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Meteor Garden 2018 (Chinese Drama)

Meteor Garden poster

  • Genre: ROMANCE, Youth, School
  • Date Released: 9 July 2018
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes


  • Shen Yue as Dong Shan cai
  • Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si
  • Darren Chen as Hua Ze Lei
  • Liang Jing Kang as Feng Mei Zuo
  • Wu Xi Ze as Xi Men Yan

Many are already familiar with this drama as it has been remade by several countries over and over.  It is based on a Japanese manga called Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)

It is about a girl, who came from an ordinary family and now enrolled in a posh and prestigious school for the children of the  rich and famous.

The school is ruled by four uber gorgeous boys, known as the F4.  They reign in terror amongst the children of the rich.  Anyone found lacking is given a red card, which means his/her life and happiness within the school are in jeopardy.  The victim would then rather transfer to another school or bear with all the punishments until the F4 get bored and cease the tortures.

Shan Cai is a brave girl who went against the F4.  Despite the red card, she stood her ground and gave Dao Ming Si a good kicking.  Instead of giving her an even harsher time, he fell in love with her. 🙂  She was the first one who ever tried to put up a fight.

Hua Ze Lei actually was helping her in the background and she knew it.  She had a bit of a crush on him.

Thus the drama developed into a love triangle.

I can’t wait for this new Shen Yue drama! Roll on 9 July 2018!



Legend of Fuyao (Chinese Drama) Review

Legend of Fuyao poster

  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Adventure, CGI
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • CDrama: 66 Episodes


  • Yang Mi as Fuyao
  • Ethan Juan as Zhangsun Wuji;
    Yuan Shaoxu


Apparently this story will revolved around Fuyao, who had been destined to collect the secret order of the five kingdoms.

I love the cast.  Two of my favourites: Yang Mi and Taiwanese actor, Ethan Juan.  I have to say watching and waiting for subbing of 66 episodes is a bit punishing.

Legend of Fuyao (Chinese Drama) Review

Sketch (KDrama Review & Summary)

Sketch Promotional poster

  • Genre: Crime, Serial Killer, Revenge, Fantasy,
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) as Kang Dong-soo
  • Lee Dong-gun as Kim Do-jin
  • Lee Sun-bin as Yoo Shi-hyun
  • Jung Jin-young as Jang Tae-joon
  • Lee Seung-joo as Yoo Si-joon
  • Lim Hwa-young as Oh Young-shim
  • Kang Shin-il as Moon Jae-hyun

Apparently this drama is about an excellent detective helped by a female detective with a power of precogniton to stop a serial killer.

Sounds interesting!

Sketch (KDrama Review & Summary)

Episode 1

Brilliantly taut first episode.

Shi-hyun is a detective who can see criminal acts three days before it happens.  She then sketches the images as she sees them in her mind’s eyes.

She is a member of  an underground special investigation unit, which act on preventing or minimising the effect of the future criminal acts.

The case of a money laundering was the first time Shi Hyun and Dong Soo, a field detective met.

Dong Soo happened to pick up the notebook of drawings Shi-hyun dropped while fleeing the scene.

From the sketches, Dong Soo noticed the similarities to his fiancee, Min Ji Soo.   The sketch showed the woman dying in a man’s arms and the man looks like him.  There was also a ring of some sort on the ground in the sketch.

When he got home that evening Min Ji Soo, showed him their rings and it so happened that it has the same design as that of the sketch.

He was perturbed enough to contact Shi-Hyun about the sketch, though he is still not 100 per cent not convinced.

Shi Hyun brought him to their HQ and explained what they do.

Dong Soo was half convinced and therefore begged his fiancee to take a couple of days off from work and stay at home.  He got a police officer to guard her for good measure.

Do Jin was just coming home from his military duty when he decided to meet Min Ji Soo before going home to his wife.

What Do Jin doesn’t know was that his wife is the next victim of the serial rapist.

Episode 2

Wow, I’ve forgotten how gorgeous Lee Dong Gun was.  He is so handsome in his army uniform in this drama.  His height suited the uniform so well.

