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October Goddess: Victoria Beckham

There are so many stand-outs for the month of October but we think our final choice for October goddess is the most deserving one.

She is a true inspiration to women. She works hard, she has discipline and she knows what she wants and goes for it. She was so successful in her pursuit of her ambition that she climbed to the very top of Britain’s top 100 entrepreneurs.

Victoria can really be seen busy promoting her work, her fashion career. She is not like other celebrities who just put their names to endorse a product.

GlobalGranary.Org congratulate Victoria Beckham for this new stage in her career. We wish you longevity in fashion.

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Victoria Beckham named entrepreneur of the year

Victoria Beckham has topped a list of Britain’s top 100 entrepreneurs by Management Today magazine.

They praised her “finely tuned business acumen” for expanding her fashion empire into a business with a £30m turnover and a staff of 100.

Editor Matthew Gwyther accepted that some may “scoff” at the fact that the former Spice Girl came top.

But he said she had created “a company that is both real and wildly successful”.

Gwyther admitted “some will say she’s never been taught how to cut a pattern, or iron a pleat on a fashion course… Doubters will claim she’s just the wife of the world’s most famously over-tattooed ex-footballer. It’s all come to her far too easily.”

But he pointed out that “celebrity has long been a powerful commercial tool” and called her “an adept exploiter of her own celeb value”.

And he said doubters could not argue with the figures as she has achieved – a sales growth of 2,900% and employment growth of 3,233% over the past five years, adding “her numbers are impressive”.

The former Spice Girl launched her fashion label in 2008 and by 2011, she won designer brand of the year at the British Fashion Awards.

In September, she opened her first shop in London’s Mayfair.

Her company includes a lower-priced Victoria line and she also sells luxury handbags for prices up to £18,000 each.

The magazine estimated her wealth at £210m.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

I don’t like standard beauty — there is no beauty without strangeness.
~ Karl Lagerfeld

I like movie stills better than the movies.  Movies are too long, it bores me after an hour.
– Karl Lagerfeld

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel’s Vamp

Did you you?

umathurman_450x3001The blood red nail polish popularised by Uma Thurman in the movie Pulp Fiction is apparently Chanel’s top selling product of all time. The shade is called Vamp but originally called Rouge Noir. It was created by Dominique Moncourtois in 1994.

It was so sought after at one time that there was a waiting list for the nail- polish.

Chanel No 5 – Ultimate Favourite

When you think of perfumes, to most women, the first thing that comes up in their mind is none other than Coco Chanel’s  Chanel No. 5.

Chanel No 5 – Ultimate Favourite

Why did Coco called her perfume Chanel No. 5 and not number 1, 2 or 3…?  Apparently Coco’s favourite number was number 5.  So much so that the perfume was launched on 5th May (5th Month of the year) 1921.

It is such a timeless fragrance, so luxurious and expensive smelling.  It has hints of vanilla, rose and jasmine. 


It is quite expensive but  not the most expensive perfume in the market but it is always been a best seller.  No girl in their right mind would turn down a Chanel No 5.  Would you?  I wouldn’t!!!

When Coco Chanel was asked where one should wear perfume…

“Wherever one wants to be kissed.”



Chanel No 5 – Ultimate Favourite

Marilyn Monroe was probably the most famous endorser of the scent.  When she was asked what she wore in bed, expecting her to say a pajama top of just the pajamas or a sexy negligée, Marilyn blurted “Chanel No. 5”.

Did you know?

When Coco first release the now iconic Chanel No 5, she included a secret ingredient, used by old school perfumers.  This was the addition of  musk base note gathered from the sexual pheromones of Abyssinian civet cats.  Of course the latest version now only have a synthetic musk base note.  Civet cats have not been retired as they are now used as a symbiotic apparatus for civet coffee.


How to Pronounce Fashion’s Interstellar’s Deities



You won the lottery and it was time to go shopping.

You don’t want some snooty shop assistant to look down on you because you cannot pronounce some of fashion’s foremost and hip designers. That would be mortifying!!! 🙁

Thankfully, help is now at hand.

Below is a youtube offering on how some of the more brain-scrambling names are pronounced.

Keep watching and try practising.

Ahzedeen ahlai ah……..

Published on Mar 31, 2014
Our playful take on pronunciation teaches you how to speak your international fashion alphabet, from Azzedine Alaïa (AH’ZE’DEEN AH’LAI’AH) in Paris to Zegna (ZEN’YA) in Milan. This is how top supermodels say these things, so look, listen and learn! Once you’ve mastered all 26, you’ll be ready to stroll confidently into any of the world’s most exclusive boutiques and start a very chic conversation. Directed by Barnaby Roper, styled by Michelle Cameron and narrated by lush lips Lindsey Wixson and her talking robot, the A-Z of Pronunciation stars a worldwide cast including Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds from USA, Grace Bol from Sudan, Grace Mahary from Canada, Hanne Gaby Odiele from Belgium, Josephine Skriver from Denmark, Sigrid Agren from France, Soo Joo from South Korea, Tao Okamoto from Japan, Tilda Lindstam from Sweden and Xiao Wen Ju from China.

