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Woke up and having a bad hair day?

Try adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo.


When to stop colouring grey hair?

When and why is totally up to you but as a guideline, when your hair is 80 percent grey then it might be better to surrender to the greys! ūüôā

Wash & Shampoo, the Lowdown

Indian Girl

Indian Girl

I thought it was only me; I find using the same shampoo over and over, no matter how good it is, make my hair lifeless.

I read somewhere from some hairdresser site that the hair get used to the shampoo and once this happens, the hair would not be responding to the bounce and shine that  shampoos are supposed to provide.

I myself have a stock of different shampoos which I alternate using.

There are plenty of celebrities who think that washing and shampooing hair is over-rated.  I think I once read somewhere that Nigella Lawson only washes her hair twice a week.

The young actress, Shailene Woodley said in an interview that she only shampoos her hair once a month.  She likes her hair oily.

Hairstyle: The Bun

A woman with her hair turned up always looks as if she were going some place – either the opera or the bath.
– Orson Wells

Girl in a bun
Hairstyle: The Bun

The bun is so versatile.  It can be a very sleek ballerina topknot or a sexily messy bun.  A bun can highlight a long graceful neck, the face, the chin, the shoulders.  It gives one an instant elegance.

It is also useful to just keep away the hair from hindering you in doing some chores, like gardening.

A bun is not just a bun!  There are several styles that encapsulate a bun.

How to make a bun:

Comb your hair.  Brush your hair to remove tangles. Finger comb your hair if creating a messy bun.

Pull your hair back. ¬†It is up to you how high it should stay. ¬†It can be a top bun, center of the back of your head or top of your nape. ¬†Make sure that you’ve grab all the strands of your hair in one pull.

Twist your hair into a knot. Take the entire handful of hair and twist it in the same direction, creating a rope-like piece. Then, wrap it onto itself to create a knot-like spiral.  Secure with elastic band and some hairpins.

Finish the look. Use a strong hairspray to keep the hairstyle.  Finally smoothen any loose ends.

You are good to go.
Below is how to make a bun using a chignon foam

Pudding Bowl Haircut

pudding bowl


Pudding Bowl Haircut

Hair Cutting in Russia.

Among the lower classes in Russia, the barber, a primitive artist, claps an earthen pot over the head and ears, and trims off whatever hair protrudes from the pot.


Pudding bowl haircut is very traditional and popular with school boys in the UK.  It is easy to maintain and can be done at home by the mother.


Hairstyle: On Trend Side Plait

Plaiting Your Hair

Pepita Jones

Pepita Jones


Summer is here.  Hot! Hot! Hot!

Fashionistas and alikes will be sporting on-trend side braids to cope with the heat! (Don’t go away, Sun!)

One must remember that there is plaiting and there is PLAITING. ¬†It is not just a matter of dividing your treasured long tresses into three parts and start braiding. ¬†No sireee. ¬†Braiding and plaiting ¬†are complicated business! ūüėČ ¬†So many things to consider.

Do you want it a loose braid?

Do you want to look as if you did not take much effort in doing your plait?

Do you want it carefree but will hold all day long?

Do you want to show some neck action?

And of course, will it go with what you are wearing? ¬†But this is another ball game altogether! ūüėČ

Make-up artist, James McMahon has these tips for an elegant romantic plait:

  • If you are aiming for a loose side plait, first spritz your clean hair with texturising spray to add body and hold. ¬†Then sweep your hair into one side.
  • Take a section of hair and start braiding loosely but close to the hairline.
  • When you reach your ear, start to incorporate the rest of your hair to finish the plait.
  • Tie the end with a hair band and hiding it with a wisp of hair.
  • To make the hair look effortless, try to pull out a few stand around your face.

Crowning Glory


This picture of bold Disney princesses shows that bald is not always beautiful. Instead a long flowing lustrous hair maketh a princess. Hair is truly a crowning glory. And as Vidal Sassoon once said:

Hair is another name for sex!

Look after your hair. ūüėČ

Beauty Regimen: The Hair

hair washWe’ve all heard it before, even from some experts, that our hair has some sort of self-cleaning property.

Apparently Nigella Lawson, who is blessed with abundant, luxurious, shiny tresses only washes her hair a couple of times a week.

I read Amanda Seyfried’s interview with Vogue magazine that she only washes and uses conditioner ¬†to her hair once a week. ¬†She applies¬†dry shampoo regularly, though.

