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Moth – Superstition and more

Moth on curtain

Moth on curtain, photo by PH Morton

Moth – Superstition and more

Isn’t the moth above beautiful?!!!  The photo was taken by globalgranary.life’s resident photographer, PH Morton.

It was in our study three nights ago, on my computer, when a moth circled and circled me and then stop right above my head in my curtain.

There was a superstition about moth that they are a conduit of the dead and bringer of some news and comfort.

I thought of my grandfather immediately.  He passed away twenty-odd years ago.  Actually he was/ is the person I could trust most in the world.  He had never let me down.  I was a horrid child, who grew up into an ultra-sensitive, self-centred little madam and yet he loved me and was really proud of me.  I heard him once saying to someone that I was not just a teacher but a professor in university.  He was so proud!

Anyway talking about the moth, lately I was worrying about family, especially those in the Philippines.  I hope the moth was as a reincarnation of my grandfather, lol, who was there to assure me that everything was going to be alright.

The next morning, the moth was still clasped contentedly on my curtain.  I called Peter to free it into the wild of our garden.  Goodbye, Lolo, I am sure everything will sort itself out.

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