Shamcey Supsup Gets Married

The much awaited wedding of the year has finally happened, Shamcey Supsup has at last made an honest man of Lloyd Lee, her boyfriend whom she met in 2011 during her birthday party.  After a year of dating, an engagement followed. 😉

Shamcey, a UP Architecture super graduate held her wedding at The Church of the Risen Lord located within the University of the Philippines campus, in Diliman, Quezon City. The nuptial was consecrated today, 29th December 2013.

Apparently the happy couple will postpone their honeymoon until the Easter/Holy Week which they will be spending in Europe as a special request from the bride.  Meanwhile they will be concentrating in the completion of their home, which I am sure will be a dream of a house as Shamcey is a top-notch architect.

Shamcey Supsup - the bride with parents and friends

Shamcey Supsup – the bride with parents and friends


Shamcey’s wedding dress was made by Cherry Veric.  It was certainly eye-catching and rather beautiful, but it has that incomplete look about it.  It looks to me as if the bride has forgotten to wear her kamison (chemise or half slip). 🙁


Shamcey and Lloyd nuptials

Lloyd Lee, the groom, was handsome in a colour coordinated with the bride champagne suit.

Shamcey and Lloyd wedding vows

I am sure fun will be had by all at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Ballroom, where the wedding reception is being held.


Congratulations Lloyd  and best wishes, Shamcey!

Dakota Fanning

I am loving this look on Dakota Fanning. I am glad she is growing into a really stunning young lady. It would be such a shame if she goes to the same tracks as other child stars go to, drugs and career-destroying breakdowns.

It would be particularly upsetting because Dakota is one talented girl. She acted very well with such maturity in plenty of movies. I like her film with Sean Penn called I Am Sam. I think we saw the film on a Portuguese television and just loved the film. Dakota was the perfect foil to a brilliant, brilliant actor such as Sean Penn.

But Dakota Fanning looked fresh and chic in an off white Alexander McQueen belted dress featuring a double-layered shirt and pockets at the Hotel Excelsior Venice. She’s in Italy to promote her film Night Moves.

The Bold & The Beautiful – Two Sides Of SONA 2013


Chiz & his Heart

Chiz & his Heart

Aquino Sisters and designer

Aquino Sisters and designer


Rep. Anton Lagdameo and wife Dawn Zulueta, who wore a Cary Santiago-designed outfit. (Photo shared on Facebook by Vivian C. Recio)

ep. Anton Lagdameo and wife Dawn Zulueta, who wore a Cary Santiago-designed outfit. (Photo shared on Facebook by Vivian C. Recio)


A pretty woman, Lucy Torres Gomez in the middle, and a man with a saddle/handlebar moustache. LOL

Rep. Sol Aragones, who used to be a TV reporter for ABS-CBN, posed with folks from GMA. (Photo shared via Twitter by GMA News reporter Steve Dailisan)

Rep. Sol Aragones, who used to be a TV reporter for ABS-CBN, posed with folks from GMA. (Photo shared via Twitter by GMA News reporter Steve Dailisan)

Rep. Miro Quimbo and his wife Stella, who wore a Jun Escario creation. (Photo from Rep. Miro Quimbo’s Instagram page)

Rep. Miro Quimbo and his wife Stella, who wore a Jun Escario creation. (Photo from Rep. Miro Quimbo’s Instagram page)

Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao

Loren Legarda

Loren Legarda

Abigail Binay

Abigail Binay

Alfred Vargas with wife Yasmine,

Alfred Vargas with wife Yasmine,

Cindy Lotuaco, wife of Senator JV Ejercito,

Cindy Lotuaco, wife of Senator JV Ejercito,

Cynthia Villar

Cynthia Villar

Grace Poe-Llamanzares

Grace Poe-Llamanzares

Nancy Binay

Nancy Binay

Pia Cayetano on her way to Disco

Pia Cayetano on her way to Disco


Sonny & Tootsie Angara

Sonny & Tootsie Angara

Nikki Coseteng in an Indian Sari?  Why?

Nikki Coseteng in an Indian Sari? Why?

Maita & E R Ejercito

Maita & E R Ejercito


SONA Ternos and Barongs

I thought perhaps the ‘Freeloader’  blog is really getting hot and it seems fit that we should have a bit of a breather, a respite if you like! 😉

 Mind you, here in Global Granary, we appreciate all your comments; after all we are trying to be a granary of ideas, topics, news, views, etc.

