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Mango & Sultana Jelly

Mango & Sultana Jelly

This is a refreshingly delicious dessert that would delight even the most fastidious eater.

If you can find a ripe carabao mango, please do so.  It is apparently the sweetest fruit ever.

Anyway this recipe is called mangga gulaman in the Philippines and the recipe has been tried and tested and of course tasted a million times.  🙂



• 1 large mango, peeled and chopped in small pieces but not too finely

1 heaped tablespoon sultanas or raisin

1 packet plain jelly


2 tbsp sugar



  • Pour boiling water into a measuring jug; the amount of water should correspond with the jelly packet’s instruction.
  • Pull apart the jelly and place on a mould or an heatproof serving dish.
  • Pour the measured boiled water over the jelly. Add the sugar.   Mix until everything has dissolved.
  • Leave to cool a little then add the mango and raisin.
  • Leave covered to cool completely and then refrigerate until set.

Mango Panna Cotta (Mango Pudding)

Mango Panna cotta, photo by JMorton

Mango Panna Cotta (Mango Pudding)

Oopps, though the photo seems to be slightly saucy, LOL, this pudding is absolutely delicious.  Just right to cleanse the palate after some feasting on Chinese or Italian food or even Indian food.  It is a grown up jelly pudding. 🙂


  • 3 ripe mangoes, peel and remove the seed, be sure to scrape every bit of the sweet fragrant flesh from the seed.
  • 2 packets unflavored gelatin sheets
  • 160ml milk or coconut milk
  • 60ml whole cream
  • ½ – 1 cup granulated sugar (according to your taste)


  1. To soften the gelatin sheets, they must be soaked in water.
  2. Using a heavy bottomed sauce pan,  heat half of the milk or coconut milk, sugar and the soaked gelatin over slow fire.
  3. Stir continuously to help dissolve the gelatin as well as the sugar into the liquid.  When done, remove from heat and set aside.
  4. Place the mango cubes into a blender and whizz until liquidised.
  5. Pour the mango smoothie into the the heated milk/coconut milk.
  6. Mix well until smooth.
  7. Then stir in the whole cream until completely incorporated.
  8. For smoother texture use a sieve to pour in this concoction into individual ramekins or jelly molds.
  9. Set aside to cool down and then transfer them in the fridge to set and chill.
  10. Serve decorated with sliver of fruits and more liquidised mangoes.


Tibok Tibok Recipe

Tibok Tibok, photo by Arnold Gamboa

Tibok Tibok Recipe

Tibok Tibok is a pudding that originated in Pampanga, a highly urbanised province located in Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Pampanga is known for its superb cuisine, that people from around the Philippines would visit the place to sample its many delicious food.

Tibok tibok is one of these delicious fare.  It is traditionally made from carabao milk and tastes like maja blanca, another of Philippines delicious pudding.  Tibok tibok is an onomatopoeia for heartbeat.  Filipinos hear the sound tibok tibok tibok as the heart beats 🙂  Apparently you can tell the tibok tibok is cooked when the little bubbles on top start to pulsate slowly and making a little sounds like the beating of the heart.

This pudding is surely a heartwarming flan.

The recipe follows below:


  • 6 cups carabao’s milk (or whole cow’s milk)
  • 1/3 cup glutinous rice powder (ground pudding rice)
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 lime zest
  • 1/3 cup latik
  • oil for greasing


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Using a large non-stick sauce pan or a wok over a low heat, mix the carabao’s milk (or whole cow’s milk), glutinous rice powder, cornstarch and sugar. Stir continuously  until the mixture starts to thicken.
  2. Add lime zest and stir some more until smooth and start to pulsate like a heart beating. tibok…tibok, tibok… 🙂 🙂 🙂
  3. Grease a baking tray lightly with oil.
  4. Pour mixture in  and spread evenly across the pan.
  5. Leave the mixture to cool, then top with latik. Divide into squares.

Ready to serve and enjoy!

Instant Buko Pandan (Young Coconut Jelly Dessert)

Buko Pandan, photo by JMorton

Buko Pandan, photo by JMorton

Instant Buko Pandan, photo by JMorton

Instant Buko Pandan, photo by JMorton

Instant Buko Pandan (Young Coconut Jelly Dessert)


This dessert is really surprisingly delicious for minimal amount of preparation.  It is just a matter of mixing young coconut preserves called coconut sport in syrup and green nata de coco (green being a pandan flavour) together.

Upon purchasing the dessert jars available in most oriental supermarket, store them in the fridge to chill.

A good dollop of vanilla ice cream would be a delicious extra for the buko pandan delight!


Lovely for Christmas after or instead of a Christmas pudding.


Passion Fruit Cheese Cake

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake, photo by JMorton

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake, photo by JMorton

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake, photo by JMorton

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake, photo by JMorton

This is definitely one of the best cheesecakes that I have ever tasted and therefore, I am very passionate about it.

