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Kung Hei Fat Choy 2015

“Gong Xi Fa Cai”


“Kung Hei Fat Choy”

19 February is fast approaching, which means it is the start of a new calendar year for the Chinese.

As our Chinese brothers and sisters would wish each and everyone, let us, from GlobalGranary, wish you Kung Hei Fat Choy, translated as Happy New Year but actually it means Congratulations and Wishing you Prosperity.

During the course of this week, we will be posting Chinese New Year materials such as superstitions, Feng Shui, stories, about the lamb/sheep/goat/antelope – animal representation of the year 2015.

Actually 2015 or Year of the Goat is Peter’s year.  We will be blogging things that Peter and those born in the year of the goat/sheep had to do to maximise good fortune and luck for 2015.

There are 12 zodiac animals and each animal take turns under a 12 year cycle.

Those born under the year of the goat as an example are from 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 (just add 12 to get to the next cycle)

If your birthday falls due under the year of the goat/sheep, your character traits are said to be one of gentleness, peace, kindness and calmness.

The lucky numbers are 2 & 7 or any number containing 2 & 7 like 27, 72, 270, etc.. (get that lotto!)

Lucky months are August and November.

And the lucky flowers which I must say are great favourites of mine are carnation and primrose.

If you decide to overhaul your wardrobe, the lucky colours for 2015 are red, brown and purple.

Green Is The New Black

According to Feng Shui, green is the new black or rather green is the colour of the year – 2015.

To celebrate GREEN, GlobalGranary.Org is posting some majestic photos of green nature which are coming through, surviving despite the coming of winter and wintry, icy weather. I think these photos represent what green is all about in its truest sense. Being verdant whatever the weather, or what is being thrown at it. We live, we survive and keep our beautiful inner nature! 😉

Have a truly green 2015

All the photos below were taken by GlobalGranary’s official photographer, PH Morton.

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Green Is The New Black

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