Anyway, this episode properly introduced his character, Kim Do-Jin.  He was an army officer who sent an anonymous email regarding the corrupt conditions and practices within his barracks (whatever it is called, I’ll find out later 🙂 lol )  Anyway his email was picked up by a prosecutor, who happened to be Min Ji Soo, the fiancee of Kang Dong Soo.

Min Ji Soo tried to convinced Kim Do-Jin to testify.  But he was not too sure because testifying  would have a massive effect on his career in the army, which would even mean leaving it completely.  Min Ji Soo said that she has the power to force him to testify but she will give him a few days to think it over.

Do Jin is married to a lovely, feisty young wife, who just found out that she was pregnant.  She was all excited to tell Do Jin her good news.   But Do Jin said that he might be slightly late coming home as he has to meet someone for work.

If only he went home early!!!  His wife was the victim of the serial rapist, who ended up killing her because she put up a fight.  The rapist put the  blame on her for fighting back because he said his previous victims just bear with the heinous acts.

Do Jin felt so guilty and vengeful and doubly so when he found the ‘positive’ pregnancy testing kit his wife prepared for him as a surprise.

In this episode, despite Dong Soo careful protection of Min Joo, she died.  And the surprise was that not on the hands of the other rapist.  She was killed by Do Jin so she will not blurt out that he is now a vigilante.

Exciting stuff!



My Sunshine (Chinese Drama Vs Film) Review

My Sunshine

  • Date Released: January 2015
  • CDrama: 36 episodes (Reduced to 4 episodes as a Director’s Cut in Netflix)


  • Wallace Chung as He Yichen
  • Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mosheng
  • Jian Renzi as He Yimei
  • Tan Kai as Ying Hui
  • Mi Lu as Xiao Xiao
  • Yang Le as Lu Yuanfeng


You Are My Sunshine

  • Date Released: April 2015
  • Film


  • Huang Xiaoming as He Yichen
  • Yang Mi as Zhao Mosheng
  • Tong Dawei as Ying Hui
  • Angelababy as He Yimei
  • Evonne Hsieh as Hua Xianzi
  • Huang Zitao as William
  • Joan Chen as Pei Fangmei
  • Sui He as Xiao Xiao
  • Ma Su as Ms. Wen
  • Hua Shao as Teacher Zhou
  • Eric Tsang as Mr. Lin
  • Yao Anlian as Zhao Qing Yuan
  • Sun Yizhou as Supermarket Manager
  • Kong Lianshun as Supermarket Security officer
  • Shen Tai as Xiang Heng
  • Liu Tianzuo as Mr. Yuan (Lao Yuan)

I saw both of the long version drama and the film before and enjoyed them.  Both the film and drama were based on a novel called Silent Separation by Gu Man.

I saw the director’s cut version in Netflix today.

When I saw the film version after I have seen the drama first, I thought the drama of 36 episode was much better.  Obviously because it has more time to get the audience/viewer to engage more on the story.

It shows why the protagonist male has a love/hate relationship with the gorgeous lead female.

Today, I watched the drama version condensed into four episodes.  Though watchable, you end up not really caring what the story was about.  It cut out all the painful scenes.  Also the second male lead was rob of that feeling from the audience that the female should go for him.

Anyway the story was that, on the first day of Mosheng in the university, she saw a young man who was reading under tree.

She couldn’t help herself, so she took his photograph as he was really handsome.  When he noticed her taking liberties, she apologised immediately and asked him for his name as she will send him a copy of his photo.

The young man was Yichen and Mosheng had fallen for him at first sight.  She found out that he was a second year law student on full scholarship.  Mosheng stalked the poor guy!

Mosheng is lovely looking girl with a winsome personality.  Before you know it, they were in a relationship.

Suddenly there was another girl, Yimaei, who was hanging around Yuchen. They looked really close.  At the same time Yuchen became rather cold towards Mosheng, to the point that he told her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore, to get out of his face. 🙁

At that time, Mosheng was being forced by her parents to study abroad.  So thinking that Yuchen doesn’t love nor need her anymore, she disappeared abroad.

