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Most Beautiful Oriental Actresses

Oriental actresses are becoming more beautiful by the minutes, sometimes because of surgical enhancement and expensive beauty products at their disposal. There are also those who are beautiful natural but have developed discipline to care for their appearance consciously knowing that it is their tool of the trade.

Here is a list of our favourite gorgeous ladies from the exotic orient. The list in not in any order.

Most Beautiful Oriental Actresses

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If the Virgin Mary had been Korean or Oriental, she would have looked like Choi Ji Woo ūüôā


The gorgeous Joe Chen is a Taiwanese actress.  She is apparently known in Taiwanese and  Chinese showbiz as a Wang Fu, a wife that brings good fortune to her husband.  This means that she has brought fame and fortune to her leading men, after having starred with them in various movies, films and tv dramas.


Zanilia Zhao



Marian Rivera is a Filipina Spanish mestiza. ¬†Mother is Filipino and father is Spanish. ¬†Marian is Philippines’ queen of television, handbags and shoes.






Best Looking South East Asian Actors

Forget about Hollywood.  The best looking men in the celebrity world can be found in Asia.  I know what I am talking about as I have watching Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Filipino dramas, Thai dramas and other south Asian dramas non-stop from 8 am to sometimes until 2am almost everyday for the last seven months. Hehehe

I can’t believe how many gorgeous men from Asia who can easily eclipse any Hollywood hunks in appearance and aura.

To be honest, in watching dramas the first thing you thing about is who the male lead was. ¬†The actors can easily be prettier than the female lead. ¬†Probably that is the reason why they are paid more than the actresses. Don’t get me wrong, they all work hard for their money. ¬†Most of them are versatile; they can sing, they can dance and of course good actors.

The list of films and dramas I have attached is not the complete body of works by the respective actors below.  The list only includes those I have personally watched!

Best Looking South East Asian Actors

Here are a few of my choices: (a work in progress)

Jo In SungJo In Sung (aka Zo In Sung)  is a Korean actor.  He is so beautiful that even celebrities are blown away and left quivering in delight when he is around.

Apparently he is very choosy of projects.  The dramas and film he made though are thoroughly enjoyable entertainment and he just so visually beautiful.

See for yourselves:

A Frozen Flower is a beautiful film. ¬†My first historical film that I saw, where the men are dressed in intricately embroidered long colourful hanboks and freshly shampooed long hair. ūüôā ¬†I did not really read much about the film before I watched it, I just wanted to see more of Jo In Sung film.

Films & Dramas starring Jo In Sung:

The Winter the Wind Blows

It’s Okey, It’s Love

The King


A Frozen Flower

Hu Yi Tian

Hu Yi Tian is a young Chinese actor.  He recently starred i an unbelievably sweet drama as a young proud genius who fell in love with a cute energetic girl.  The drama, A Love So Beautiful,  was so popular that Hu Yi Tian has been given an award as one ot the three actors of potential of the year during the star studded Tencent 2017 award ceremony.

Hu Yi Tian has previously been cast in another successeful drama ‘Love ’til the end of Summer in a minor role.

Having seen him in his second/latest role as Jiang Chen, he will go far.

Hope he does another drama with Yue Shen.  They had such a good chemistry.




Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk is a Korean actor, who has the most captivating sexy laugh. His rather guttural throaty way of talking would send chills through your spine :). He looks wickedly handsome as well. A true romantic hero.  He has the sexiest laugh that run through your spine. hahaha


  • Fated to Love (my favourite); I love this drama so much. ¬†His chemistry with Jang Na Ra is just amazing.
  • The Flu ¬†(, I love this film.
  • Beautiful Mind


Tomoya Nagase

Tomoya Nagase


Tomoya Nagase is a Japanese actor.

He is adorable as a rather illiterate son of Yakuza boss in My Boss, My Hero.

Recently he made a Japanese tv drama called Fragile, as an irascible but brilliant pathologist.  Every sneer, every frown and then every thoughtful look are just so sexy! He certainly made pathology alluring and exciting. WOW





Miura Haruma

Haruma Miura is a Japanese actor.

Films & Dramas:

  • Samurai High School
  • Last Cinderella








Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao



Godfrey Gao is Taiwanese born but grew up in Canada.  He was the first Asian male model to work for Louis Vuitton.

He has returned to Taiwan and has been active in showbiz.

Film & Drama: (I have seen)

The Queen of SOP, love him in this drama though he was only the second male lead.



So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is a Korean actor and a singer as well. He made looking thoughtful so sexy.  The last drama I saw him on was Oh My Venus.  It was not a new one but I have been putting if off for sometime because I thought it was all about a fat girl.  I finally watched the drama in its entirety this week and I thought I should have watched it sooner.  It was so good and So Ji Sub and his abs are a feast to the eyes!

Another drama that he was so yummy is called Master’s Sun. ¬†I also adored him in a film called Rough Cut.

So Ji Sub Films & Dramas:

  • Oh My Venus
  • Rough Cut
  • Master’s Sun

Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon initially was a South Korean model until he became an actor doing action and rather dark films and dramas.

He is so classically handsome; he has that stillness to his facial expression that is so appealing.

Films & Dramas:
  • My Princess
  • When A Man Falls in Love






Ji JIn Hee




Jo Jin Hee is a Korean actor

Films & Drama



Lin Gengxin

Lin Gengxin

Lin Gengxin is a Chinese actor.

He is 29 years old, born 13th February, 1988.

Films & Dramas:

Princess Agents








Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang-Woo

Kwon Sang-Woo is a South Korean actor and entrepreneur.  He is gorgeous and charming.  He made a few tear-jerker dramas Choi Ji-woo.

Here is the gorgeous Kwon Sang-woo singing

Kwon Sang-Woo Films & Dramas


Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won is a South Korean actor, who was a much sought after model in the 90s.

These days he is much more in demand in films and television dramas.  He is actually a very good and versatile actor.

Films and Dramas:

  • The Greatest Love
  • City Hall




Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor.

