant smell, they will have nightmares.


The rose is without why.
It blows because it blows.
It think not of itself
And no display it shows.
– Angelus Silesius