Seven years later…

Mosheng is back in China.  And now a professional photographer.

She was in the supermarket when she saw Yuchen, who was with Yimei.  Yuchen blanked her.

But one day, coming home from work, she was accosted by a drunk Yuchen.  He told her that he lost, she won. He then left.

They had a tentative reconciliation but Mosheng had a major confession to make.

She married someone three years ago while in America.

Yuchen was unsurprisingly very upset.  He told her that he was not going to be playing around with a married woman.  Him being a lawyer and all.   But he loves her too much.

Fortunately Mosheng said that she was actually a divorcee.

Yuchen was not waiting for anything.  He bundled Mosheng to a civil register officer to register their marriage.

Mosheng and Yuchen attended a function in their former university.  Who would they find in there but Mosheng ex-husband, who was not really quite an ex yet.  Musheng is a bigamist!

Her gorgeous  ex-husband is a self-made man, who does not want to let her go.  He wanted to reconcile.

But Mosheng had always belong to Yuchen.  With the help of Yuchen, they went to America to deal with the divorce.

The ex-husband really loves Mosheng and doesn’t want to give her a lot of grief, so he agreed to the divorce.

From this point on, it is happy sweet romance for the leads.



Genghis Khan (Chinese Film) Review

Genghis Khan poster

  • Genre: Adventure, Loosely Biographical, CGI galore, Fantasy, Mystical, Romance
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Chinese: Film


  • William Chan as Temüjin
  • Lin Yun as Börte
  • Hu Jun as Kuchuro
  • Ba Sen as
  • Zhao Lixin
  • Ni Dahong
  • Li Guangjie as Jamukha
  • Zhang Xinyi
  • Tu Men as Jamukha’s father
  • Li Shengda
  • Bayin
  • Yong Mei

Genghis Khan (Chinese Film)


This is a fantasy saga of  romance between Temujin and Borte as well as Kuchuro and Dodai.  This movie is reminiscent of the film Beowulf, King Arthur, 300 and Braveheart, amongst other Hollywood greats and some Chinese ones also.

Long time ago the light of the Grey Wolf met the White Deer, together they blessed the vast plain of grassland of Mongolia and soon enough a huge number of nomadic people began to live and breed in this land in relative peace, but not for long.

As always the light is always followed suit by the darkness, in the shape of the king of hell, who loves nothing but to spread chaos, strife. war and battle in view of unifying the three world and him being the master.

There was a hero called the Golden Warrior of Cina, who was a descendant of the Grey Wolf and White Deer.  He ensured that the king of hell do not get too out of control by banishing him back to the pit of the underworld.

He then planted his Soledin, the spiritual flag as a prayer for peace on top of the Burgein Mountain overlooking the grassland.

But the king of hell was a wily creature.  Before too long he targeted those who are most vulnerable to spread discontent.

He instigated wars between clans including those of Kuchuro and his everlasting love, Dodai.  Kuchuro ended up dead but he was brought back to life but without his Dodai by his side.

He made a pact with the king of hell to bring him out of the underworld, and in return he has to have Dodai back.

900 years later.

Temujin was born with a blood clot on his palm.  He was the new Golden Warrior of Cina.

He had a happy childhood with a loving mother and a hands-on father.  He had great friends, including a very pretty girl called Borte.  they had an idyllic childhood until a desperate news reached Temujin that his father had just been killed along with most of his clan by a rival clan.

Years later, Temujin went back to marry Borte because he never forgotten her as well as to continue his bloodline.

Before they can consummate the night of their wedding, Borte was abducted as a sacrifice to the king of hell, who needed blood from a beautiful and pure maiden.  Borte was the ‘it’ girl at that time, ergo the abduction.

The story follows on from this.

I must say, it is watchable and highly recommended to be watch in wide screen, preferably the cinema’s,.