Films & Dramas by Lee Dong Wook:

  • Goblin
  • Scent of A Woman
  • Hotel King







Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo is a South Korean actor.  He is currently the most sought after CF celebrity due to the success of his most recent television drama, the Goblin.

DOB: 10 July 1979

Films & Dramas:

  • Coffee Prince (this tv drama apparently apparently made him famous, a household name)
  • Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy
  • S Diary
  • She’s On Duty
  • Big (was watchable because of him but it has the weirdest ending)
  • Goblin
  • Train To Busan



Yang Yang

Yang Yang


Yang Yang is a Chinese actor. ¬†His career went mega stratospheric that he was commemorated in an official stamp. ūüôā ¬†I can understand this as he has got a perfect profile ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

He was only asked to carry the Olympic torch in 2016.

Here he is singing.

Films & Tv Dramas:

  • Love 020, (he made such impression on me ūüôā
  • Tornado Girl
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Left Ear

Bomb Tanin Manoosilp

Bomb Tanin Manoonsilp

Bomb Tanin Manoonsilp

Bomb Tanin Manoonsilp is a Thai actor who seems to star in Mafia type dramas.  Cubic was such a good romantic drama.







Hyun Bin


Hyung Bin

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor.  Apparently Hyun Bin is a bit of an action man.  When he took his mandatory military service, he chose to join the more rigorous training as a marine.

Here is one of his commercials

Dramas and Films:

  • Secret Garden
  • My Name Is Kim Sam-soon





Fukushi Sota

Fukushi Sota


Fukushi Sota is a Japanese actor. ¬†He has just an engaging grin that lit up his face and you want to smile as well. ¬†He was so cute in the film Say “I Love You”.

Films and Dramas:



Ryohei Otani

Ryohei Otani

Ryohei Otani is a Japanese actor and model.

Melvin Sia

Melvin Sia is a Malaysian Chinese actor.¬† There is something about him that is adorable.¬† ūüôā

Films & Dramas:

  • To The Dearest Intruder
  • Dear Mom
  • Dear Prince
  • V Focus




Gabby Concepcion

Gabby Concepcion is a Filipino actor and model.  He was the most popular matinee actor of the 80s in the Philippines.

He is best remembered as the first husband of the Mega Star, Sharon Cuneta.



Films & Dramas:

  • Ika 6 Na Utos (6th Commandment)
  • Underage
  • P.S. I Love You
  • Dear Heart
  • My Only Love




Jung Woo Sung is a South Korean actor who started as a model.

Jung Woo-sung

Jung Woo-sung


  • Padam padam
  • The King ¬† – ¬†Though the film was really a Jo In Sung film, Jung Woo Sung was really what got me excited. ¬†It actually pained me to say that as I am Jo In Sung no 1 fan ;), ¬†there is something magnetic about Jung Woo Sung.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Weird, ¬†(I love this film so much; it is a South Korean western a la Sergio Leone. ¬†Jung Woo Sung was a stand out. ¬†Riding a horse in tight jeans was dreamy! ¬†ūüôā
  • Remember You, love this movie. ¬†He met an accident and he was in a coma for 10 months, when he came too, he can’t remember the last 10 years of his life.


Joo Jin Mo 

Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo is a South Korean actor. In my opinion, he is one of the sexiest actor there is. There is something serious that way he look, something melancholic, which is sexy.

Films & Movies:

  • A Frozen Flower (seriously sexy film) ūüôā
  • 200 Pounds Beauty, a seriously obese woman who had a crush on him, turned into a sexy woman overnight!
  • Woman with a Suitcase – love this Kdrama, there were plenty of thrill. ¬†He had such lovely chemistry with the leading actress, Choi Ji-Woo


Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming is a Chinese actor, singer and model, who is married to the beautiful Chinese actress, Angelababy.

Films & Dramas:

  • Cruel Romance
  • Breaking The Waves
  • You Are My Sunshine






Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla is a Filipino actor, who is known as the bad boy of Philippine movies, having played his fair share of gang theme films.  He also served a couple of years in a Philippine prison for illegal possession of fire arms.  Despite his jail term, he continued to be popular and iconic.

Robin has got that sex appeal in spades, which is probably due to the way he looked into the movie screen; the curling of his lips and the slight tightening of his eyebrows and those staring eyes as if he can see through you plus his slight guttural voice. ¬†Sexy! ¬†ūüôā

  • Pagdating ng Panahon (When the time comes)
  • Di Natuto ( Never learned)


Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul is a young Korean actor, who is one to watch.  He was so good in all the role he has played so far.

He was so good and memorable in the Kdrama Angel Eyes, playing the younger years of the male lead.

Aside from being good looking, good actor, he is also a good singer.  Fall in love with him with his rendition of I Choose to Love You.

Unfortunately, we might not see Ha Neul on films and dramas for a while as he is doing his mandatory military service, which lasts for 24 months.

Films & Dramas:

  • Angel Eyes
  • Twenty
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Midnight Runners


Joo Won

Joo Woo


Joo Won is a South Korean actor.  He is very watchable not only for his good looks but for his acting as well.

Film & TV Dramas:

7th Grade Civil Servant

Sweet Sixteen

Fashion King

Cantibile Tomorrow





Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin is a South Korean actor.  He is currently starring in a thriller, bromance drama called Man to Man, playing as an undercover agent.

He was so good in the drama called Cheese in the Trap.

Park Hae Jin Films & Dramas:

  • Cheese in the Trap
  • Man to Man
  • My Daughter, Seo-young



Kento Yamazaki

Yamazaki Kento

Kento Yamazaki is a young Japanese actor and model.  Despite his age, he had made several films and dramas, where he was the lead actor.

Films and Dramas:


Motto:  Be Yourself




Ian Veneracion

Ian Veneracion is a Filipino actor and singer who is currently enjoying popularity due to a television series, A Love To Last

Listen to his version of Refrain here.








Jak Roberto

Jak Roberto is a young Filipino actor. His popularity is on the up after appearing in television dramas.

