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Tan Song Yun (Chinese Actress)

Tan Song Yun (Twitter)Tan Song YunTan Song Yun

Tan Song Yun


  • Real Name: Tan Songyun
  • English Name: Seven Tan
  • DoB: 31 May 1990 (27)
  • Height: 1.62 m







Tan Song Yun in such a young age is a veteran already in Chinese dramas having started as a child actress in 2005.

Tan Song Yun (Chinese Actress)

Dramas & Films:


The Way We Were (Chinese Drama) Review

The Way We Were poster

Genre: Romance, Business, Family

Date Released: May 2018

CDrama: 50 episodes



  • Tiffany Tang as Xiao Qing
  • Lou Jin as Shu Che
  • Yu Tim as Ning Ming
  • Xu Amelie as Liao Ying
  • Wang Tian Chen as Cheng Ran
  • Ma Cheng Cheng as Lu Ka

Xiao Qing is rather anal about justice that she would stand her ground for it no matter what. She comes from a rich family and quite proud of their forthrightness, honesty and respectability.

Xiao Qing then fell in love with an equally rich Shu Che.

The problems occured when Shu Che and family  were involved in corruption.

Will Xiao Qing stand by her man or seek justice for all?

I wished the released episodes are subbed soon.

The Way We Were (Chinese Drama) Review

Episode 1

Ning Ming was studying IT in college when he saw and fell in love at first with Liao Ying.

Liao Ying was the the most beautiful girl in their university and she was constantly confessed to by boys from all backgrounds. Sometimes, the security guards were needed to intervene and often restrain the most persistent admirers.

Ning Ming, on the other hand, knew his place.  He thought that she was too good for him. And that they move into non-parallel paths.

One day he saw Liao Ying doing indoor climbing.  He learned climbing too and when he got more experienced, he ventured outside to climb a snow festooned mountain.  He was doing well but one of the climbers lost her footing and about to fall when he grabbed her, only to literally start falling with her.

They had to cooperate with each other to survive and he whispered to her that he was quite happy even to die for her. Of course the girl was Liang Yin.

Despite this, they did not get together.  But Ning MIng cannot really keep his admiration and love for her so he sabotaged a new year’s countdown display to declare his love for her, ending it with he is happy even to die for her.

Liao Ying knew it was him.  Still they did not get together.  Anyway it turned out that she has a boyfriend already.

After three years, on their graduation day, he highjacked the powerpoint display and declared his love once again to to Liao Ying, still anonymously but with his catchphrase of being happy even to die for her.

He was at his dorm, packing the rest of his stuff when Liao Ying suddenly appeared.  They got talking and she told him that she will be leaving for San Fransisco to study MA in Business Management in Stondord (Stanford) University.  She gave him the time of her flight and everything and then they parted ways but not before she gave him a loving hug.

On the plane, there was another girl, Xiao Qing, who heard Liao Ying moaning in pain.  She comforted her and they got to know one another.  Xiao Qing has some medical background that she diagnosed that Liao Ying is suffering from acute appendicitis.

Liao Ying, who was to be directly transferred to a hospital via ambulance when they get to San Francisco, begged Xiao Qing to pick her luggage for her.  Liao Ying’s boyfriend will be waiting for her outside.  The boyfriend then would take Xiao Qing where she wanted to be.

Outside, the most handsome man was waiting.  Shu Che (Luo Jin) … gorgeous….

Episode 2

Xiao Qing first day in San Francisco was not a auspicious day.

Firstly while being driven by Shu Che at above the legal limit, they got stopped.  Shu Che begged Xiao Qing to take the blame for driving as his licence was already been suspended.  To add to their problem, the police officer understand Chinese.  They were taken to the station and Shu Che was charged after Xiao Qing gave her honest account.

Secondly, the house-share was not something she was used to.  Though they have a common ethnicity, they have different culture and influences from the west.

She was mortified, when Monica, her landlord was cavorting in the living room and on the stairs with her boyfriend of the moment.

Good script and acting.  I do feel for Xiao Qing.  Homesick and alone in a foreign country.

Episodo 3

Liao Ling has recovered from her appendicitis op. Xiao Qing was being courted to change her statement that Shu Che asked her to pretend to be the driver.

Episode 4

Despite bribery from Shu Che lawyers and Liao Ling’s father, Xiao Qing was unmoved.

It took Liao Ling to speak with Xiao Qing for her to finally agree.

Shu Che was surprised that Xiao Qing agreed to perjure herself.  He called her to have a talk, only to find that Xiao Qing is talking to his lawyer and seemed to be receiving a bribe in the form of a car.

Shu Che was so disappointed that he left without speaking to Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing was not happy receiving a car, so she did everything she could to track down the lawyer Wang to return the car.  But he won’t accept it back.  Xiao Qing left the car keys and car with Liao Ling’s brother.

It looks like Shu Che was an habitual traffic violator and even caused a death when he was much younger in 2007 back in China.  The victim was a girl who lost both of her legs.  Shu Che family driver, who was teaching him to drive had to pretend that he was driving the car that hit the girl.

Episode 5

The Trial!

During the trial, before Xiao Qing can perjure herself, Shu Che interrupted to plead guilty of all charges against him.  He then gave a very sad story about being so worried about his girlfriend who had just been taken to the hospital, ergo reason for speeding.

The judge was so moved by his honesty that he got away rather lightly with a fine of $1000 and 100 hours community service.

Towards the end of the episode he asked Liao Ling to marry him but her father was not very enthusiastic.


Postulant Cook’s Guide to Choosing Cheeses


Cheese for afters, photo by JMorton

Postulant Cook

Postulant Cook’s Guide to Choosing Cheeses

Now that Christmas is almost upon us, we have to start thinking what cheese or cheeses will grace our dining table.

Of course cheese is popular all year round but there is something special about nibbling on a selection of cheeses, wash down with a glass or few of red wine during the Christmas holidays.  (Please note though that we do not promote drinking and driving!!!)

Below is my favourite cheeses, which I hope will help in making your own selection.

Blue Cheese


Cheddar Cheese

Goat Cheese




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