If you are after a historical Genghis Khan, then this movie is not it.  As I have mentioned, this is pure fantasy with lots of amazing CGI.  The action is great as well and William Chan is gorgeously hunky.  Lin Yun is delicately pretty, with not much to do really.  It is a lovely film to watch with the family, just be careful with the much younger viewers.  But then again, children as young as five are used to playing computer games.  This film has that essence.  It is computer game comes alive because of the large amount of CGI.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Kdrama Review)

What’s Wrong With Secreatary Kim? poster

  • Genre: Romance, Office Romance, Comedy, Mystery
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Park Seo Joon as Lee Young-Joon
  • Park Min-Young as Kim Mi-so
  • Lee Tae-Hwan as Lee Sung-yeon (Brother of Lee Young Joon)
  • Kim Byeong-ok as Chairman Lee (Father)
  • Kim Hye Ok as Madame Choi (Mother)
  • Kang Ki-young as Park Yoo-sik


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Kdrama Review)

Episode 1

This is a classic love story of a boss and his secretary.

I have to admit I already love it based from the first episode and I can’t wait for more.

Kim Mi-So, or as she started thinking of herself as Secretary Kim, has been working for Lee Young-joon for nine years.  She lives and breaths Lee Young-joon.

Lee Young Joon is tall and very handsome, very particular with his suits and looks good in it and he is also the vice president of Yoomyoung Group.

But Lee Young Joon is on another level of vanity.  He is narcissistic.  He is so in love with himself that there is no place for any love-interest in his life.

He doesn’t touch any woman and certainly does not allow them to touch him.  He thinks that he is perfection in himself.

He was quite satisfied with his lot; with life and his work.

That is until a bombshell of a news has just blown up.

His most trusted and dependable secretary of nine years, the only one who can come within inches of himself, had handed in her notice to resign.

What is wrong with Secretary Kim?, this he asked himself and his best-friend, Park Yoo-Sik?

Park Yoo Sik, is a young president of his own company and  is Young Joon’s confidant.  Yoo Sik encourages Young Joon of his self-delusion of his perceived utter perfection. (To be fair, Young Joon is actually gorgeous 🙂 ) Between them they agreed that probably Secretary Kim is after a  promotion.

Young Joon was not the only one who was concerned about Secretary Kim’s resignation.  His parents as well were rather anxious.  They both know that their son is very exacting and hard to work with.

They are also rather perturbed that Young Joon is not showing any interest in women.

There was a funny scene when Madame Choi (mother) quizzing Secretary Kim if her son is… is… is …is… is  …. to which Secretary Kim rescued her and replied that Lee Young Joon is not gay.

I love the parents in this story.  They are chill and encouraging these two to get together and give them grandbabies.

Anyway, Secretary Kim went to the bank to settle the last bit of her father’s debts.  She signed the document as Secretary Kim rather than her name Kim Mi So.  This incident only made her more determined to quit her job and get herself a life.

Despite Young Joon promising Secretary Kim a payrise, promotion as a director,  she wouldn’t budge with her decision.  She said she has had no outside life from the office for nine years.  She is now 29 years old and she wanted to get married and have a baby.  She doesn’t want to be alone in later life.

He promised her that he will never fire her from her position, ever!  She was aghast with the suggestion.

So Young Joon is back with Yoo Sik, blue sky thinking, thinking outside the box, and everything else.  🙂 Finally they’ve decided that Secretary Kim is secretly inlove with Young Joon and can’t take the number of women who wanted to be with Young-joon.

As a last resort and in desperation, Young Joon blurted to Secretary Kim one night when he went to see her that he would marry her.

Awwww so cute  I love everything so far in this drama.  Chill parents, clueless bromance, feisty and pretty lead girl and handsome but deluded lead man.  Perfect!

Secretary Kim thought that Young Joon was drunk.  Of course she refused his proposal.

She told him that he was not her type.

Young Joon can’t comprehend her statement that he wasn’t her type.  He is perfection!

He is now playing games with Secretary Kim.  Making the other ‘new hire’ Secretary Kim to attend to him.

Kim Mi So was at first startled but she does really want to leave and look for her long ago ‘crush’!