It is creamily delicious with a sweetness that  is just right complemented by subtle delicacy of tanginess from the passion fruit 😉

This recipe involves minimal cooking, thus, it is pretty easy to make.  One can rally the children or hubby to help out 🙂

The beautiful orange passion fruit topping makes it look vibrant and exotic, which is not only pleasing to the eye but also a treat to the taste buds.

Here is a recipe based on Nigel Slater’s Recipe:




  • 120 grams butter
  • 400 grams ginger biscuits or digestive biscuits (I prefer digestive because for some reason my stomach can’t take ginger biscuit, strange that!)


  • 250 grams mascarpone cheese
  • 75 grams icing sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod or 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 400 ml creme fraiche
  • 300 ml double cream
  • 4 ripe passion fruit

Method of Preparation:

  • Melt the butter in a small pan.
  • Put the biscuits in a robust plastic sandwich bag and apply the rolling pin with gusto 🙂 Crush the biscuits to fine crumbs and stir them into the melted butter. Tip them into a 22cm loose bottomed cake tin and smooth them flat. Refrigerate for an hour or so until firm. You can speed the process up by putting them in the freezer if you wish.
  • Put the mascarpone cheese and icing sugar in a bowl of a food mixer and beat until smooth.  This can also be done manually by giving the pecs some healthy exercise.
  • Scrape out the seeds from the vanilla pod (or vanilla essence) and stir them into the mascarpone.  Add the creme fraiche. Transfer the mixture  into a clean container and set aside.
  • Whip the cream using the food mixer until it stands in soft folds, then stir it gently into the mascarpone/creme fraiche mixture.
  • Ladle in the mixture into the cake tin and cover with cling film. Leave to chill for a good hour.
  • To serve, remove the cake from the tin, cut the passion fruits in half and squeeze the seeds and juice over the cheesecake.

Now enjoy and share!


Coconut Jelly & Tapioca Pudding


Coconut Jelly & Tapioca Pudding

Coconut Jelly & tapioca pudding

Coconut Jelly & tapioca pudding

Ingredients for the Jelly:
• 10g Agar Powder
• 150g Sugar
• 3 cups Water
• 500 ml Coconut Milk
• 2 tbsp Sugar
• 1/2 tsp Salt

How to make Agar And Young Coconut Jelly:
• For the Clear Part:
• Boil water in a pan and dissolve half the agar in it, stirring continuously.
• Mix in the sugar slowly even as you stir, till it dissolves.

. Let the agar cool down and pour it into a couple of square or rectangular moulds, before it begins.
• Place in the deep freeze so as to set quickly while you make the rest of the pudding.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse
Chocolate Mousse

After a sumptuous big dinner of roast lamb, pork, beef or even chicken, the lightest chocolate mousse is just perfect for afters.  It would live you contented and purring like a kitten.

Chocolate mousse can be made in delicate tea cups, little glass bowls or the more conventional ramekins.


  • 225g plain dark chocolate, broken into small pieces
  • 4oz  butter, cut into cubes
  • 1 tbsp brandy, rum or espresso coffee (optional)
  • 3 large eggs, separated
  • 150ml double cream, lightly whipped or shaving from white chocolate


Serves 6-8

Measure the chocolate into a bowl and sit it over a pan of barely simmering water. Melt slowly;  do not allow the chocolate to become too hot.

Remove the chocolate from the heat and stir in the butter.

Add brandy, rum or espresso coffee (according to your taste; you can or not add any).

Stir in egg yolks one at a time and mix until combined. Set aside to cool a little.

Whip the egg whites until just stiff or soft peaks form. Fold into the chocolate mixture with the whipped cream. Fold to combine.

Spoon 6 stemmed glasses for elegance and wow factor or ramekins and dainty tea cups. Transfer to the fridge to set.

Just before serving, decorate with shavings of white chocolate.

Enjoy these light delicious ambrosia. 😉


Caramel A La Leche Flan

This recipe was purely made by accident.  I really meant to make the tried and tested and very much loved and appreciated Leche Flan but when grocery shopping on New Year’s eve, I mistakenly picked up the caramel in can instead of condensed milk.

Anyway, when I started preparing my leche flan, I opened the can, only to find the the velvety liquid of a condensed milk but a much richer and darker brown caramel sauce.

Thank goodness I have stocks of condensed milk in my food cupboard, otherwise the leche flan lovers in my family would have been sadly disappointed.

After cooking a batch of leche flan, I was left with the can of caramel.  Since I still have plenty of eggs in the fridge, I decided to make another batch of leche flan but substitutingf the caramel sauce in place of the evaporated milk.

I have to admit the end product is so delicious.  It was as good as the leche flan.  The texture is denser and slightly sweeter and yet so good, it was great.

