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Club Manila East Resort

Club Manila East Resort

Club Manila East resort is located at the heart of Taytay Rizal.  It is a 7-hectare of water haven suitable for the little pygmae pandaca in you or even if you happen to think you are a beach whale!  🙂  🙂 🙂  What I am saying is that there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

There is also an option to stay longer as large family rooms are available to hire for a night or two.  Perfect venue to amuse the little ‘uns.

There are plenty of water activities to do.  There is a wave pool, where one side is for surfing while the other side is for the adventurous or the masochistic, being continuously pummelled by waves after waves.  Enjoyable though it was. 🙂

There was also that gargantuan water slide.  It took time to climb up above and took even longer to get down.  My brave sister said that the slide is lacking that slippery factor that would keep you continuously going.  She said that she had to stop mid-way as she got tired pushing herself down.  She is not heavy, she is very slim in fact.  🙂

There are children’s pools, with fun water accesesories and with mini-slide as well.

My favourite I must admit was the pool for kayaking.  I found that I had quite an aptitude for it. 🙂

The staff are friendly and ever so helpful and the food and drinks are not going to break your bank.

Aside from busted eardrums, we came home with dodgy tummies.  We had stomach pains so severe we had a dose of pain relief as well as a few imodiums for loose bowel movement (LBM) and some also exhibited vomitting like myself.  We don’t know whether we got the lbm from the food or there was something in the water!

A day on and we are still suffering.

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