Episode 3

This episode is super sweet.  If you are romantic at heart, you will have a permanent smile the entire time while watching this episode.

As an extra bonus, there is a shirtless scene by Park Seo Joon showing how buff he is.  Total eye candy.

The bromance with Lee Young Joon and Mr Park is so cute.

We get a little clue why Lee Young Joon was rather dysfunctional.  Mi So may have met him when he was only nine years old and she was five.  He might have been the boy who was kidnapped.  Lee Young Joon is rather phobic of cable ties and when Kim Mi So tried to removed his sock to apply some ice on his sprained ankle, she say a scarring which looked like a result of being bind tightly previously.

Anyway a new character has just been introduced.  He is a famous international author called Morpheus and he might be the brother of Lee Young Joon who does not get on with.

The romance between Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon is heating up.

Episode 4

From now on I am going to be madly in love … with you.

  • Lee Young Joon to a surprised Kim Mi So

This episode is another sweet one.

Park Min Young is such a beautiful actress, with such a lovely warm smile.  She easily lights up the screen whenever she smiles.

In this episode we get a glimpse of the animosity between Lee Young Joon and elder his brother Lee Seong Yun (Morpheus).  Seong Yun has decided to forgive Young Joon, who was not having it.  Instead they ended up fighting.

Young Joon ended up going to Kim Mi So’s house and there he decided to fall in love with her, deeply.

But it doesn’t look like that it would be smooth sailing as Seong Yun was attracted to Kim Mi So at first sight!

Episode 5

It is started really well all of three minutes and then back steps into their shells again.  Lee Young Joon declaration of last episode that he will be madly in love with her, well he took it back.  He said that he read and memorised it from a book.

So back to square one. It was so cute though but midway, they had a huge misunderstanding in what would be their first date.

Morpheus turned up and was giving Mi So his signed latest book when Young Joon interrupted and snatched the book back from Mi So and gave it back to Morpheus.

This dark feelings ruined their date and Mi So ended up going home early.

She then told Young Joon never to stir her up again.

She had a change of heart though when she found out that Morpheus was the brother Young Joon was having nightmares about.  The person that he doesn’t get on with.  She realised that he was not upset with her but the resentment was directed to Morpheus.

Young Joon then confessed to her that he wanted to stir her up again.  They had a fleeting kiss which catapulted Mi So to the other side of the room.  Strange!

Episode 6

Young Joon bent down to MiSo, who was sitting on a swivelling chair, for a kiss.  But before he could deepen the kiss, he suddenly remembered something disconcerting from his past, it was so disturbing that he inadvertently pushed MiSo, who went careering across the room on a swivelling chair.

So this romantic scene ended in hurt and embarrassment on both side and further misunderstanding.

But they were really beginning to be into each other so before too long they were again spending time with each other.

MiSo has also been digging into a kidnapping case that occurred when she was five years old.  She remembered being locked in a room with a boy slightly older than her and he really looked after her.

What happened was still a mystery to be revealed.  She thought the boy may have been Young Joon but he confirmed that it was his brother that got kidnapped.

She is now utterly confused as she had been looking for that kind boy, her first love.

There is mystery in this drama, not just a straight-forward romance.

When We Were Young (Chinese Drama)

When We Were Young poster

  • Genre: School, Bullying, Youth, Twins, Mystery
  • Date Released: 2017
  • CDrama: 32 Episodes
  • Loosely based on School 2015


  • Zhang Sophie as Chu Yin Yin / Xia Er
  • Zeng Joseph as Xu Kong Lin
  • Wang Bo Wen as Li Bai
  • Gong Zheng as Liu Qiang
  • Wang Qiu Zi as Teacher Lv
  • Hu Cai Hong as Chu Ming Zhu

The drama is about twin girls separated by fate.  One of the girls was adopted while the other one was raised in an orphanage.

One day, they met and agreed to exchange places to solve a mystery.