Films & Dramas:

  • Maalaala Mo Kaya
  • Meant to Be







Chang Ki-Yong

Chang Ki Yong is a rising South Korean young star.

He was particularly appealing as a second male lead in the recently concluded Kdrama, Go Back Couple.

Jo In Sung, Gorgeous!

Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung

Forget Brad Pitt, forget George Clooney! Forget Tom Cruise!

For the real eye candy, Jo In Sung is IT! He has no bad side. He is impossibly gorgeous.  So gorgeous he is so delightful to look at!

Jo In Sung, Gorgeous!

Jo In Sung is Korean actor, a model and has been a popular product endorser (he’s got the look)!

I first came across Jo In Sung in the movie called A Frozen Flower, which is a real treat ūüôā ¬† The movie is an erotic fictionalised account of the goings-on during the Goryeo Dynasty. ¬†I must say I have never seen so many gorgeous men in long hair – high pony tail a la Orlando Bloom’s Legolas of Lords of the Ring. ¬†Korean men in long hair were so aesthetically pleasing. ¬†I have to warn you though the film is rated 18 (wow) I highly recommend this film!

After watching this film, I would suggest to follow it up with That Winter The Wind Blows!  If you have not fallen in love with him over George, Tom and Brad then what is wrong with you. LOL

In Sung was so beautiful in the film that he eclipsed one of South Korea’s most beautiful actresses. ¬†Song Hye-Kyo looked rather ordinary in some scenes beside the luminous In Sung. ūüôā

Jo In Sung Harpers Bazaar March 2013 2

Jo In Sung Harpers Bazaar March 2013

Jo In Sung, Gorgeous!

Apparently Jo In Sung is very choosy with what he does, so he has not done films in the last few years but having said that he was apparently shooting a film this year called The King. ¬†I you can’t wait for that film, please watch It’s Okay, That’s Love and be astounded how versatile In sung is.

Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung

Farewell Alan Rickman

Farewell Alan Rickman



After the sad passing of David Bowie, we mourn too fast and say farewell Alan Rickman.

He was one of my favourite actors, truly!

He was born 69 years ago in Acton, North London not far from where I live.

I remember in 1982,  first seeing him brilliantly playing the slippery unctious almost creepy  Reverend Obadiah Slope in the excellent BBC drama series Barchester Chronicles, based on the novels of Anthony Trollope. Even then he was a standout.

Such role type would follow Alan Rickman throughout his long and varied career.

He appeared in many TV programes, theatre plays and movies. He was a theatre director as well as a consummate actor.

You could see in his eyes that he had a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ (not take seriously), some of his roles although he always gave a brilliant performance.

In movies as a co star, he often out-acted the lead actors/movie stars.

Sometimes underated and indeed he should have been the lead in many more movies.

Rickman was deliciously over the top, sardonically as the Sheriff of Nottingham to Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

Alan Rickman Sheriff of Notthingham

This was followed  by playing another baddie, Hans Gruber winning the battle of wit and acting  with Bruce Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

alan_rickman_Die hard

The movie that for me showed Rickman was a brilliant actor and playing a non baddie role. was in the excellent humourous and moving 1990 movie Truly, Madly Deeply.

Alnn RickmanTruly Madly Deeply005

Alan plays the ‘ghost’ of a recently deceased husband who returns to his desperately grieving wife to try and lessen her grief by showing what he was really like.

To younger generations, he was famous by reverting to type but playing the ultimately heroic character sneering  Severus Snape in the immensely successful and popular Harry Potter movies.

Alan Rickman Harry Potter

For me, he would have made a superb Dr Who, He had all the attributes, eccentricity of Snape, humour (as he  showed in the funny sci fi comedy Galaxy Quest) and commanding voice of reason essential to the good Doctor.

Added to that,¬† Alan Rickman¬† could also have been a flamboyant USS Enterprise starship captain in Star Trek¬† ūüôā

Spock Who?

Spock Who?


Alan Rickman had a  wonderfully mefluous baritone voice and could supebly deliver & convey dry humour, sarcasic and sardonic undertones to his lines with a twinkle in his eyes.

As noted, he had a marvellous  range of expressions. Sneers, dry humour & poignancy  would play across his face.

English & British acting has lost one of it’s crown jewels.

Requiescat in Pace  Alan Rickman



Jon Jon Briones is Miss Saigon

jon jon briones

Jon Jon Briones is Miss Saigon

As an wedding anniversary treat from the hubby, he took me to see Miss Saigon as I have been longing to see it for a very very long time, since its original inception back in 1989, but have not had the opportunity.

Though I really wanted to see it, I was moaning at Peter for booking it.¬† I don’t understand myself sometimes. LOL

Anyway, in the end, I truly enjoyed the show, very much so. It was much, much better than I thought.

The Prince Edward theatre was in the heart of London’s famous West End so called theatre land. It is not the biggest venue and thus it is more intimate that you see the cast with no problem.

All seats were taken¬† ; a ‘full house’ as they say in theatres.

I was  quite surprised as it has been running for over a year already.  We did not see any empty seats. Miss Saigon is a hit!

It was very realistic.¬† the opening scenes was surprising,¬† seeing¬† women cavorting in their underwear, simulating sex & erotic dancing made me feel rather a bit of a voyeur, but I got used to it quickly as the show has no ‘lows’ it was just one amazing act after the others. You must go and see Miss Saigon if you can.

It was actually different and better seeing acting and singing  live to an audience rather than watching flat celluloid/movies.

I applaud the actresses to be going out night after night in their skimpy costumes, doing all manners of acrobatics, mainly sexual! lol  Nice!

The orchestra was conducted well too to keep the singing and music flowing to the story.

But the night or probably night after night,in my opinion, the stage belongs truly to  Jon Jon Briones.  He makes  Miss Saigon the hit it is.

His singing is powerful.& he owns the stage when appearing. Everytime he was on it. you only concentrate on him.  He has humour, he has pathos, he has salaciousness, he has deviousness and he was able to bring out the motivation of the situation he was portraying.