What is the truth really?  Should we wash daily or leave things to nature?




Fact of Myth:  If you leave your hair for long enough it will begin to clean itself
FALSE (and eww!)
‚ÄúUtter nonsense‚ÄĚ says Trichologist extraordinaire Philip Kingsley. And whilst we all knew someone at uni who swore by this method of personal hygene (the same person who would religiously wear tie-dye and douse themselves patchouli oil), we‚Äėre rather glad this myth has been put to bed once and for all. ‚ÄúYou should wash and condition your hair daily‚ÄĚ says Kingsley who says that a clean scalp and hair equals a healthier scalp and hair. ‚ÄúWhen left for 3-4 days the scalp can become flaky, itchy and uncomfortable with a mild tenderness whilst the hair itself will become dull and lank.‚ÄĚ We don‚Äôt need telling twice.



To Have Elegant Hair, every girl should have thick, magnificent hair. It is essential to clip the ends of the hair once a month after a child is four years of age.


To Make the Hair Grow Quick.‚ÄĒDip, every morning, the teeth of your comb in the juice of nettles, and comb the hair against the grain.


Lee Stafford – Celebrity hair stylist advices:
Ultimate tip for great hair is to have a head massage. Massage head (while watching tv or during a free moment) for even five minutes each day will help stimulate the circulation, which makes the hair grow stronger and healthier!



History’s Famous Hairstyles


There have been men and women who became famous because of their haircuts or hairstyles. So famous that the haircut became their trademark or named after them or the character they portrayed.  Sometimes their hairstyles are still talked about whilst their bodies of works had long gone, forgotten.

I remember my mother would ask the hairdresser to give me a twiggy haircut when I was 6 or 7.   I know of the twiggy look but not really sure who was Twiggy then, but I do now!!!

In high school I sported the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. ¬†It was the 70s where everyone in tune to Charlie’s Angels.

I became known for my Farrah style throughout third and fourth year high school.  I had really straight long hair and the only way it can be given the Farrah treatment was to put my barnet fair* in rollers every time I was not at school.  I often slept in my uncomfortable foam rollers at night.  During lunch break when everyone would hang out in cool places and have a laugh, I would be running back home to put my hair in rollers.

In London’s East End famous Cockney rhyming slang, hair is called ‘Barnet Fair’* or shortened to ‘Barnet’ by many native Londoners ūüôā

But the thing was I would be in a jeepney going back to school after lunch and people would look at me and admire my precious Farrah locks. ¬†It was like in the television commercial of a one famous shampoo in the Philippines called “Gee, your hair smells terrific!”. ¬†Really that was the name of the shampoo. LOL ¬†They would really whisper to each other how beautiful my hair was. ¬†The same thing at ¬†school. ¬†By the way¬†I was also using that shampoo and it was gloriously, deliciously fragrant that my classmates would like giving me a hug to have a sniff at my hair. ¬† I was really proud of my beautifully scented bouncy Farrah. ¬†When I met some of my schoolmates in Facebook, I just have to say that I was the girl with the Farrah Fawcett hair and they remember me immediately.

History’s Famous Hairstyles

Here are some celebrities and people of history with famous barnet.

Hair Colour (Colouring Hair)

In a recent survey of 1000 women, it was found that 72 per cent say that they feel more attractive after they have coloured their hair.


Hair Colour (Colouring Hair)

Nowadays, it is usual to see women and some men changing their hair colours to suit their fancy.

It is said that blondes have more fun. ¬†We can all find out if this is strictly the truth! ūüėČ

Dyeing hair can be done in salon or at home as a cheaper option and yet as effective.

There are rules of thumb to be fallowed to prolong the new colour of the hair:

* After dyeing the hair, wait at least two days (48 hours) before washing and shampooing the hair.  Let the new colour settle first.

* Try to wash the coloured hair in warm water, rather than in hot.  The hot temperature fades the new colour quicker.

* It is best to use shampoos and conditioners which are especially produced for coloured hair.

* Using heated appliance to coloured hair should be kept in the minimum.

* When colouring at home, dress appropriately.  Wear old shirt as any renegade dye would surely stain your clothes and your skin.  Wash off immediately where it drips off on your skin.

*  Do not dye your eye brows at home as it may cause risk to your eyes.  Consult a professional.

* Wear a hat when out in the sun.

* Deep conditioning treatment for  the hair will keep the hair nourished and looking great.