When We Were Young (Chinese Drama)



Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Are You Human Too? poster

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Family, Robotics, Melodrama, Romance, AI
  • Date Released: 4 June 2018
  • KDrama: 18 episodes


  • Seo Kang-joon as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Kang So-bong
  • Lee Joon-hyuk as Ji Young-hoon
  • Park Hwan-hee as Seo Ye-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Oh Ro-ra
  • Yu Oh-seong as Seo Jong-gil

This drama reminds me of a couple of American dramas: Haley Joel Osment’ AI and Halley Berry’s Extant.

It is about a robot used as a substitute for a child, who is yet to be born or who is  incapacitated.

Seo Kang-Joon plays both Nam Shin and Nam Shin III.

Nam Shin was a chaebol, a third generation heir to a conglomerate, who unfortunately became ill.  Rather auspicious for the family, the mother is  brilliant and who happens to be leading a research top scientists on artificial intelligence.  Before anyone could spell Bicentennial Man, Oh Ro-ra (the mother) had an android built to replace her comatose son.  And he was called Nam Shin III

This move was to ensure that her son’s position as the heir is not jeopardize.

Well that is the synopsis that I can gather.  I have  yet to see the first episode as it is not subbed in English yet!

Watch this space.

Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Episode 1-2

I am really loving this drama!

It is about a very rich man, who can’t accept that his son married a fairly ordinary woman (well not rich anyway).

To initiate reconciliation, the son went to visit his rich father, leaving his young son with his wife, who is a brilliant scientist researching robotics.

The next time his wife heard anything about him was when the father-in-law’s thuggish minions came and forcibly took her seven year old son, Nam Sin.  When she asked why the father-in-law wanted her son when he did not bother with them before, she was given a death certificate and was told that her husband took his own life and was already cremated.

She was devastated and absolutely heartbroken.

She went to beg her father-in-law to return her son to her but when she got to see her son, he told her that he liked where he was and would much prefer to stay with his grandpa.  The boy secretly made a deal with his authoritarian grandfather that he will stay with him, provided that his grandpa will not harm his mother.

She couldn’t take this turn of events and yet knew that she won’t be able to do anything against the powerful father-in-law.

A year later, she was now living in the Czech Republic and she had created an android who was a replica of her seven year old son.  She called the young robot, Nam Sin 1.

She taught him the number 1 rule “Hug those who are crying”

A few years more had passed. Nam Sin 2 was born, who is a replica of her now 16 years old son.

In 2015, she again updated Nam Sin 2 to a 3-Generation.

Nam Sin 3 is strong and more agile as well as having acquired human characteristics.  He is protective of his mother.

The human Nam Sin is all grown up.  He was spoiled and absolutely hated his grandfather’s guts.

He made a scandalous commotion in order to distract his many bodyguards to be able to get away for a while.  He had been secretly looking for his mother and found that she is now living in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately someone was tailing him all the way to the Czech Republic.  One of his grandfather’s minions, who had a lofty idea of becoming the next CEO of the company ordered that Nam Sin should be disposed off.

Coincidentally Nam Sin III and his ‘Mother’ with uncle David (another scientist) went to visit the market.

Nam Sin III was absolutely entranced with the vibrancy of the place.  He was just about to go back to the car, to his waiting mother when he noticed a man, across the road, looking exactly like him.

He was so curious that he started crossing the road to go to this man.  Of course the man he saw was Nam Sin, who was curious as well and started to meet Nam Sin III but a van plowed into Nam Sin.  He was left bleeding in the middle of the road much to the shock and horror of Nam Sin III

This ‘accident’ was also witnessed by mother, who was shocked and worried to find her long ‘lost’ son all bloodied and crumpled on the road.

David, the scientist friend, took Nam Sin III away from the scene immediately to avoid attention.