It is all about the American Dream as most Filipinos and Asians long for. Jon Jon easily connected to this aspiration.

Of course the rest of the cast are also brilliant. I was expecting the cast to be made up mostly of Filipinos but there are plenty of Korean actors.

Newcomer, Eva Noblezada, whilst no Lea Salonga (the original lead Kim),  has that vulnerability required for her role.  Her singing is sweetly pure with a touch of purring a la Britney Spears, I thought!

Gigi was well played by Natalie Mendoza who gave the role sassiness and very overt sexiness and wantonness.

Chris Peluso’s Chris, I thought, was rather weak. Perhaps his character was not fully realised. What came out was a very dorkish man, who is too dramatic and not really know his mind. It was really hard to sympathise with him.

I thought Sangwoong Jo’s Thuy was more fanciable. Kim should have gone with him and not kill him but probably Kim is really after her own American Dream all along by way of Chris or any G.I.

Overall the stage effects, music, singing, dancing and acting were superb and standing ovations to the cast and crew were given by us the appreciative audience. We saw why it had won many awards and critical acclaim,

Miss Saigon is of course based on the consequences of the Vietnam war .¬† Its theme¬† was partly based¬†on one of my favourite Puccini operas ever – the ‘Madame Butterfly’. I want to see next!.

King & Queen of Philippine Prime Time TV

dongyanDingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera tied the knot just before 2014 blew its final breath.







The tandem of Dingdong and Marian has been brangelinalised into their very own DongYan moniker! ūüôā

The wedding was lavish, to say the least, fit for a king and queen of prime time television in the Philippines, where 100 million, and counting, viewers are regularly glued to various teleserye (television drama series)  where this couple reigns supreme.

Marian Rivera wore an impossibly gorgeous wedding gown by an up and coming Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer, Michael Cinco, who designs clothes for the moneyed Hollywood celebrities.

The wedding was the talk of the town as well as the cyberworld for its mega extravaganza and unbelievable extravagance.

The wedding was attended by PNoy himself Рthe incumbent president of the Philippines.  One thing to take into consideration is that, PNoy is apparently a very, very busy man.  Afterall he is THE numero uno servant of more than 100 million Filipinos, who are in varying degrees of wealth and much poverty.  PNoy was so busy dealing with ways in how to make more money for the country, for thieves in the government to make merry with.  LOL.


But the DongYan matrimonial jubilation was not something to be missed.  They are a powerful couple, very influential. Holding onto their coat tails can only be for the better.  Anyway, PNoy knows this and knows where his priorities lie and therefore, despite his busy schedule he had to attend and be one of the shiny, happy people partaking the generosity of the couple and their sponsors.

As we can now know a few weeks later, PNoy went back to being really busy again that he cannot attend the arrival/repatriation of the bodies of 42 slained policemen, who valiantly fought the insurgents in Mindanao.  PNoy was much too busy instead celebrating the opening of a new plant of Mitsubishi, somewhere in Laguna.

King & Queen of Philippine Prime Time TV

The DongYan wedding may have created a world record for the hugest, biggest wedding cake in the world, ever.  The cake stood at 12 feet tall, certainly enough to sweeten the palates of the thousands of wedding attendees.

After the wedding DongYan enjoyed a romantic European honeymoon.

But even kings and queens have to surface and join the hoi polloi in the real world sometimes.  And yes, Dingdong and Marian are back to doing what they do best Рteleserye!

Dingdong has just started the GMA drama series called Pari ‘Koy (Priest Koy), where he will be playing a Catholic priest (ideally a celibate priest ūüėČ lol) And wait for this, Marian is doing The Rich Man’s daughter, and by early account, sweet, fragrant Marian will be entering the world of lesbianism. hehehe

celibacy and lesbianism for the newly married king and queen of Philippine prime time tv?!!!  Good choices or more Freudian in nature?!!!

Caste System In The Philippines

sarap diva

sarap diva2


Caste System In The Philippines

As you have probably gathered from the amount of recipes, dining experiences, photos and blogs posted on GlobalGranary.Org, that we are very partial to food. So I thought I should watch a lifestyle program with a cooking segment from the Philippines. With my trusted MacBook Pro, I trawled youtube for some cooking programs. I came upon Regine Velasques’s Sarap Diva.

I settled down to watch, contentedly chomping on my breakfast in bed, courtesy of my sweet, darling husband and, hoping to enjoy the show especially as Regine said that it would be a homage to the 80s, a throwback 80s if you like.

There were songs and reminiscence which I thought were really nostalgic of the period but I almost choked on my toast with growing anger, shock and disbelief when some of the guests became ABUSIVE and disparaging towards a black transvestite, who acted as Regine’s sidekick. The most sickening and abhorrent part was Regine, herself. ¬†Instead of chastising her guests, she joined ¬†in with the MALTREATMENT AND DEHUMINISING of the sidekick! I think this is what they call comedy.

They made it very clear that the sidekick/maid was just so lucky to be there breathing the same hot air with Regine and guests in the studio.

A prat of a guest, to get a laugh, commented that “Sigurado ka hindi nangangagat yan?” (Are you sure it won’t bite?)

To which Regine replied “Hindi naman at saka may injection! (No, and it has its injections)

By implication, the black maid was reduced to a dog, rabid or otherwise!

They should be laughing with the maid rather than laughing at her.

Regine did make me laugh when she tried to remonstrate her sidekick (not really sure of his name), who came in with some tin-foil wrapped hotdogs. ¬†Regine said “Ilagay mo lang dyan, wag mo munang pagtripan yan! (Just put them there, don’t start on them yet), completely ignoring that fact that Regine, herself, looked like she’s been the one eating all the donuts or hotdogs.

-Yellow-Emoticon-Rolling-On-The-Floor-And-Laughing  hahahahhahhahahhahahahahhahaha

It is so sad that Philippines is not joining in with the rest of the world in ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and rightly.  It is even sadder to think that there are now more than 100 million Filipinos and most of them live in poverty in the motherland.  There is a great chasm between the rich and the poor and programs like SarapDiva are not doing their bit to make sure that the poor, the gay, the black and disable are not dehumanised.

