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SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

Today we ventured farther out of Manila into Mandaluyong, Rizal to visit one of SM superstores.  This branch is called the Megamall, so named because it is so huge.

Once upon a time, the mention of Mandaluyong would send most young Manilanians into fits of uncomfortable giggles. Mandaluyong used to have a reputation for being the asylum for the mentally ill; it was where the mental hospital was located and you hear all this gossips about electric shocks and the likes!

But now, it is a different place where high rise apartments and buildings are touching the heavens, filling the skyline.

Beautiful expensive hotels have sprouted, circling the SM Megamall.  Mandaluyong is now a fun and happening place.

It was rather an overwhelming tiring time at the SM Megamall, lots to see, lots to browse, lots to buy but sadly so little time.

Having said that, I was able to get two Filipiniana blouses, which I love so much.  We also got some knick-knacks ready to take home.

Marilou bought herself a new Samsung phone, which she loved.  She was initially after an Oppo but funnily enough it was more expensive than the better known Samsung.  So no contest really.

We also ate at this mind-boggling food court located at the lower ground floor.  The eatery is made up of so many mini turo-turo (literally means point point) that it would make you hyperventilate if you have been starving.  All the most delicious Filipino recipes from the entire country cooked and ready to serve for your delight and to assuage your hunger pang.  But what to choose?!!!

We were ravenous and we had to make a choice.  We finally settled to having nilaga, kare-kare, bopis, dinuguan and rice.  Fantastic.

Actually we would have eaten at the 4th floor in that eat-all-you-can restaurant but at barely 2:00pm it was already only serving merienda (afternoon snacks).  How ridiculous was that?!!!

There were so many to see that we don’t really know where to start.  In the end, we just got what we wanted to buy and grabbed a Grab to get to Quiapo.

And this is another story!



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