Birds Without Names (Japanese Film)

Birds Without Names poster

  • Genre: Romance, Violence, Psychological
  • Released Date: 2018
  • Japanese: Film based on the novel by

    Mahokaru Numata


  • Yū Aoi as Towako Kitahara
  • Sadao Abe as Jinji Sano
  • Yutaka Takenouchi as Shunichi Kurosaki
  • Tori Matsuzaka as Makoto Mizushima
  • Eri Murakawa as Kayo Kunieda
  • Shu Nakajima as Kunieda


Birds Without Names (Japanese Film)

I am just about to watch this film.  Apparently this is a twisted kind of a love story of a beautiful girl and a slob. 🙂  Yeah that would happen.

It could actually because this girl, though gorgeous with her long hair and good skin, is a sloth.  She doesn’t do anything but sleep, eat and moan.  Who would put up with her?

This loving slob, who works all the hours to provide for Towako.

Actually this movie is very dark but very watchable film because of the excellent acting from the cast, especially the lead girl, Yu Aoi.  She is very versatile.  She shows feisty character and vulnerability in equal measures.  This film is a good vehicle for her talent.

Anyway Towako was once and innocent and deeply in love young woman with a gorgeous, masculine guy.  He was Kurosaki.

She tasted the good life with Kurosaki. .  They had idyllic romantic holidays together.

But one day, he asked her for a favour.  He said that he was in a lot of debt especially to a man called Kuneida.  Kuneida apparently saw her and had rather taken a fancy to her.  Kuneida was an old man but said that he was willing to write off Kurosaki’s debt if Towako sleeps with him.

Towako was absolutely mesmeried by Kurosaki and would do whatever he asked. Therefore, despite her better judgement, she slept with old Kuneida.

After a week or so, Kurosaki wanted to break-up because he was getting married to Kayo.  Kayo was old Kuneida’s daughter.

She was absolutely broken-hearted and very upset of being used.  They fought but she ended up bruised and battered from the slaps, punches, and kicking from Kurosaki.

Though still battered she started in a new job, where Jinji works.  He was uncouth, short, squat but has the stamina and persistence that can break down walls.

Jinji told her that he does not expect her to sleep with him but he really wanted them to be friends.

Towako started living with Jinji and settled in a one-sided love by Jinji,  He treated her like his princess, his better half but without much fringe benefits.  He does get lucky once in a while:)

After three years, Towako heard from Kurosaki.  He told her that in the last three years he had missed her every day that he can’t really relate with his wife and family.

They were loving every minute of their reunion until Kurosaki once again was up to his tricks.  He wanted the same favour.  Apparently he owned his now father-in-law, Kuneda, 10 million yen.  It would break his family and him, if he can’t repay the old guy.  Kuneida apparently will forget the loan if Towako would sleep with him once more and he had never forgotten her.

This did not end too well.  They parted ways for good.

But no matter what she do to forget him, she just can’t do it.

One day she got to meet Mishusima, who reminded him so much of Kurosaki.  Before you can blink they are on some gratuitous sex.

Actually forget the gratuitous, Tori Matsuzaka and Yu Aoi were sexy together.

There is a twist ending and it was poignant.

It is a love story of some sort which ends in tragedy like every great love story.


Miss Hammurabi (KDrama) Review & Summary

Miss Hammurabi poster

Miss Hammurabi (Miseu Hammurabi) is based on a novel by Moon Yoo-Seok, who is the scriptwriter for this drama.

  • Genre: Legal, Romance
  • Date Released: 21 May 2018 – 10 July 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Go Ara as Park cha Oh-reum
  • Kim Myung-soo (L) as Im Ba-reun
  • Sung Dong-il as Han Se-sang
  • Ryu Deok-hwan as Jung Bo-wang
  • Lee Elijah as Lee Do-yeon (super efficient office Manager)
  • Lee Tae-sung as Min Yong-joon

Parkcha Oh-Reum is in her mid-20s, a rookie judge, who is passionate and idealistic.

She is also a rabid feminist.

I supposed the title Miss Hammurabi pertains to Park Cha Oh-reum particular brand of justice for all.

Hammurabi was a Babylonian king, who in his lifetime, created a set of codes that the people in his growing empire must abide to.

Miss Hammurabi (KDrama) Review & Summary


I love it and I hate some parts of it.

