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Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou (Movie Review)

Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou (Movie Review)

Wow, this drama is amazing. I mean in a practical sense rather than the story itself.

It shows how to sort out the clutter and how to prevent and stop hoarding.  Apparently being untidy has a deeper meaning.  Once you have physically tidy up the unnecessary clutter in the house then you will see the bigger picture in your life and thus sort things out.

Holding on to memories is not about having a lot of things that won’t see the light of day again.  Let it go, live in the here and now.

I recommend this film to those who would be doing their spring cleaning soon.

There is a scene where it shows the proper or respectful way of giving up clothes which no longer make your heart throbs.  🙂

Norimaki san, arigatu

Hyakuman En To Nigamushi Onna – One Million Yen Girl

Hyakuman En To Nigamushi Onna

Hyakuman En To Nigamushi Onna – One Million Yen Girl

This film is a real classic, made in 2008 starring the gorgeous Yu Aio.

Why Japanese film feels and look more original than other Asian films is that they usually leave you feeling sort of cheated, because you want more, at least a more ‘in your face’  satisfactory ending.

This film is great, though it leaves you rather perplexed.

The girl originally gone through a  pretty horrendous time in her young life but the film has a vibrant, positive feel about it.  The girl is strong, she does not allow ‘life’ to grind her down.

Anyway Yu Aio plays Susuko Sato, a rather unassuming and unremarkable girl, who is often overshadowed by her much younger brother.

One day, she happened to mention her unhappiness regarding her current home-life situation to a co-worker.  Out of the blue the co-worker convinced her to flat-share.

When they’ve signed the contract, the co-worker said that she will be sharing her room with her boyfriend.  Susuko was not too sure at first, but she doesn’t really have a choice on the matter.

Susuko found out that only the boyfriend was moving in as he had already broken up with Susuko’s friend.

Susuko was so lonely and rather confused.  She found an abandoned little kitty and brought it to her room. She went out to buy food for the kitten, but it was no longer there because the ‘boyfriend’ took it upon himself to get rid of it.  She later found the kitten dead – a road kill.

Susuko took her revenge by emptying the boyfriend’s room of all his properties.

She was later arrested by the police for criminal damages and fined 200,000 yen and a stint in prison.

When she got out, her life in her family home is even more stressful.  So with the rest of her savings, she decided to move out.  With a suitcase she travels around Japan.

She is such a good worker, quiet. reliable and industrious.  But she never stay in one place with permanence as a plan.  As soon as she tops up her savings back to 1Million ($10K) it’s time for her to move on.

She first worked in a beach cafe serving ice-cones, which she perfected making.

She is a pretty girl, with her long flowing black hair and slim body, she often courted admiration but she is not really interested.  As her savings topped 1M, she moved to another town.

She worked at a peach farm.  This area has an ageing population.  They admired her young good looks and they tried ‘bullying’ her into becoming the Peach Girl, the face of their peaches industry.  No matter how politely she tried to turn down their offer, they would not have it.  In the end she was forced to confess that she has a criminal record.  This information led to her being shun by the small community.

Next move, was to another place just 40 minutes by fast train from Tokyo.

Here she started working in a garden centre with a guy the same age as her.  The boy likes her and she confessed that she likes him too.  Before you know it they were sleeping together. 🙂

When the boy asked her why she came to be in this place, she confessed that she was running away from herself.  She wanted to live in a place where no one knew her.  She then told him about her criminal record.  The boy was not bothered about the record.  He loves her.

Another girl got hired in the garden centre.  She goes to the same university as the boy and they have the same major.

Susuko started feeling that the boy is cooling off towards her.  The last time they were together, the boy asked her if he could borrow 60,000 Yen from her, which she gave him in a heartbeat.

One time she was out for a walk when she saw her boyfriend on a date with the new girl.  The boyfriend unashamedly stopped her on her track to borrow 10,000 Yen from her.

Suddenly she notice that every time they go out, whether to the cinema or restaurant, she was always footing the bill.

She broke up with the boy and decided to move on once again, although she has not reach her 1M saving.

She went to give her notice to the employer and her ex-boyfriend gave her all the money he owed her.

While she was walking towards the train station, the new girl confronted the boy.  She wanted to know if he was just going to leave it like it is.  She said he should clear the misunderstanding.  That he borrows money from Susuko so she doesn’t get to save the 1M, ergo, she won’t leave.

At the train station, the boy was there. Susuko saw him and stopped for a moment but continue to walk on.  She believed it can be happening that the boy is running after her. That is how it ended.

Strange ending.  I actually said ‘Heh?!!!’  Just like what young Japanese girls in romantic dramas would confusedly exclaimed when faced with things that are confusing.

Overall, it is a good watch and makes me wish to travel and been more adventurous in my youth.  LOL

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