It is good that it is stimulating much interest!

Some of the comments received especially from those who, in their kindest possible way, tried to bring in a reasonable defence for Jeanne Lim Napoles’ cluelessness about the whole malarkey are equally appreciated.

 Our Blog item was to highlight an allegation and the fundamental wider issue which asks what happens to all the potentially life changing (Pork Barrel) funding doled out, can it be rigorously accounted for and shown to be spent on what it was was meant for ?

Why is there such mass mis-appropriation of money with these annual pork barrrel fests?!!!

Anyway as I’ve said let us pause for a moment.  Let us all have some time to catch our thoughts and rejoice with what PNoy’s 2013 SONA has to offer to all of us.

Ooops that is another controversial topic in itself, so let us focus on the beautiful Ternos and Barongs worn by the famous and who would like to be famous and powerful.

Let’s talk clothes!

I thought the Aquino girls were beautifully turned out.  I was slightly disappointed with what Kris was wearing though.  Even with my fertile imagination I can’t see it as in any way a Filipiniana gown; nevertheless she was gorgeous as always, in Morticia-Adams- in- red-sort-of-way, if a bit out of place among her sisters, who were in varying shades of the family’s adopted colour of yellow.

What about the new senator, Nancy Binay, she scrubbed up well 😉  I like her very eye-catching terno, it brings out her very morena skin.  Good inspiration to us Filipinas who have been blessed with darker skin. (I say throw away those skin-whitening stuff.  Embrace your inner morena.  You are lovely as you are.  White women pay a fortune, sometimes even dicing with their health, to have the same colour as our skin.)

Grace Poe’s gown was lovely and simple.  I like the embellishment of gold flowers across her upper body and sleeve.

Heart Evangelista was drop-dead gorgeous in her well fitting terno.  She looks like a modern Filipina who is modest but not averse to having fun.  Lovely jabby, chocolate squeezy or should that be chiz squeezy? 😉

Jinkee Pacquiao’s terno is beautiful but rather too dark.  It was too heavy, it sort of engulfed her a bit.   If it had been in the palest of blue, she would have had a real winner.

Alfred and  Yasmine Vargas came as Ken and Barbie.  Sweet!

Dawn Zulueta got it to a T.  She looks like a Filipina goddess. Jose Rizal’s Maria Clara would have looked like Dawn, I think.

Sorry but I thought Loren Legarda did not put much thought to what she wore.  Her skirt looked like a last minute job.  Something, she picked up from the back of her car, her dog blanket perhaps?!!! Miao ;).  She just then tied a belt or pinned it  to keep it secure, SONA was not an event to have a wardrobe malfunction. LOL

Let see how some other Filipinos marked the SONA day.


Despite having little or no money and a quality of existence the below carry on and show the rest of us resilience of life!

No heirs, airs or graces- what you see is what you get!

No titles or captions needed as the photos speak for themselves
















20 Years of Classique Perfume


Jean-Paul Gaultier

Did you know?
John Paul Gaultier worked in Manila managing the Pierre Cardin boutique in 1974.

John Paul Gaultier’s Classique perfume with its iconic sexy female body form bottle is now on its 20th year.  Happy Birthday to the Classique Perfume.  Over the years it has been dressed in different striking designs, which are now collector’s items.

Classique is produced in EDT and EDP concentration; it was earlier named JPGaultier Eau de Parfum.

Eau de Parfum (EDP) is made of rose, which seduce in the top notes together with rum essence. Sophisticated vanilla orchid and daffodils rule the heart, while sweet amber, sandalwood absolute, tonka bean and velvety Bourbon vanilla caresses in the base.

The bottles and metal packages also differ for EDT and EDP version. Eau de Toilette, comes in a frosted glass bottle and a silver metal can, while EDP comes in a bottle dressed in a lacy dress and in golden metal packaging.

Jacques Cavallier signs the perfume, designer of the bottle is Saint Gobain, while Jean Paul Gaultier personally designed the boxes.

CLASSIQUE X Classique_gl_20apr11_PR classique-perfume-by-jean-paul-gaultier 10_jpg_classique_summer-15af39hJEA398T Jean_Paul_Gaultier__quot_Classique_quot__Eau_De_Parfum_Spray_100ml_1365416434 nd.4723




amyTo celebrate 20 years of the Classique fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier has designed a unique, limited edition bottle. The gorgeous “Beauty in a Corset” is inspired by the Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2012 collection. This woman’s body with sensual curves is dressed in a corset with a new slant, inspired by the  pattern of the gown that closed the Amy Winehouse show. A radiant aura, smoldering beauty, a precious case… all of the Jean Paul Gaultier codes are concentrated in this new creation.


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