I love all the scenes with L,  he is stunning to look at :); he carries a suit pretty well.  His acting is also good.  There is poignancy in his looks as he comes to terms how the world we lived in is not perfect and to live with it and try not to contribute to its further corruption.

I heard this drama was pre-produced; it means all the episodes have been made.  It is, therefore, too late to make adjustments here and there.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum is a super-intelligent guy who has a slight anti-social tendencies.  He doesn’t pander to anyone, thus he comes across as rather arrogant.

He’s from a poor background; his father got dismissed from his job without much notice, hence the father turned to drink and the little money they had, we would lend to friends when he was drunk.

His mother supports the family by selling insurance and everything else.  But her income was not enough to keep the creditors at bay, including their landlady who told them to pay their rent and gave notice that there will also be an increase.

I personally thought that as a judge, even when he is only a young one, will bring in a lot of income.  Apparently not.  The real money is in being a lawyer.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum would have had the high income if he wanted to but at his young age, he is still very idealistic.  He abhors corruptions and doesn’t want to be part of it.

When he was in high school, though he was handsome and mega-intelligent, he was not a popular kid.  He did not go for every girl that came his way.

But there was a girl in his book club that he liked.  That girl was Park Cha Oh-Reum.  She was into piano playing.  He liked her but he was from a poor background while she was chauffeur driven to school.

Twelve years on…

They met again as colleagues, both on their first day.

Im Ba Reum was a transferee from another district court.

Park Cha Oh Reum was a newbie judge.  But apparently even more brilliant than Im Ba Reum.  She home-schooled herself and then took the bar and topped it in her region.

I quite like the girl, Park Cha oh-reum, to start with but she start grating on my nerves after a while.  Her ultra feminism is rather off-putting (I am saying this as a woman my self).  She is all for strong women and yet over emotional the next.  You cannot have it both ways, not on both extremes anyway.  The middle ground is always the best, strong, compassionate and yet logical.

I hope her character improves in the next episodes and tone down her so ‘in your face’ brand of hysterical feminism.

This drama is getting more interesting with different cases being judged.

Some scenes are rather uncomfortably maudlin.  There was that case of a young man, who was mentally incapable, who was accidentally singed in the face with a metal grill in a restaurant.  The singe did not leave a mark physically but it left him emotionally disturbed.

The owner of the restaurant was ex-marine and he ended up crying in court, the judges ended up crying in court, the security guards ended up crying, the people watching the proceeding inside the court ended up crying as well.  The entire courtroom was flooded with tears.

I felt like crying myself because what I was watching was too stupidly sentimental. It’s naff.  It’s so out of character. This drama, if not careful, will die by its own hand from over sentimentality.

There was also that case of another judge who was a female.  (The judges work in groups of three, comprising of a right judge who sits on the right, the chief judge who sits in the middle and the left judge who sits on the left)

Anyway the chief judge in this group was very ambitious, though he was not one of those brilliant judges who topped the bar or passed it the first time.  He is one who work diligently.  His ascent to the chief judge position was mainly due to his kiss-assing and riding on the back of his junior judges.

He work them like a horse.  He delegated much of his work to them and get abusive when he doesn’t get what he wanted.

Anyway his left judge, a female, was so frightened to reveal to him that she was on her stage of pregnancy.  She was working too hard but getting her work done below par and she was abused for it.  She was contemplating jumping off the building one day but Park Cha On Reum just happened to materialise.  Due to the woman’s level of stress, she miscarried her baby and was obviously desolate.

Park Cha On Reum made it her mission to gather signatures to expel the woman’s chief judge.

Here is what I find ridiculous, Park cha On reum gets involved with everything, every unpolitically correct instances.  If there is an issue, she was there sniffing.  She was friendly towards everybody, including the cleaners.  She was often seen having coffees with them.

How can she have the time?  The female judge is almost killing herself with overwork. Even Im Im Ba-Reum was work too hard. While Park Cha On Reum has too much time involving herself with every issue that’s going?!!!

And I find her annoying!

Thank goodness for Im Ba-Reum!

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