Another show that makes me wince because of latent denigration of others is KrisTV. Kris Aquino comes out as all benevolent, and extremely generous to her minions but she does make them pay or work for it. Time and again, Kris would treat Darla, her ‘assistant’ more of a servant or a favoured pet. Many a time, Darla becomes the butt of Kris’s often cruel jives. ¬†Darla, the human waste disposal or vacu√ľm cleaner gets to eat all the leftovers!!!

This treatment of the less fortunate is very telling of our Filipino ways and traits. This is the very reason, I think, that we do not progress as people. Our colonial mentality, the remnants of which still exists whilst the rest of the civilised world had moved away from it, is alive and kicking, sadly.

We Filipinos seem to  love nothing better than kicking  or make those who we think have less in life, largely through no fault of their own,  to feel small, to convince  and make ourselves better and superior and climb a higher echelon in life.

Contrarily we give too much leeway and importance to those who have risen into the elite part of our society through corruption.  Yes we are talking about you, Napoles, Enrile, Reyes, Revilla, Ejercito and your likes!  Why do these corrupt people continue to get preferential treatment in jail when others are accepting humiliation just to survive?!!!

Caste system is still in place in the Philippines.  And we enthusiastically allow it to embrace our future generation.

Filipinos give big business to places like Belos.  It seems being Kayumanggi (brown race) is something to be ashamed off.  White rocks!

Until we all realised that being different doesn’t make us inferior to anyone, the battle of the downtrodden will live on.

Nora Aunor, Filipino Artist Snubbed & Humiliated

Nora Aunor – Philippine Treasure and National Icon Left Humiliated

Nora Aunor

Nora Aunor

There had been news which had been going around that Nora Aunor was to be officially recognised as the icon that she is.

It was a sure thing as thought by everyone. Afterall, every Filipino knows that Nora is interstellar in the acting world.  In fact, it beggars belief why Nora has not been named as a National Artist at least 10 years sooner.

Anyway, Nora Aunor was finally included in the list of artists who were to be recognised for their contribution to the Philippine Arts.  Some of the nominees, I have to admit, I have never heard of and their Wikipedia entries were  minimal to say the least.

The last hurdle for the list was for the president of the Philippines to make his approval.  Why the president, I do not know?!!!  What does he know about art?  He is no more au fait about arts than the next Filipino on the street. Therefore, the privilege of the final choice should not be given to just one person who could have a hidden agenda, thus instead of honouring  deserving artists, would end up shamed and mortified, through no fault of their own.

As Filipinos, we are the nicest people in the world but once you hurt us, imagined or otherwise, we will remember.  We will sow that seed of slight into our brains and nurture it until it grows into a gargantuan resentment and payback time is subconsciously planned, simmering at the back burner of our mind until one day we get to serve it with ferocious wanton delight. LOL  Yeah, oh yes I know that feeling so much!

I think this was what may have led to what had happened to Nora Aunor, who was a known supporter of Ferdinand Marcos. PNoy in his mind is serving Nora her just desert!

How petty! Unfortunately for the president, PNoy might actually leave egg on his face!

Nora’s snub and humiliation is not only against her but also against Sining at Lipunan (Art & Society).

Nora Aunor, the woman with the Golden voice has more talent in her little finger than most Filipinos in arts and sciences.  She can SING, she can dance and can act out anyone.  So much talent for such a tiny lady.

It is a shame that PNoy’s presidency chose to ignore so much talent from someone befitting a National Artist. ¬†This action will have a long repercussion to his government.


Nora Aunor’s prodigious talents can be evidenced by Wikipedia


Nora¬†Aunor has been awarded, recognized and received multiple nominations from different organizations, academe, institutions, critics and award giving bodies for her work in film, television, music and theater. She is the most nominated actress for the leading role in the long history of¬†FAMAS Awards, having nominated 17 times since 1973 when she was first nominated for ‚ÄúGift of Love‚ÄĚ but only second to¬†Eddie Garcia¬†with 23 nominations both in leading and supporting role. With her fifth FAMAS Award for Best Actress in 1991, Aunor became the sixth performer to be elevated to the FAMAS Hall of Fame joining the likes of¬†Eddie Garcia,¬†Joseph Estrada,¬†Charito Solis,¬†Fernando Poe Jr.¬†andVilma Santos. This award is given to the person who won more than five times in its particular category. Aunor is the only performer in the long history ofFAMAS Awards¬†to be nominated for fifteen (15) straight years from 1973 to 1987.

As of 2014, Aunor is still the most nominated actress of Gawad Urian with 18 nominations and 7 wins and the very first best actress awardee. She is also the most awarded and the most nominated actress of Metro Manila Film Festival with eight (8) best actress trophies and from Young Critics Circle with nine (9) nominations and five (5) wins. She is also the only actress to win the best actress trophy from the Film Academy of the Philippines for 3 straight years. A feat yet to be equaled or surpass by a Filipino actress.

Aunor has the most number of international best actress awards and nominations more than any other Filipino actors. She is the only Filipino actress who have won international awards from 5 different continents. 19th Cairo International Film Festival in 1995 (Africa), 1st East Asia Film and Television Award in 1997 and Asian Film Awards in 2013 (Asia), 31st Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bruxelles in 2004 and Premio Della Critica Indipendiente in 2013 (Europe), Asia Pacific Screen Award in 2013 (Australia) and from the Green Planet Movie Award (North America).

Aunor, has the most Lifetime Achievement Awards received locally and internationally for her contribution in film, television, music, and theater.

