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Boukyaku no Sachiko (2018) – Japanese Drama Review

Boukyaku no Sachiko (2018)

Boukyaku no Sachiko (2018) – Japanese Drama Review

I just watched this drama today and was absolutely enchanted by Mitsuki Takahata all over again.

For such a young actress, she is showing so much versatility.  She was perfect as the pure and innocent overprotected Kahoko.

In Boukyaku no Sachicko, Mitsuki plays Sasaki Sachiko, who is a literary agent and very punctilious with her work.  She is much lauded for her hard work and perfectionism.  She was almost robotic with her attention to details.

Her boss and co-workers were absolutely flabbergasted when she one day announced that she was getting married.  They did not even know that she was dating.

On the day of the wedding, everything seems to run smoothly.  The groom, Shungo, is tall and slim, but his face was never shown fully and frontally.

When Sachiko went to change her western-style wedding dress for a traditional Japanese attire for the reception, she was informed by her mother that the groom was missing.

She was later handed a little note saying, “Sachiko, sorry”.

The next day, she went back to work as if nothing had happened and everything seemed normal but she was breaking down.

She was given a few days to think things through and calm down.

On her way home she happened to stop by in a ramen house where she had the most delicious miso soup and mackerel in miso sauce.  She was surprised that the delicious food made her forget about Shungo.

Good food can make one happy, even if momentarily.

This drama, which is based on a manga by Abe Jun is very enjoyable.  Hoping for the next part soonest!

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

There is a particular day in the year that is considered here in the UK as the saddest time of the year.  That day has been aptly called the Blue Monday.

After careful studies and consideration, it was reckoned that the third Monday of January is Blue Monday.

Factors used to determine this particular day were the following:

  • The weather, it is dank, cold and dark.
  • The euphoria of Christmas and New Year are definitely over.  Only memory left was extra weight in your belly and hips and cheeks.
  • Time for all the credit card bills to come in and the ability to pay the bills or incur debts.
  • Natural motivational level after the holiday season.

This year Blue Monday falls on 15 January.



Schadenfreude 2017

Schadenfreude 2017

It is 2018

To look back at 2017, I think I would forgive Donald Trump if he ended 2017 with a good belly laugh and a bit of sniggering.

Let’s face it, Hollywood award ceremonies from January onwards ended up being about Donald Trump, how barely human he was and why he was such an abomination to American mankind and to a lesser extent, the world.

All kinds of insults were thrown at him.  Barely anyone in Hollywood, were left standing without a bad and negative word or two against The Donald.

The great Meryl Streep was at it, Whoopi Goldberg was at it (I think she even mentioned about leaving USA for good if The Donald wins the presidency).  Ashton Kutcher was at it, even Kerry Washington was at it. The vociferous Ashley Judd also had a say.  They all had a say.  They ridiculed him, they dehumanised him, etc.

And then come October 2017,  the most shocking thing slowly unfolded right in the very middle, the very heart within Hollywood.  Their stalwart, most influential man, Harvey Weinstein, the Geppetto of Hollywood was reported as an alleged serial rapist and habitually engaged in sexually harassing young actresses; the growing list included Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ashley Judd came out and confessed how she was also a victim from the heinous and most disgusting sexual predator that is Harvey Weinstein but she loves him and understand that he was sick and he has to get treatment. Huh?!!!

Anyway, Harvey Weinstein proclivities with young actresses started in the early 90s. Apparently it was an open secret in Hollywood.  Casting Couch is alive and well.

And yet no one came out to warn anyone about Weinstein before it blew over in October.   It is an open secret but everyone secretly pretending they know nothing, including Ben Affleck and George Clooney.  Meryl Streep is practically mute in crucifying Weinstein, compared to the speeches she gave against The Donald.  Hollywood certainly look after itself.

There are more than 50 victims who have now come forward.

Hollywood seemed to have turned a new leaf against The Donald.  They don’t create as much noise now.

Let’s wait for the coming Oscar later in March.  Will they say anything against the Donald or will they castigate Harvey? We shall see.  I have never looked forward to the Oscar as much as Oscar 2018, which by the way will be the 90th year anniversary.

Hollywood you clean your backyard.



Postulant Cook’s Guide to Choosing Cheeses


Cheese for afters, photo by JMorton

Postulant Cook

Postulant Cook’s Guide to Choosing Cheeses

Now that Christmas is almost upon us, we have to start thinking what cheese or cheeses will grace our dining table.

Of course cheese is popular all year round but there is something special about nibbling on a selection of cheeses, wash down with a glass or few of red wine during the Christmas holidays.  (Please note though that we do not promote drinking and driving!!!)

Below is my favourite cheeses, which I hope will help in making your own selection.

Blue Cheese


Cheddar Cheese

Goat Cheese




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