Below is the recipe

Caramel A La Leche Flan


10 egg yolks

1 can evaporated milk

1 can caramel

1 cup granulated or caster sugar

1 tbsp water

1/2 tsp fresh lime or lemon juice

To make:

In a sauce plan, gently dissolve the sugar in a tablespoon of water under low heat.

Remove the saucepan from heat when it started to turn liquid and brown.

Pour the sugar mixture into a deep baking tin or leche flan tins which would fit into a steamer.

Gently beat the eggs.

Add the caramel sauce and evaporated milk as well as the lime juice into the eggs.

Do not overbeat to prevent air bubbles from forming.

Pour the egg mixture onto the trays with caramelised sugar.

cover the tins with aluminuim foil and steam for 45 minutes.

Remove from the steamer and let it cool before putting into the fridge.

Enjoy this variation to the good old fashion leche flan.








Dessert Christmas Table

The one that I really look forward to on Christmas day is the dessert. This is really the time of year that you can have as many desserts as you like without feeling guilty about the calories, that comes the next day… 😉

We really went the full hog this year. I made a lot and overshopped. I still have some in the cupboard and fridge really to be made but that can wait for the Media Noche, New Year celebration.

Below are just some of the delicious dessert on our Christmas table.

Dessert Christmas Table

Leche Flan

Leche Flan

With the leche flan, I am very pleased to say that I am getting better at making them. I had a bit of a disaster with making the caramel topping. I did not expect that it would take so long. So I started again my making it with a cup of sugar and cooked it dry until it turned brown and then dark brown and caramelly. That was a good result. The other pan with a cup of sugar with a cup of water did turn caramelly but it was just to late for my leche flan. I set it aside as I thought I might make more leche flan as it is much sought after in our family.

Peter was very happy with the end result of the Leche flan and so did I.

By the way, when I went back to the other caramel, it was rock solid and I had to throw it away and  the milk pan it was cooked in.

Eton Mess

Eton Mess

Eton Mess was gorgeous, it was creamy and crunchy. It was made of lashing of cream with broken meringue pieces.

Gelatin a la Filipino

Gelatin a la Filipino

I am very proud of this gelatin a la Filipino. It really tasted gorgeous. Peter has said that I had to make it again for him. We loved it. It was a jelly but has a more bite to it. We made it with sliced fresh strawberries and strawberry jelly powder. We added the evaporated milk and it turned out perfect.

Black Forest Gateau

Black Forest gateaux

An English Christmas table is not complete without something from Marks and Spencer. We therefore had this delicious and sumptuous Black Forest gateaux. My grandson loved his first taste but had to surrender when he got into a piece of cherry. Apparently, the cherries are abomination to the creamy concoction. hahaha


We had a really yummy and most of all Happy Christmas. The family, despite flu and cold, managed to have a joyous celebration of Christmas and I think that was due to the food on the table.

Pomegranate Jelly with Prosecco

Pomegranate Jelly with Prosecco

This jelly is a treat to the adults this Christmas.  It contains alcohol for added oomp!

The recipe follows below:

1 bottle of Prosecco or any other white wine of your preference

250ml water

300g caster sugar

8 leaves gelatine

1/2 tsp vanilla

3 tsp Cointeau or Grand Marnier

seeds from 1 pomegranate

Vegetable oil for greasing

double cream to serve


Lightly grease a 1 litre jelly mould with the vegetable oil.

Pour the Prosecco or white wine with the water into a pan.

Stir in the sugar granules to dissolve.

Next is to soak the gelatine leaves in water for five minutes, make sure the gelatine leaves are covered by water.

Turn on the stove and bring the mixture to a boil and heat up for a minute.

Add the vanilla and let it bubble for another minute then take the pan off the stove.

Carefully ladle 250ml of the sweetened wine syrup into a measuring container.

Meanwhile the gelatine leaves have by now been soaking for 5 minutes.  Fish them out and squeeze as much of the water off them.

Drop the drained gelatine into the container of sugared wine and stir until gelatine dissolved.

Pour these back into the pan containing the rest of the sugared wine.

Give this a good stir to ensure the gelatine is incorporated thoroughly with the sugar wine mixture.

Now give it another stir and pour into the prepared greased jelly mould.

Carefully transfer the jelly into the fridge to set overnight.

Now the fun begins, how to remove the set jelly from its mould.  Fill up a container with warm water and let the jelly mould stand for a minute.  Ensure the water does not reach the rim of the jelly mould 😉

Take the mould out of the water and give the container a wipe.

Get your serving plate and cover the mould.

Gently turn it upside down and the jelly should come out quite easily.

Drizzle the jelly with more alcohol, the Cointreau and sprinkle on top the pearly red pomegranate.  decorate the bottom edges with the seeds as well.

Enjoy with a big dollop of cream.


From Nigella Lawson’s Christmas


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