  • The most nominated and awarded Filipino actress both locally and internationally.
  • The only Filipino actor with the most number of International best actress awards (Cairo 1995, East Asia 1997, Brussels 2004, Venice 2012, Australia 2012, Hong Kong 2013, Russia 2013), and nominations (Berlin 1983, Singapore 1997, Cairo 1999, Singapore 1999, Venice 2012, India 2012, Dubai 2012, Macau 2012).
  • The first and the only Filipino actor to win four (4) international best actress award for the movie¬†Thy Womb¬†in Italy, Australia, Hong Kong and Russia
  • The first Filipino actor to win an International acting award in a Major Film Festival (Cairo 1995 for the movie “The Flor Contemplacion Story”).
  • The first and only Filipino actor to receive an acting nomination from a Top-Tier International Film Festival (Berlin 1983 for the movie¬†Himala, Venice 2012 for the movie¬†Thy Womb, Goa, India 2012 for the movie¬†Thy Womb).
  • The first Filipino actor to win the¬†Best Performance by an Actress¬†at the 2012¬†Asia Pacific Screen Awards
  • The first Filipino actor to be inducted as a member of Asia Pacific Screen Academy.
  • The first Filipino actress to win¬†Best Actress¬†at the¬†Asian Film Awards
  • The first Filipino actress to sit as juror in an International Film Festival (Hawaii 1996).
  • The only Filipino and Asian actress apart from China’s Gong Li to be featured by HBO, an American cable network, in a documentary film about the lives and achievements of the world’s greatest actresses (1997).
  • The Filipino actor with the most number of films competed and exhibited in different international film festivals.
  • The Filipino actor with the most “Best Performer” awards (6). One (1) from¬†Metro Manila Film Festival¬†and five (5) from the¬†Young Critics Circle
  • The first and only Filipino actor ever to win the “Best Performer” award at the¬†1978 Metro Manila Film Festival.
  • The only Filipino actor to be nominated as FAMAS¬†Best Actress¬†for 15 straight years from 1973 to 1987
  • The most nominated actress of¬†FAMAS Awards¬†with 17 nominations.
  • The very first best actress awardee of¬†Gawad Urian
  • The most nominated actress of¬†Gawad Urian¬†with 17 nominations
  • Chosen by the Gawad Urian as “Actress of the Decade” twice (1980s and 1990s).
  • The only Filipino actress to win three successive best actress awards in the Film Academy of the Philippines (1989,1990,1991).
  • The winningest actress (along with Vilma Santos and Lorna Tolentino) of the Film Academy of the Philippines with four (4) Best Actress Award.
  • The youngest recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” given by the Film Academy of the Philippines (1993).
  • The very first recipient of the Best Actress Award from Star Awards for Movies (Philippine Movie Press Club)
  • The most nominated actress of Star Awards for Movies (Philippine Movie Press Club) with 14 nominations
  • The only actor to received triple nominations in one award season from Star Awards for Movies (Philippine Movie Press Club).
  • The very first Best Performer recipient, the most nominated and the winningest performer (5) of¬†Young Critics Circle
  • The Most nominated and awarded best actress with eight trophies of¬†Metro Manila Film Festival
  • The very first Best Actress recipient of BALATCA (Batangas Laguna Teachers Association for Culture and the Arts).
  • The only actress included in the prestigious “Centennial Honor for the Arts” given by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (1999).
  • One of the first actresses to be honored with the “The Outstanding Women in the Nation‚Äôs Service” (TOWNS) award (1983).
  • The first actress to be crowned as “Box Office Queen of Philippine Cinema” (1971).
  • The first and only Filipino actor included in the “10 Best International Actress of the Decade (Asia)” in the 2010 Green Planet Film Awards, Hollywood, California
  • The only actress of her generation to have been directed by four¬†National Artists for film¬†Awardees,¬†Gerardo de Leon,¬†Lamberto Avellana,¬†Lino Brocka, and¬†Ishmael Bernal.
  • Named by Cultural Center of the Philippines as the “Actress of the Century” in 1999
  • Named by YES! Magazine as one of the “Philippines’ 15 Best Actresses of All Time” in 2004
  • Named by S Magazine as the “Philippines’ Best Actress of All Time” in 2006
  • Named by the Manila Bulletin as One of the 110 Notable Filipinos in the Last 110 Years on the occasion of their 110th Anniversary in February 2010.
  • Cited in the book, Pinoy Pop Culture by Bench Corp. published in 2001 written by Gilda Cordero-Fernando
  • Named as One Of The Most Durable TV Icon of All time in 2006 (PINAKA, QTV-11)
  • Named as One of the Top 10 Movie Queens of Phil. Cinema – Unang Hirit Sept. 28, 2007 episode – GMA-7
  • Named as the Top Female Celebrity of Kislap Magazine for the last 45 years in its November 2007 issue
  • Named as the Most Amazing Rag to Richest Celebrity – PINAKA, QTV-11, June 13, 2010 episode
  • Named as one of the Most Famous Lola in Showbiz – PINAKA, QTV-11, Sept. 12, 2010 episode
  • Guy & Pip Loveteam was named Most Popular Loveteam of All Time, Unang Hirit, GMA-7, February 15, 2008 episode
  • Guy & Pip Loveteam was named as the Most Famous Loveteam of All Time – PINAKA, QTV-11, August 13, 2006 episode
  • Her classic film, “Himala” was named as the Best Film of the 80’s – PINAKA, QTV-11, November 26, 2006 episode
  • Her confrontation scene w/ Vilma Santos in the movie, “Ikaw ay Akin” was named as one of the 10 Most Dramatic Face Off in Phil. Movies, PINAKA, QTV-11, Nov. 18, 2007 episode
  • Her confrontation scene w/ Vilma Santos in the movie, “T-Bird at Ako” was named as the Most Dramatic Face Off in Phil. Movies, PINAKA, QTV-11, Nov. 18, 2007 episode
  • One of the 101 Filipino Icons, a book by Bench Corp. published in 2007 by Ani Rosa Almario and Virgilio S. Almario
  • Cited as One of the People in Entertainment Industry Who Help Define the Century in 2006 by Glitter Magazine, Jan. 2006 issue
  • One of the Top 100 Stars of Philippine Cinema by Mario Bautista (Manila Times) Dec. 23, 1999 issue
  • One of the Best Ever Filipino Film Actresses by Nestor Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Oct. 30, 1999 issue.
  • One of the 100 Women of the Philippines: Celebrating Filipina Womanhood in the New Millenium in a book with the same title by Abe Florendo, Oct. 1999
  • One of the Philippine Icons of the 20th Century, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dec. 26, 1999 issue
  • One of the Top 5 Best Actresses in Local Films, selected by top entertainment editors & columnists of Phil. Daily Inquirer, Oct. 28, 1999 issue
  • One of the 20 Most Influential Persons in the Philippines, The Philippine Yearbook 2000
  • One of the Best Things About Pinoy, Sunday Inquirer Magazine, June 14, 1998 issue
  • One of the Faces of the Century, Timeless Tales of Beautiful Women in a book with the same title by Jorge Llanes, 1998
  • One of the Most Admired Filipinos for the Last Four (4) Centuries, Isyu Magazine, Jan. 27, 1998 issue
  • Named Actress of the Century by respected columnist, Ronald Constantino published in Tempo and Malaya, Dec. 27, 1997 issue
  • One of the Most Significant Filipino in the 20th Century in the TV show Tatak Pilipino of ABS-CBN, 1991
  • Named by Audrey Magazine (The Asian- American Women’s Lifestyle Magazine) as one of the Ten timeless Filipina Actresses. She topped the list among other filipina actresses (March 25, 2013)
  • The only Filipino actor honored by the City of Kileen, Texas U.S.A. with a “Nora Aunor Day” (September 23, 2006)
  • The only Filipino actor honored by the City of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. with a “Nora Aunor Day”(May 21, 2004)
  • The actress was honored by the Office of the Governor of Las Vegas with a “Certificate of Recognition for Phenomenal Talent and Extraordinary Performance” (March 31, 2006)
  • Himala¬†was the first and only Filipino film ever to qualify in the Competition Section of the Berlin International Film Festival (1983).¬†For its international accolades, it bagged 1983’s Bronze Hugo Prize at the Chicago International Film Festival.
  • Himala¬†was the lone Filipino film chosen by CNN as one of the ten best Asian films of all time from the provisional list of 18 great films (September 2008). CNN cited “Himala” for its “austere camera work, haunting score, and accomplished performances that sensitively portray the harsh social and cultural conditions that people in the Third World endure.”
  • Himala¬†was awarded the CNN APSA Viewers Choice Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of all Time (November 14, 2008)
  • Himala¬†restored version was premiered at the 69th Venice International Film Festival under the Venizia Classici Section.
  • The Flor Contemplacion Story¬†became the first Filipino movie to win the grand prize in a Major International Film Festival (Cairo ’95).
  • The Flor Contemplacion Story¬†grossed US$ 3.3 million in its domestic and international exhibitions, making it one of the highest-grossing films in Philippine history.
  • Bona¬†was cited as one of “The Best 100 Films in the World” by the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, USA (1997).
  • Bona¬†is the ONLY FILIPINO FILM to be archived at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.[178]
  • One of the 15 Women in Showbiz who made Pinoys Proud by PEP in celebration of Women’s Month, March 2014
  • “Thy Womb” competed &/or exhibited at the following int’l film festivals: 69th Venice International Film Festival (COMPETITION), Venice, Italy; 37th Toronto Int’l Film Festival (World Cinema), Totonto, Canada; 17th Busan Int’l Film Festival (Window on Asian Cinema, Busan, Korea; 6th Ferra de Tutti Film Festival (Exhibition), Bologna, Italy; 50th Vienna Int’l Film Festival (Exhibition), Vienna, Austria; 2012 Brisbane Int’l Film Festival (Exhibition), Brisbane, Australia; 43rd International Film Festival of India (COMPETITION), Goa, India; 2012 Golden Horse Film Festival (Exhibition), Taipei, Taiwan; 9th Dubai International Film Festival (COMPETITION); 8TH Movies Festival World Edition, Poland; 14th Bratislava International Film Festival (Panorama Section),Slovakia; 20th Plus Camerimage Int’l Film Festival of D Art of Cinematography (Exhibition), Bydgoszcs, Poland; 6th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA)Winner: Best Actress, Best Director Award, Brisbane, Australia; 16th Tertio Millenio Film Festival (Exhibition), Rome, Italy; 12th Marrakech Film Festival, Morocco (Exhibition); 24th Forum Des Images Festival, Paris, France; 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival (COMPETITION)Macau, China; The Wadsworth Atenaeum Museum of Arts, CT, USA (Jan. 24-27 2013); Perth Film Festival, Perth, Australia (Jan. 2013); 7th Asian Film Awards, Hong Kong, March 2013 Winner: Best Actress; 15th Deuville Asian Film Festival, France; 37th Hong Kong Int’l. Film Festival; 20th Prague Int’l Film Festival, Czech Republic; 1st ASEAN Int’l. Film Festival Awards, Malaysia (Exhibition) March 2013; 18th Vilniaus Intl. Film Festival, Lithuania (Critics’ Choice Section) March 2013; 11th Reggio Emilia Asian Film Festival, Italy (COMPETITION) April 6‚Äď11, 2013; 5th CPH PIX (Exhibition), Copenhagen, Denmark April 11‚Äď24, 2013; 10th Int’l. Independent Film Festival (IndieLisboa)Lisbon, Portugal,April 18‚Äď28, 2013; 12th Transilvania Int’l. Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, May 31-June 9, 2013; 3rd Asian Film Festival, Rome, Italy May 10‚Äď31, 2013; 7th Festival de Granada Cines del Sur, Granada, Spain, June 9, 2013 (COMPETITION)/ 4th World Cinema Amsterdam Int’l. Film Festival, Netherlands August 7‚Äď19, 2013 (COMPETITION); Southeast Asian Film Festival (Regional Intersections 2013) Canberra, Australia, Sept. 5-19, 2013 (Exhibition); 2013 OzAsia Film Festival, Adelaide, Australia – Sept. 13-29, 2013 (Exhibition); 3rd Sakhalin Int’l Film Festival, Russia (COMPETITION), August 23‚Äď30, 2013; 33rd Hawaii International Film Festival (Filmmakers in Focus) October 10‚Äď20, 2013; 5th London IFF (Exhibition);13th Festival Women’s World, Tuebingen, Germany (Exhibition) Nov. 20-27 2013; Around the World in 14 Films, The Berlin Festival of Festivals (Exhibition), Berlin, Germany, Nov. 29 to Dec. 7, 2013; Lua Prabang IFF. Laos, Dec. 7-11, 2013 (Exhibition); Philippine Official Entry, 71st Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood, California

In 1968, Nora Aunor was contracted by Alpha Records upon the recommendation of singer Carmen Soriano. Although Aunor’s first singles were not major hits, she subsequently went on to smash local record sales with songs like “It’s Time to Say Goodbye”, “Silently”, “Forever Loving You”, “It’s Not Unusual”, and countless others. In her seven years with Alpha Records, Aunor was able to set all-time high record sales which up to this day has not been surpassed.¬†At the height of her popularity as a recording artist in the late 1960s and early 1970s, local records soared up to 60% of national sales according to Alpha Records Philippines.She is the artist with the most singles in Philippine recording history (with more than 260 singles). Over-all she has recorded more than 500 songs. She has notched more than 30 gold singles, a record in the local music industry. With estimated sales of one million units, Nora’s cover of “Pearly Shells” (1971) is one of the biggest-selling singles in the Philippines ever. Nora has also recorded some 46 hit long-playing albums, and several extended plays.

  • At the height of her popularity as a recording artist in the late 1960s and early 1970s, sales of local records soared up to 60% of national sales according to Alpha Records Philippines.
  • She is the artist with the most singles in Philippine recording history (with more than 260 singles). Overall she has recorded more than 500 songs.
  • She has notched more than 30 gold singles.
  • With estimated sales of one million units, Nora’s cover of “Pearly Shells” (1971) is one of the biggest-selling singles in the Philippines.
  • Nora has also recorded some 46 hit long-playing albums, and several extended plays.
  • In 1999, Nora was cited as one of the 100 Great Filipinos in Music, in an article written by Baby Gil at Phil. Star, Nov. 24, 1999 issue.


June Goddess: Angelina Jolie

jolie aStratosphere of  the June Goddess РAngelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is in my opinion  the ultimate goddess of Hollywood.  She has carved not only a niche but an entire boulevard all to herself in the world of showbiz.  Angelina is a living icon; adored and followed in prints avidly by many, who are agog and waiting for updates of what Angelina will be doing next.  She is a woman of surprises, which makes her extremely fascinating.

Angelina is without a doubt the goddess for June as she is propelled into the forefront of our psyche with the release of her Disney film, Maleficent, where she was apparently truly magnificent.

Angelina sure know how to create a stir. ¬†Whether giving her right leg the centre stage in an award ceremony (completely upstaging the award ceremony itself), being upfront with her double mastectomy, adopting children from different races and giving birth to three of them herself and not to say having taken Brad Pitt from ¬†under the nose of America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina can do it all.

Angelina was able to do the above with such panache, it was so slick, that one can’t help but admire her!

A screen goddess of the classic kind, Angelina  has used her popularity as an avenue to work, empower women, children and the rest of mankind.

Despite her own health issues and worries, at one point, and not to say her 6 children of various ages, Angelina refused to stand still or sit around.  Instead she worked tirelessly on her various charitable causes.   She is also a stalwart ambassador/spokesperson for the UN.  She has also branched out from being a movie STAR into the field of directing, where she has shown a natural knack for it.

Word is going round that Angelina has hinted that after the success of her record-breaking, box-office Disney movie (yeah Angelina does, children’s film, rated PG) Malificent, she would do another film, which will be a biopic of Cleopatra and then she might retire completely from starring on films and concentrate on her film directing.

This would be a sad loss to Hollywood.  Angelina is the ultimate movie star of Bette Davis/Joan Crawford style! She has style, she has class.

June Goddess: Angelina Jolie


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28 August 2014

It is in the news today that Angelina and Brad have tied the knot in a very secret and small gathering of close friends and families.  The wedding was held in France on Saturday, 23rd August 2014.  Their six children played major roles during the ceremony.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to both, to all of them, children and all.


10 October 2014

Angelina Jolie was invited to attend a ceremony at Buckingham Palace whereby The Queen, Elizabeth II, conferred an honourary damehood to the actress for her work on sexual violence against women.

Angelina, being a foreign national will not be called Dame Angelina but rather she will have initials DCMG after her name.

In a statement Buckingham Palace said: ‘Ms Angelina Jolie was received by The Queen today when Her Majesty presented her with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George.

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April Goddess: Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is most certainly the flavour of the month.  This beautiful Hollywood siren has been in the news, some good press and some rather controversial.

Scarlett is apparently expecting.


Scarlett Johansson_MilanFashionWeek_4

Did you know?

Scarlett is a twin.  Her twin brother is called Hunter.

Scarlett was a child star.  She was only 8 when she started in films.







Scarlett Johansson: Naked pictures were hacked from my phone
by Simon Boyle, Daily Mirror 16/09/2011

Scarlett Johansson wears a tight bodysuit on the set of ‘The Avengers’ in Central Park (Pic: Splash News)

Scarlett Johansson has claimed she is a victim of phone-hacking ‚Äď after naked pictures of her were posted online.

The Lost In Translation star, 26, admits taking them but has called the FBI to find out how they were stolen from her iPhone.

It was thought the snaps, one of which shows her bottom, were fake, but her lawyer has ordered websites to remove them.

The FBI thinks the group of hackers thought to have raided the phones of Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens could be behind this latest attack.

Black Swan star Mila Kunis was also a target, with hackers allegedly ­uncovering a snap of a shirtless Justin Timberlake on her mobile phone.

The FBI said: ‚ÄúWe are investigating a series of cyber intrusions of high-profile figures.‚ÄĚ

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